Things you've never seen2

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Things you've never seen2
there are new pics and alot more funnier!
Its "Fucking Crazy!!!"


Better than clay porn

There was one good slide, and none of them were urs, so BLAM!

MetroCard responds:

if it sux then can u help me?
i suck at flash and most of my flashes get blammed so if i cant make one why dont u and prove that what u make is better than mine

Hey, you. Toss me a grenade!

Someone else already said it; you might've added some text here and there, but for the most part this is a slideshow of other peoples' work... with your name on it.

Too late to whistle (though I doubt it falls under that form of jurisdiction), but not too late to blam.

MetroCard responds:

*tosses gernade*
i suk at flash oh well
the only thing i can make is slides
and if i happen to make sum stick thing thats kool it ussually gets blammed
im still at the point of learning
so for me this is big
cuz it didnt get blammed

hey man that was pretty good

i fucking loved the "Holy Shit its my clone" pic. i found it fucking hilarious! i only saw maybe about 30% of those pics. maybe its becuz im a n00b. um a suggestion to u would be to have a button that that lets you move on. that way people can go at their own pace. i found some of them to read fast enuff, so, yeah, remember the button idead.


MetroCard responds:

yea i know but im a newbie and i suck in flash i still havent learned how to make buttons

More like "Fucking Stupid"

What the fuck. All you did was put a fucking slideshow of other peoples work and pictures and added a few retarded captions. Your such a fucking loser.

MetroCard responds:

some pics were made by me

but i'm sure you've seen this

in what words could i use to adequately use to describe my feelings about your flash....
i know!
crap crap crap crapity crap
thanks to you, i now regret having a five megabit connection...the fact that the movie loaded so quickly and it took me longer to turn it off than it did to load it
rather unfortunate

cheers, monkeys do what you do, only better

MetroCard responds:

i suck at flash maybe you could give me a suggestion instead of wasting my time and your time

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Aug 11, 2003
9:52 PM EDT
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