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This is a guide for a Server called "Doomsday" on a game called "Graal Online". This is only a Beta version.

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i cant change clothing colors though,is it just unfinished?

good FAQ

justr 1 thing i wanna get out to these ppl. ITS A FAQ FOR A GAME CALLED GRAAL so if u don't know about graal don't bother watching. u get some stupid ppl watching this and giving it bad reviews.


It was good, the grpahics where faily smooth and such, but well, its an FAQ, shouldn't this belong on an FAQ stie? besides i've never even heard of that game.


Very confusing

Josh, Master of GameCube here

nice flash FAQ. This can help players, have you used this flash on an FAQ site?

Josh, Master of GameCube here

I started Graal in 2001 and Classic was my first server. I was a legendary lamer back in the day cause I was always trying to take over graal. But now my dream has come true, I got some GPs fired, and I hacked and crashed the server once. After that, the admins had a discussion about it and started the P2P crap. I furfilled my quest now. Graal is now a big online piece of shit and so are the admins/GPs in Classic.

I shall return and cause more destruction. btw, nice movie.

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2.00 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2003
2:16 PM EDT
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