The prelude to B

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Author Comments

I know your all dien from teh suspence, But HERE IT IS!! The prelude to the most contriversal movie in NG HISTORY! B! You saw the movie that STARTED IT ALL, not watch and be AMAZED at the prelude to teh masterpeice!
It took me MONTHS To make this, and its not just a letter!
Our friends Project WYZE decided to make a song for this movie and we are thankful for it!
So sit back! Grab a popcorn and ENJOY THE SHOW!!!


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saw that coming....

i really liked the music in this one... then again, i like Project WYZE, so it was a good choice of audio, but this animation here was very predictable.... i really did see this coming, also, some more besides just that would've been nice as for this one as well and not just the "A".

FU!!! OMFG!!

OMG, I HATE YOU, but I am sad to admit..i laughed histerically, but that doesnt make this good!!! AHH OMG!

worst stupid flash ever...

Every time i say that i'm amazed because i always find more stupid/uncool flash...geeez...
But what can we expect from someone who's part of "a clock clan" : nothing..
You don't have a turd award, i'm sad, but you are not that much high rated(actually yes a bit...) i guess it could be worse...
But as many moron on Ng told me i don't have a flash yet on the portal so my review can't be taken seriously...but don't worry i'll be fine!:)
So many pple found this funny? God i now know why bush has been re-elected!!!! GOD BLESS YOU AMERICA!

ps : Come on this joke has been made main and main time now....

NuclearBomb-Clock responds:

ps : Come on this joke has been made main and main time now....

yes but if you look at the date, this movie is over a year old so it was new and funny back then!

Plus im canadian and have made succesful flashes, just cheack my profile

Ghetto fabulous even for sesame street

brought to you by the letter "A", and the number "0".

Thats it? You play some WYSE to the letter A?
Perhaps what you need really is some american or nippon quality flash to study.

I think this little firecracker clock should look into getting help before he countiues with the rest of the alphabet.

Can you say, "Baku-san"? I knew you could.


Not only was it shocking, but I never imagined myself headbanging to a giant A.
Okay, there was that one time...
But, aside, I loved the intricate animation, and excellant dialogue, as well as the drama and humor combined witha delicate violent theme.

I especially loved the puppy scene. This needs a sequel!

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2.31 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2003
4:27 PM EDT