Mario`s Raid

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One of Gamelovers.ca`s Favourites. Mario and Luigi head down to Bowser`s castle for a pointless raid, but run into trouble


Starring Mario eh?

Wow, you made Mario look like a total idiot. But that's cool, if you hadnt put in that Matrix song ( Lobby Scene ), then it would've got blammed. Naah, that was a cool flash movie, there's nothing terribly wrong, so it's all good.

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Somebody liked luigi manshion.

Not that there is anything wrong wiht liking luigi. But you definitly made him look much cooler than mario. I think you could go with a really cool series that way. How mario always gets in the way but luigi is the real hero that just does'nt get credit for it. I think you should go with that. It was a good film Although you might want to work on your sound a lil bit. The mario theme music was a lil low, and the matrix was a bit high. Also the music in the background of mario's voice sounds was kinda odd. Other than that lil stuff excellent movie.

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I really liked it

I love video game parodies, and this is one of the better ones I've seen lately. You have a good sense of humor, and I found myself laughing at it. (Can't say that about 98% of the other movies that go through here these days) I can't really complain about anything but the window size. It's not a big deal, but sometimes bigger's better. Oh well, that has no real bearing on its quality. Great job, I hope to see more from you.

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laughed my ass off GJ only thing i didnt like was the bowser fight kinda stupid no offense just my personal oppinion but i still gave u a 5 because that didnt ruin the movie i just thought u coulda went without it :)

Mario's Raid isnt what i thought it would be

Although Mario wasnt doing much but getting in the way. Luigi did all the work and they added some Matrix music inthere. Back to oldschool you could say.

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Aug 24, 2003
12:42 PM EDT
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