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Stick-Rage by YoshY

rated 3.46 / 5 stars
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Aug 10, 2003 | 6:24 PM EDT

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Author Comments

please don't be to harsh, i wrote all the descriptiona nd there was an error and i won't write it again...
resuming it said, all that's writtten is just crap, the movie was made ins 1 day, so don't go to hard on it...

ah.. longh time since i don't play with flash

anyways i'll answer to all reviews, no matter how many teher are :) RECOMMEND ME! and vote fairly! nobody likesa fake ^_^



Rated 4 / 5 stars


I don't usually tend to appriciate crappy stick movies, but when it comes to this I'll make an exception, basicly because it's not crappy at all, heh. The animaton is smooth, the effects are brutal and great and the fact that it lacks plot doesn't really do anything, it's still amazing, heh, keep it up!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I'm not a fan of random violence stick flashes. This one wasn't too bad, but still wasn't that fun to watch. The colors looked a little weird and it looked the the entire movie wasn't fit in the screen. Animation was good, but I didn't particularly like the music. Sound effects were decent. This movie was too short and needs some sort of storyline to it also.

YoshY-txt responds:

Thanks for the review anyway :) Nice to know I'm not the only one with that opinion =P


Rated 3 / 5 stars


It is a pretty nice movie, I really missed those stick fighting movies, and this is a pretty good one too, I enjoyed it a lot.
First of all, the graphics is pretty good, however, you need to improve it in those matter. The head of each and every charecter is in the same color, which is black. This doesn't look so good, it looks een weird, you should color each charecter in the color of it. You should also fill the head in the color of the stickman. The background is pretty good, but you should fix the objects a bit, because they seem pretty unreal and ugly.

Second of all, the style was pretty good, I like the simple styles of the stick fighting movies. However, this was a pretty colorfull stick movie, with colorful background and sticks, which is a bit strange view for a stick fighting movie. You should also make this longer, the movie is really, really short and it takes points form the style. The ways of killing the other sticks are pretty similar in all of the ways, you should add some new ways of killing because it gets boring after a while. So make it longer with new ways of killing.

Third of all the sound wasn't so good in my point of view. For a start, the music didn't really match the movie, although it is a pretty good sound. For a stick fighting movie, you should find something more fighty and chaotic, like the fight itself. The song was also a bit too long for the movie, which was terribley short. You should make find a shorter, crazier sound which would match the movie. Anyway, the sound is pretty good, but it doesn't matter...

Fourth of all, the movie was pretty violent, as it should be but you should improve some stuff. First of all, you should really add some more blood to your movies, because as I see it now, there is not enough blood coming out of them when they get hit. Seconf of all, you should also make the sticks live longer, it is not that reliable that they die after a half a kick. When they live longer the script may also contain more hits and kicks. So make them bleed and live longer.

Fifth of all, it is not that humorous as it should be. As a stick fighting movie which is supposed to be crazy and illogical, it is not very funny. You should add some more humorical motives to this movie in order to make it funnier and better. A stick fighting movie can easily contain a lot of humor, just add some very illogical and impossible stuff to it, it shouldn't be that hard.
Anyway, it is a very good movie, I enjoyed watching it, just fix those things. Well done.

YoshY-txt responds:

Oh man, I LOVE YOU
I loves your critics, In fact, I agree with every single one of them.
I'll justify some, and others I'll atribute to my lack of talent.
1st - the head and body thing, coloring all the bodies would take up my tiome, and I was WAY too lazy to do it,which is really stupid since it would have made it much better.

2nd - Man, again my Laziness is guilty, I really could have done it longer, WAY longer, but I always wonder: "what if i'm doing some crappy shit and when I upload it get's blammed ain like half a sec?" and then I think "I'll upload it now and see how it'll do and upgrade it"
Of course, I never did upgrade it.. =/ Which is a shame.
3rd - Sound-wise I'm kinda tone deaf anything relating to music is a big ass problem for me. And again, I had no patience to look for another song and shit, so I just got that, (btw, in that time I was in Hip-Hop, how stupid could I be?) I REALLY regret this decision =]

4th - Lack Of vision, I should've seen that(the blood issue) when I was making it about the length, see 1st.

5th - Lack of talent. didn't even think about humour doing that =/ My bad...

And Last, but not least, FUCKING THANK YOU! That was REALLy helpful. I couldn't thank you enough. I mean it, THANKS a lot! Catch ya Later mate!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Reminds me of Madness

I agree with natethegoat. stick figures can get boring but this one was pretty good. 3 out of 5.

YoshY-txt responds:

Madness, you got it right =D When i did that one, before doing it I tried doing animation like the madness one is, couldn't do it, takes patience. Some time later, afetr trying other style I forfeited and gave in for sticks, it's easy at least(maybe that's why they got boring).
That's a great score! Thanks! Really appreciate you telling me what's wrong on it, if I ever start doing these again(hope I do), I won't be making that mistake again =D. Really thanks for the review and thanks for the compliment. Thanks Overall!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I guess I shouldnt let my bias towards stick flashes go into this review but it's just that i have seen so god damn many! they get old!
but hey, yours was better then a fair amount that I have seen. I'd say it was probably average.
Can't say I liked the music very much, Ive only heard that song about ten thousand times though :-)
Watching your other flashes leads me to believe you are capable of more creative shit then this so just keep on trucking amigo.

YoshY-txt responds:

I love you.

Stick flashes got fucking boring. ?I just did'em because i have no skills or actually patience to do real drawings Frame by Frame.
That song sucks. I liked rap(even hip hop) back when i did that shit and that song IS also very very used up. But i shouldn't look back in what I did, so it was fairly good, i'd say it was worth a 2 or maybe even a 3.
Thanks for the review, really helps, really. I wish everybody would simply review submissions, not like those retards that go like UUUHHH YOU FUCKING SUX0000RSSSSS OMFG!!!11111ONE ROFL!1111

And thanks for the compliments =) I hope you get to review my other flash that you haven't so soon. Good luck.