For Jamon

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This is for my friend, Jamon, he died earlier this year from getting hit by a car. May he rest in peace.

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god you suck dick

Fuck you...


What a horrible face you drew up for him after he has been ran over, it was so horrid and hilarious at the same time. The pink rose was terrific and the way you animated the ball bouncing after he had been hit was a bit cliche but i love cliche! The only thing letting this down is that you dont show any road, which is strange for a flash showing a character getting ran over. Overall a decent tribute/funny short.

Pure excellents

I've seen what this is a parady of and i just have to say very well done. This is very funny. Please keep it coming.


Do I approve of this kind of stuff? Not totally.

Is it funny watching people get raged old school style? Absolutely.

It's not particularly amusing.

At first I had no idea what to think... then I read some reviews searched for BassClock's 'For Damon' and understood.

Basically just a piss-take...

It's just about adequately drawn and 'animated' and apart from shock-humour has no redeeming qualities.

C'mon, let's see... your point here is - 'hey, let's stare at his mangled face! C'mon! Look at it! Is something wrong with this picture? Is something wrong with the idea of exposing a deceased friend to this?'

I'm not sure how much of it is you trying to say that private matters should remain that way, and how much of it is about you having a chuckle at the outrage of others.

Despite your allusions to the former in some review responses, I'm willing to bet it's mostly (if not entirely) the latter.

Well, it's a cheap, old joke. It's an obvious joke. It's not particularly amusing.

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1.72 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2003
4:15 PM EDT
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