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Movie #3!
Well, fourth technically. Since I did a joint effort with LED Productions a while ago.
(Check it at http://www.newgrounds.co

Anyways, the idea hit me when I was playing Resident Evil 3. I slaughtered a wave of zombies with my trusty boom stick, and surveyed the carnage I left in my wake. I look at the all the fallen zombies and thought to myself "Damn, I'd hate to the poor bastard who has to clean up that mess..."
And then it hit me. If Racoon City didn't get blown up, who would have to clean up the mess?
The idea stayed in my mind through Silent Hill, Dino Crisis, and a few more survival horror games.

I had already poked fun at the idea in my other movie [Resident Evil 2.9]. And now I developed it a little more in this cartoon.

So sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy the mis-adventures of THE DEAD BODY CLEAN UP SERVICE!

You may also note this movie is made like a video game trailer somewhat. I just love video game trailers.

PS. Thanks to Beowulf_Hawk and J_T_S for pointing out my mispelling of "Giant Killer Worm". I gone ahead and fixed that.
Also thanks to IndianaJones for pointing out my mistake in spelling "Resdient Evil" instead of "Resident Evil".

I gotta learn to proof read better or type slower...


Clever, good and entertaining .

I liked that a lot, especially since I've done a lot of cleanup work in my own life.

Sometimes I have wondered when playing a videogame "okay, who's going to clean up that mess."

Now I know. Thumbs up from this reviewer.


You should like, make a series out of those guys. It would be the greatest flash movie of all time if you could keep coming up with fresh stories. I would provide you some if you ran out.

That was hella funny!

OMFG!I laughed my ass off!

Ride that worm! Ride it!

This has to be one of the funniest flash movies based on the survival horror genre I've ever seen! The voice acting for Freddy and Earl was priceless...

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hello kiddies im jimbo the talking demon head, lol that was priceless....

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Aug 21, 2003
11:21 PM EDT
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