Miracle Blade

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this time I finished it, rather than falling asleep on my keyboard and ironically holding down the ZzZz... buttons.

Anyway, enjoy, if you can



it was cool i liked the music

stop submitting OR SO HELP ME GOD

As soon as i clicked play i realized your effort, i mean getting a prison inmate to rape you up the ass with a sandpaper condom to make the opening sounds, thats dedication. Sadly it ends there as with all of your flashes. Also none of them show any skill whatsoever, whatching shit on a wall wouldn't leave me as nauseated as this movie does. Save newgrounds and stop submitting.

unownedJR responds:

Actually that's from a sound pack I got, just felt like putting it in there, your mind works like that when it's fucking 13. Seriously, that's how long ago I made this, now grow the fuck up.

You want NewGrounds to be saved? Tell the SS, WHOA, UCFD, and all the alt accounts who spam daily to FUCK OFF. Because sure as hell, the damage I can do is so minimal.

this blows...

just as much, if not more, than the rest of your crap!

unownedJR responds:

Look at the date it was submitted you autistic shit. Now stop e-stalking me and get a fucking life you fag.


way too short.... it had some potential but it was taken away since it was so short and rather unappealing too.

Crude graphically, but points for style...

And quite entertaining in a surreal slapstick kind of way. Well done overall.

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2.47 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2003
8:55 AM EDT
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