Badly Drawn Stickman

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It's meant to show the evolution in artistic ability. It was meant to be about badly drawn stickmen coming to life and coming into trouble due to how badly drawn they are. Then an improvement in artistic ability allows them to get further in life.

I totally accept that my own artistic ability at the time didn't allow me to fully express myself and I'll return to this in however many years when I'm good enough to show the story I had in my head.

The first stick-man isn't properly connected, so he falls apart. The 2nd can't stand, due to his wobbly legs. The 3rd seems to be Ok... but what's this! He has no eyes! So he bumps into the tree.

Then, some girls were going to laugh at him and other stuff would have happened, but I got dispirited after showing off this 'work in progress' and it didn't seem worth continuing.


It has a nice style to it which I haven't seen...

before, but is still pointless crap, maybe some story would have improved it. But then this is a preview, and previews annoy me, apart from the Super Console Wars 3D preview. And like I told you on MSN Messenger the loading bars wonky, and that could set a bad first impression to some people. Anyway does it really matter what others think? As long as you like it it's OK. Stay Fizzy.

Bezman responds:

I totally agree with pretty much everything you say.

I'm glad you like the style (I like it too) and it is unfortunately just pointless crap. Although maybe when it's finished it'll be a bit less so.

I suppose your final sentiment is true enough and as long as I enjoy making these movies it doesn't matter what others think. However, others enjoying my stuff does make me enjoy the whole process of creation that bit more.

I wanna be adored. ,)

I liked the way your style of animation

i like how it looked overall ^_^

Bezman responds:

Glad you liked it and hopefully you'll like it even more when it's finished. :)

Your scores seem totally messed up though... 0 for everything and 10 overall? :s


that blowed buddy! keep trying!

Bezman responds:

Sorry that your got blammed, but there's no need to hold that as a grudge against my animation...

that was the crapiest piece of shit ive ever seen

i hated it

Bezman responds:

In future please try to give some sort of reasoning. Maybe say something like 'there's no story or anything! This is pointless and shit!' That way at least I'd know what was wrong.

As it is I have little option but to consider you some anonymous internet-dwelling idiot.

wow real good

here's a person that whould help you with that audio
my adres is jeroenrooijmans@hotmail.com
mail me if your interested
I'm a boy of 14 years old
I live in holland
have did some awful submissens
that'll be it
mail me
oohyea me Unsername is coocoonut

Bezman responds:

Glad you like it (even though it's clearly not worth all 10s).

Thanks a lot for the offer! :-D

I've e-mailed you.

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3.71 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2003
2:06 AM EDT