Clock Legends

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Released in accordance with the 2nd Annual Clock Day, Clock Legends is a challenging platformer featuring Strawberry Clock as he hunts for Peggeys before other denizens of Clockland get to them first. Featuring one full level and a massive boss!

EASY MODE: Saiyan mode's big secret is to start it up WHILE IN THE AIR. Not use it before and get mad when you can't move. You defy gravity while in the air with it, which lets you jump higher if you hit it fast enough.


great game!!!

the one problem is theres no checkpoints or anything, and it is not to hard, klrmkgv you dick!

Best game on NG!

WOW! This is the greatest 2D sidescroller I've ever played! It's got that retro Sonic/Mario style (with ripped sfx of course) and incredible animation, especially on the boss-- NICE! I love the randomness of a giant steak and an RC Cola bottle with a machine gun as obstacles, and that boss was so cute, cool, and well-animated. I got addicted to this and couldn't stop playing until I aced it with all 9 peggeys, beating the boss without ever using invincibility (still used it on the pop bottle and the long spike strip though). A lot of talent and hard work went into that animation, and the game is well-tweaked so it plays perfectly- a million times less clunky than Sonic. If there were a full game available, I'd definitely give my ten bucks to buy it. It should feature a map screen with around 10 levels, each one opening the next, and allow players to go back and ace them by getting all the peggeys, and once all main levels are aced you get a really aweseome secret level with an alternate ending boss. I'd like to say, however, that the Hard mode is so incredibly hard, and changes game physics on you, totally screwing up what you learned on easy (and losing that retro mario-style control) that I don't think it's necessary in the full version / sequel. Also, is it just my machine? SFX seem to be firing at odd times while I play, usually with sizeable delays after the actual action. If you notice this while playing the game repetitively for quite a while at high speed (especially low quality), try to find a way around Flash's slow sound buffering system. Anyway, awesome game! (ps. Forum link won't work)

Saxman's foot is in his mouth

I never thought I'd say it, but here goes.... this is an excellent entry by the clock crew.


Fun and challenging.

Everyone looking for Tranceland, Obelix has posted it on MP3.com

check the audio link. Love that song :P


The game is fun, though he said he fixed the jumping wit saiyen thing in fixed, hold forward and press up and down at once to do super jump, not to sure if this is a glitch but watever, good game

ps. mutant peggie is so damn hard

cableshaft responds:

No, that's cool. I use it all the time. That's why I called that mode "Easy" (you can't do that in Hard mode). When I first submitted the game, though, there was an oversight in the code that let you press Down, be in Saiyan mode, then hold forward and hit up and it'd let you jump forward. THAT'S bad, and fixed.

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3.87 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2003
8:08 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop
  • Daily Feature August 16, 2003