Miss.Dynamite XV

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What can I say, how long as it been? One, two years? I don't even remember. All I know is when I started this movie I was still living with my parents.

Ok, first, two things are missing, but you might not even notice.
1) Elian's voice is done by me, in (poor) english. Serge's voice will replace this later.
2) Subtitles. Not a worry for now, unless you're deaf (sorry).
I release it now anyway, because I want to use this occasion to say that I will be at the Toronto National Expo (comic/anime/sci-fi) this Friday to Sunday (August 22, 23, 34). Lou Ferigno will be there to kick your ass!
I'll have fresh copies of my new comic, posters, etc. All the info can be found on my site.

There's more info inside the movie, so I'll just shut up now.



that was hilarious Sirkowski..great job....and the guy before me can suck my cock...

Sirkowski responds:

You mean FireWall62, right?

Okay, a good movie...

Yes, a good movie... but if it stays in the #1 position on NG for very long, I'm just gonna die.

Good, But Not Great

Graphics: 9

The artwork was extremely well done. In fact, it was the best part of the movie. I didn't detect any noticable flaws when I was watching, but when the camera was zooming out from a confused Elian, I didn't like the way his eyes looked. I gave you a 9/10 because it wasn't perfect, but definitely above average.

Sound: 7

The voices were very well done for the most part. The amplitude of Elian's voice was noticably low, however. A mistake I'm not willing to overlook because it definitely took away from the movie, and should have been fixed before you released it. I gave you a 7/10 because of the amplitude issue, and because in general, the sound was not perfect.

Interactivity: 1

There was none, except for the introductory "Start Movie". Not necessarely a bad thing, in my opinion. But I'm rating you accordingly, which is why I gave you a 1/10.

Style (Read: Content): 0

This was the numero uno problem. In fact, I consider your movie not even worth watching due to this. The plot was absolutely nonsensical, and to top it off, you included amazing bullshit relating to Marxism. If you're going to include petty-bourgeous psuedo-humerous garbage about a socialist being sliced in half, which is noticely biased and in poor taste due to the lack of reasoning, then you deserve a 0.

Violence: 7/10

It was violent, but not I've seen worse.

Humor: 5/10

I gave you a 5/10 for making me chuckle when the guy had to watch Barney.

Overall: 4/10

I just averaged the seperate categories, although I'm tempted to give you a 0/10 simply for your poor taste.

Sirkowski responds:

I can kick Che Guevara's ass anytime! (cuz he's dead and he has no hands) :-p

how did you get the girls to speak spanish?

your graphics always so clean and styled, and as always very funny. glad you found time to do it


It's about TIME! Well...good job. It was worth the wait.

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2003
10:50 PM EDT
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