enter the matrix in style

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At least I won 1 award (turd of the week)!

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it sux you should be beaten for making this stupid turd

A moronic attempt at humor

If you are older than 12 or not mentally retarded, this movie is not for you. My wife and I mistakenly thought this might be enjoyable on a Sunday afternoon. We were very wrong. This was the worst movie I have ever seen. I enjoyed the first couple of Scary Movies and thought was going to be similar. Unfortunately, this movie resembled Scary Movie 3. The jokes are so lame and unfunny that I am baffled this movie was ever made. he jokes try to be current but frankly in 5 years no one will even know what these jokes were references to. This movie is laughably bad and the writers should be beaten with big sticks. We actually left about 30 minutes in. We traded our tickets for tickets to Babel and that was a great movie.

Not so bad

It wasn't very great, but it wasn't bad either

Short, and poorly done

^^Good Points^^
Well, atleast this game was interactive enough for it to work fairly well.

^^Needs Improving^^
Let's get this out of the way... The graphics are horrible. Your drawings are very lame, and the animations are very simple and don't take much skill at all. You blood looks very unrealistic, and this game is just not fun to play because it is way too easy and too short. This game took me about thirty seconds to complete, meaning that this game is not long enough at all.


well that sucked. If you made alot more lvls it might have been fun but it still had the fact that u died in one hit. No replay button even. Just not a very good game at all in general. Well atleast you got turd of the week! lol


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1.81 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2003
3:26 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week August 13, 2003