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Trailer: Saiyan Prince!

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Just enjoy the trailer, because we stopped making the hole movie...


xanlee [ one of the 2 creators of this trailer]

hey guys, im one from the creators of this movie.

first i like to tell you is that this movie never is comming out...
it was like 2 years ago .. and afther this trailer we never really workt on the movie anymore.. its because so many things changing in my life :). well second.. i never really met new-neo in real life ;p, so we couldnt motivate eatch other enough to go on with it .

mybe we gonne work some day togheter again and make a cool movie somthing in this styl only not abouth dbz :) , mybe something cooler xD. well i got enough fantasy so dont worry abouth it :).

oke now i really liked all the commentary from the ppl who liked this trailer, thank you guys :). makes me happy to read all thos comments :P.

and well for the guys who didnt like it sorry...you guys say whe stole it from that other guy ? well we talkt with him on msn .. and he is one messed up kid :P lol . its ofc true its looks like his style, but we where just learning and getting our own style of animating.. i must say ralph was verry good @ the animating but really sucks @ making an original story line ...

ahh well enough, it was 3 years ago omg :D. never thought abouth it anymore.. but hope to make some movie someday for you guys, probably yes =].

well thanx etc.

[btw. rofl @ tho's pathetic guys who think we must die etc ;p]

sorry for the bad grammar! [ i know i suck @ it]

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u SHOULD make the movie dude!!

make it make it make it!! awesome 3d but just like the guy b4 me said, put some clothes on, oh yeah ITS SPELLED SAYJIN not sayin or whatever

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great but like all others they look naked,nasty...

-Try putting the clothes on them like for who they are putting the main design like Vegeta's design is blue sleeves and pants, white boots and gloves and white chestplate and goku's is orange pants,shirt with blue boots, wristbands, undershirt and a blue belt........and who was the badguy?....ya o well
IF you actually make them look like they have clothes on or at least color it so it doesn't look like their naked like all others then it'll be at least something new I know it MIGHT be(well idk) a lil hard to make them seem like they have clothes but it'll make it ezier to see who the people are supposed to be in SSJ-form and in the beggining

-Also good story and great graphics but it's spelled "Saiyan" I believe I think this will be a great flash I'm looking foward to it and to all those that say "crap" and "waste of time" or anything like that....well they can all go suck P3n0r.

-Yours Truly

Don't Get It!


Ralph Sweeny.. is that you?

If it is.. this score is all credit to Ralph Sweeny.. Ralph Sweeny good job and keep it up... you do Stick DBZ well.. ^^ (<--To Ralph)
F*** you Fa**it... You stupid piece of sh*t.. make your own sh*t you f*g... if you want to make a series do it yourself without stealing other peoples stuff you fa**it... (<-- If not Ralph)


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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2003
11:33 AM EDT
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