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Aug 15, 2003 | 12:20 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place August 16, 2003

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Author Comments

UPDATE AUG 16th: Second place! ^_^ I love you all!

At a good 13.5 minutes length, I do hope you won't bail out of this intellectual contribution to the Portal. Remember, that patience is a virtue, and you might even enjoy it. To all viewers and NG-users, fellow Clocks and Locks, happy Clock Day! Don't drink and drive after the party ^_^

It is advised to run this movie on Medium quality during the speech - the lipsync is very frame-intensive. I tried to work past slowdowns, but in the end of that scene, there might be minor slowdown, hardly noticeable though.

Special thanks to Rynn Simonsdochter and Amy Rawcliffe for their help and support.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Its Very Long But I Liked It


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was so funny thebeginning was so boring what a waste of time!!!!! But the ending music was good and the pictures were funny.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


just plain great
about time someone raised the "brow" of NG above gutter level

nice one

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The reason most questions lead to more questions is because, these questions are the answers to the questions that came before them in a train of thaught. Perhaps questions actually exhist only to detur us from reaching the final truth. Maybe we are not quite ready to understand the final truth. Maybe the only way to reach the final truth is to accept that some answers cannot be found.

As for the meaning of life, I believe it to be a foolish question, because if we spend all of our time trying to understand what life is, why it exhists, how it works, and how it was created, then we will most likly not enjoy the life that we were given. So I say just live it.

I do admit I have spent much time trying to figure out life in the past. Here are the conclusions and ponderings I have come to in my jurney through possibilitys.

How life was created: Take a look at everything that exhists, almost all of it goes in a cycle. Organisims die, become nutreants for other organisims. Time runs in a continuous cycle as the planets cycle around the sun. Cycles have no beginning, no end, only a continuioum. Perhaps life cycles and time does not exhist as we thing it does. Perhaps as time goes by, new time is not created, perhaps time is writen over like a tape recording and be writen over. Life, time, exhistance, its all a cycle with no beginning, no end, no creater.

Why life exhists: life exhists for no reason at all, it simply does.

The meaning of life: I believe each independant mind has its own meaning of life, who says there is some universal meaning that pertains to all of us? My personal meaning is to be happy, because if your not happy, what is the point of being concious?

I hope I said something here and didnt just ramble


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Intelligence? On Newgrounds? I'm in shock. ^^

Wow... I'm surprised something this thoughtful did so well in a place like Newgrounds -- I guess miracles do happen. ^^

First of all, let me say -- you are an EXTREMELY talented voice actor, if you did your character's on VAing (I would assume so. ^_^). Wow. You knew just the tone of voice to carry, just the words to emphasise to make it not only realistic, but at the same time interesting and lively! That's not an easy thing to do -- I'd know. Congratulations on that aspect!

With a flash that has a lot of speech, authors tend to get lazy on the animation, but you made a strong point of using character movement to emphasise what was being said, to keep things more 'alive'... and the characters in the background were funny, but not so obnoxious as to detract from the main point in any way.

This must have take a lot of time and thought to put together, and you completely and totally deserve a slot amongst the daily features. ^^

Congratulations on making a really, really good Flash movie! ^_^

Da-Dinictus responds:

Let's see, if you did watch the credits, it took a good 1.5 months on it all. Three days of recording, a week setting it all out in a basic configuration, a good month of 12+ hours per day for the lip-sync, then another 12 days on the scene's animations... After that, the post-recording scene and the credits, those were a breeze of respectively a week and two days ^_^
And I had other things to keep my mind off that, like helping Rynn with her first drawing on Flash - Meta Ridley. She did extremely well, wouldn't you agree?