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pointing at the moon

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"It's like a finger pointing at the moon if you look at the finger you'll miss the whole point" (Bruce Lee - Enter the dragon) just a random idea where i thought 'yeah i can do that' so i did.. took longer then i thought cause the pics i used were hard to come by, and i got picky about what i wanted on top of that. well there it is enjoy it.


Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Remix

Loved how you put Dance Dance in their. Being enlightened also rocks.

Cool Shit!

Hey this was done well Only one Thing Caught my eye in Disgust. The Naked guy on the Skateboard. FUCKING SICK WERE DO YOU FIND THOSE SICK PICS DOGG?

SplashKhat responds:

Yeah, I considered removing that one a few times. But being able to bust a trick with only 3 wheels, having the balls to do it nude AND have his picture taken and put on the net is indeed daring.

HEHE thats like one of those gay car comercials

BUT i like it, thats awsome, thats dope, thats the shit, thats the mackest of the mack!

wow...that was damn cool!!

Like the last person said, I also agree that you have some great talent. I think that the combination of music and pics you put in here just spoke for themselves!!! Yes, it was almost like a commercial....but a damn good one!! Good job!! :)

Very well done.

This is quite amazing. You have some real Flash talent, and you should apply it. Keep doing great movies like this.

(Just FYI: This *does* remind me of a:
1. Footwear
2. Satellite
3. Information/Technology Company
type of commercial.
But it's still very good.)

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3.18 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2001
6:32 PM EST