Frost (beta)

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a story about two happy campers, and there bruch with frost. An iced based creature


I've seen the same thing

It's superbeast on stickdeath ;/
I think you need more original ideas
Not stolen ones.

I like the voices though :/

it's been done

this is too much like superbeast at stickdeath. different color, different setting same concept. he kills sticks, nice try though.

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Decent voice acting, but the song thing was dumb

While your voice acting didn't have the normal hissing and crackling and general dumbassery of most voice actors, you should have varied your voice just a little more between your two campers. Also, if you are going to have text and voices, make SURE they both match (the best idea is to do your voices first and animate around them) and you seemed to cut off your speech bubbles just a bit too quickly. To be quite honest, your character design sucked. I think we're past the stick figure era and if you are going to do the stick figure thing, make everything consistent. The most annoying thing I found in this was the Disturbed song. While I personally like Disturbed, I don't like listening to the song in every other Flash movie when someone wants to instill the feeling of tension and that some badass is going to happen. The most godawful part of it was when they both just stood there waiting to get in sync with the music. I don't mind waiting for something to load, but it's annoying when I'm waiting while WATCHING the movie. I'm not really sure what to suggest to improve for your next exploit into Flash, but you could definitely stand working on character design for a month or two.

Could be better...

The voice acting was good, could have been better if you changed your voice a little between the guys. The animation was boring overall... I lost interest the first time I watched the movie while the music was playing and nothing happened so I closed the window. I only watched it again to make sure I wrote a worthwhile review. Otherwise, it could have been better.

ok... 1 thing

that iz a cheap friggin poorly played out un original copy attempt of stickdeath.com's summining the beast you moron

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2.35 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2003
2:45 PM EDT
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