Clock Adventure Ep. 1

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay of not working on flash. I was very busy in schoolwork, and had no time. I practically forgot all about Newgrounds through those hard times. During the summer, I was bored on the internet, and checked Newgrounds again. There, I found a whole bunch of goodies, and watched multiple flashes through June. It wasn't until July when I started working on this movie, and completed it in about a month. I was interrupted by vacation, but soon after, I submitted the movie for you all to enjoy.

The first episode of my new series, Clock Adventure, is about Strawberry Clock trying to get a new car from Blue Clock at a car center. Everything goes fine, until Strawberry makes a mistake and causes big havoc. This first episode, Car Center, starring Strawberry and Blue, is a treat for all of you Clock Crew fans out there on Clock Day! If you do not like clocks, please do not watch this and waste your time writing pointless and insulting reviews. Otherwise, enjoy the movie, and Happy Clock Day 2003!

- BlueCherryClock (aka beanies520)

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Simple and funny mini-adventure with clocks which always makes things funny!


that was really coll!

i knew i'd hears that music somehwere before, but where?
thanks to the credits i remember! ^_^

i hope theres more in the series.

beanies520 responds:

Haha thanks. I was going to tell you Animal Crossing, but you found it. gj,gj

funny BBBBBB

A quick stop for people who suck at driving! Hillarious

beanies520 responds:

Heh, thanks.

Funny as hell!

And I found a great moral to this story: do not let SBC go around pushing random buttons! Great flash, once again! Keep up the good work!

P.S: This time, if you check my favorite flash artists list, you'll find yourself at the very top! Why? CUZ YOU RULE!!!

beanies520 responds:

Thank you my good fellow clock.

P.S. Dude, nice. You get props from meh.

why are the charecters in this movie all wierd

ha ha bluberry clok got OWN3D

beanies520 responds:

Yup. Thanks for teh review.

P.S. BLUEclock got PWNED!!

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4.14 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2003
5:29 PM EDT
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