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Louis the Vampire Robot says:

"This movie heralds the beginning of the End of aLiveJournal!"


that was good

i liked it had some good action... i liked the art as well and the color in it was very cool i like your work some of the greatest iv seen


its was good in a strange kinda way... funny...odd..but waht more can i say?
i like vamps over all so hehe

Good but not one of your best, I say

I personally didn't find this very entertaining, action wise. While it did get the point across and it did do smoothly, it wasn't a very thrilling idea in my opinion.

Funny as hell though.

I mean what's not funny about some random guy with red, spikey hair duking it out with Vampire Robots? I rest my case.

I'd say comparabely (Yeah, my spelling sucks today, I think) you're other flashes were better (ofcourse this wasn't really intended to be great, or so it seems but meh.)

But fuck, what am I talking about. I couldn't make a flash thing to save my life, so. (shrugs) Bah.

Anyway, it's not bad, but it could've been better.

And though I don't think you really care either way, I can't help but comment about the replies you give people. =P



Now all we need is, "Wee" and we'll have Ling from Kung Pow. =P

"Wee-oo, wee-oo"

...Uhhhnnn...yeah. Keep up the good work.


rvyn responds:

You're absolutely right in all regards. Thanks for noticing.

And just for you: wee!

Another great aLiveJournal

Another great entry, it obviously took more time than the others, and I'm always amazed when you put effort into a movie; Afterwards is a great example of that...and, in case you didn't read my other review, I've been trying to email you recently without response...can you tell me your current email? Thanks.

umm good job

that was well done but, THE TITLE HAD NO INDICATION OF WHAT IT WAS ABOUT!!! otherwise good job

rvyn responds:

are you THAT desperate to know from the title? oh well. thanks for the review anyway.

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Aug 11, 2003
7:37 PM EDT
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