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* Wooooshh... imagine that all Pilots
have pistols aboard there planes..
There's no saver way to fly..
Check it out and

Enjoy !!!


Funny audio

The audio in this was really funny!
Though I think it's a shame that the graphics were so god damn poor.
With a bit of effort to that, this could have been so much better then what it currently is....
It's alright I guess.


That was really funny, but it would have been much better if you saw some of the passangers ractions.

U rule.............

Im loving this but it would have been better with a bit more action. Or atleast a display of the guns with the pilot in a tux or sumthing like that, just to make it look better, but all up that was awsome!

Take it For Face Value

some one should tell Quade_1 that the purpose behind a joke is to stretch the truth by finding humor in situations that can be. this was damn funny, the concept was great. what would have been a little funnier was if you would have seen a terrorist in the cabin, getting ready to hijack the plane just before the Announcement. that would have added more in the annimation all in all, still funny

Blastercombo responds:

Yeah dude, you're absolutely right,
but ya know, i was tired and all.....
so i would make that my excuse :P

Perhaps next time, and i will make the terrorist piss his pantz ;D

THnx for your vote ! :)

Funny, but no action

not enough action, to much looking at the same place.

Blastercombo responds:

Duhhh.. It's a plane !!

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2.63 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2003
5:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Original