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Just a fun little thing I whipped up in less then a day.
I haven't done something funny since Robotech Director's Cut.
This is also my first Clock Crew Flash.
I heard this on my local radio station and thought it might make a great Flash movie.
Yes, the voice is not Tom Fulp and I know he isn't 19.
Just enjoy it. It's for the sake of humor.
New episodes of Comet Magnum coming in September.


Front page?! WTF?!?!

This movie wasn't bad nor was it good.

Average, not really that funny

Goodbye pevert, how the fuck can you call him a pevert you rang him asking sexual related questions. And this is not home page material anyway clocks are starting to annoy me. but an ok movie i suppose

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ive seen better

but this was okay

(note:yes im a clock hater but no i dont consider this a clock movie why because it was about making fun of flup boy and it just happened to have a clock in it)

(note 2:clock movies are to the portal as spammers are to the forums)

Fuckin' ey, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

This is so good, I think I'm gonna give my GF this survey over the phone tomorrow.

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gay outwar spammers

well first off, i'll say that i enjoyed the movie and found it funny. but the main reason i did this review is kuz it really pisses me off, all the outwar faggots everywhere. they spam on EVERYTHING, and i mean everything... hey, IMTHS2003, what the hell is your problem?.. i think newhrounds should delete accounts that leave outwar spam

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3.62 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2003
11:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Original