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Fish Tales: Vulgarity

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Author Comments

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Hi me again

Hey you.....other review people.... Lay off the fishy guy he's trying to make points about modern life not make people laugh.

that was it?

quite a small, lame joke

......i dunno

i saw ur eminem one too and so far both the fish toons ive seen have been kinda ehhhhh i cant tell if i like or dislike em. though i do agree with u that vulgarity is the way to go because everyone likes the controversy and rebellious kinda attitude. however i must disagree with the jerry springer thing. people have a mad obsession how celebrities are oh no some ones getting a divorce lets exploit that oh no j-ho just stepped on dog shit lets exploit that. yet when some one does something for the lower nobodies its suddenly a bad thing....though the people on there do seem like theyre just putting on for the camera BUT still that aint my point....what is my point....i forget so ill end this with maybe have a little more movement and action in it and less just fish bobbing and talking. otherwise not too bad i suppose.


All of your movies should be blamed. And that stuped looking fish in the loading page looks like you MOM!


I'd like to say that I really am glad to see someone attempting to do something with a little more meaning here, and I appreciate your effort....


This, like all you're fish talks, is didactic, presumptious, and just overall flawed.

I don't know you're age, so I don't know what other times you are comparing now too, but apparently you're pretty ill informed about what entertains people. Vulgarity has ALWAYS sold. You're notions about "the days where kids entertained themselves by playing marbles" are grossly innacurate. Those days never existed. For instance, the Marx Brothers, some of the most famous, celebrated, and respected comedians ever, are considered generally "wholesome". However, the Marx Brothers' movies were so well liked due to the fact that they were LOADED with sexual innuendo and ridiculous amounts of violent humour. The forms of comedy that you probably associate with not being vulgar are mostly derived from the coon show during the late 1800's and early 1900's, which, besides being a wholly exploitative form of entertainment, was based around laughing at characters because you felt you were better than them. The wholesome 1950's entertainment not only derrived some comedy from coon shows, but more importantly, reflected a repressive America in which women and minorities were treated terribly while white boys and men could enjoy they're wholesome quality programming. Even in ancient times people were entertained by watching gladiators slaughtering each other. People, especially young adults, are entertained by vulgarity because THEY are vulgar.Comedy is an outlet for many people, and it is more important for those feelings to be put forth than to be held back for the sake of not being vulgar!

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2001
8:26 AM EST