pointing at the moon

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"It's like a finger pointing at the moon if you look at the finger you'll miss the whole point" (Bruce Lee - Enter the dragon) just a random idea where i thought 'yeah i can do that' so i did.. took longer then i thought cause the pics i used were hard to come by, and i got picky about what i wanted on top of that. well there it is enjoy it.


Good....Really Good...

i don't know how this didn't at least get a 3...im sick of newgrounds fans....they all suck now...

SplashKhat responds:

thanks. i have something similar im making soon. (after my next FFF movie)and the ratings dont so much matter to me. its being able to share my peice with people like yourself.

Very nice work.

An ingenious idea... how the hell can this not get at least a 3?

nice art......

Very nice piece of art... indeed! There's only one problem with it: the words such as "conquer" etc were above the picture and the pics were going to fast to read AND look at the pics at same time. Maybe putting the words straight in the middle of the pic would do it, I dunno. Maybe it's just a personal problem, hehehe! This movie was.............excellent! Keep it up!

Truly moving

I'd love to see more movies like this on NG. Not some idiotic acid trip or kill fest, but something that you can sit down and just say "wow."

One of the most artistic Portal entries EVER.

Well, some people may say 'fuckin trippy shit' or something else like that, but I must say that this is, without a doubt, one of the most artistic Flash entries to the Portal that I have ever seen. While others try to get good ratings by sloshing around blood and gore, you try to invoke our emotional side with an awesome combination of graphics and sound. Keep up the great work.

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3.18 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2001
6:32 PM EST