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NGArmy/Clay v Stick short

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Two movies for the price of one! My first (proper) game, and a Clay/Stick combo stop-motion movie.
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The Game: Thrown together for the preloader, I'm really pleased with it as my first game. If you can hit more than 3 tanks on level 20 you're doing better than me 8 )
The Movie: Has taken over a month to complete from conception to submission. It was originally going to be longer, but I got fed up with it. If it's well-recieved then I'll work on another episode, with scene changes and more action.
I hadn't done a claymation or stick movie yet so I thought I'd throw the two together and see what happened... and, once again, made life very difficult for myself. As far as I know, this is the first & only movie on NG which combines sticks & clay, and, after spending countless hours trying to synchronise the buggers, I can understand why. Still, it's possibly my best animation yet.
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Apologies for the file size, I did my utmost to optimise everything... I don't think I could squeeze it any more. The stick figure (George) was created using Swift 3D. The clay figure (Brian) was created using.... ermm... Plasticene. And lead split-shot.
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Hope you enjoy this, please vote fairly (you KNOW it deserves 5 =). Thanks. Oh yeah, and check out my other submissions, I'm going for NG's most varied artist... suppose I should do sprites next...


That's DAMN good!

Very good job integrating the stick into the claymation, there's some talent! I gotta give you a 4/5 for that 1


you are one talented guy.


wow.a movie with clay and animation! keep up the good work!



A fun combination

^^Good Points^^
I thought that the game was pretty entertaining. It's a simple game, yet it's still fun to play for a little while. It's challenging to reach the max score, which is always changing, and the graphics in the game are very good, as well as the sound effects. In the movie, I liked how you added a stick figure into your movie instead of doing everything with flash. That was a cool combination. I liked your voice overs and music, and also the play bar at the bottom is a nice addition.

^^Needs Improving^^
In the movie, your animating isn't that great. You should try to make more frames or something, because the animation seems very slow.

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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2003
9:59 PM EDT
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