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Just a fun little thing I whipped up in less then a day.
I haven't done something funny since Robotech Director's Cut.
This is also my first Clock Crew Flash.
I heard this on my local radio station and thought it might make a great Flash movie.
Yes, the voice is not Tom Fulp and I know he isn't 19.
Just enjoy it. It's for the sake of humor.
New episodes of Comet Magnum coming in September.



I only gave you a two for overall because it was a nice idea. The only thing about this movie that's funny is that you actually tried to be funny, but it would probably only be funny for a four year old. I mean honestly, was this really supposed to be funny? Cause this was fucking stupid. I mean, are you 12? I want everybody reading this to view this movie. It's pathetic. I seriously doubt that you're seventeen. Either that or you're mentally retarded.

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Was this supposed to be funny

This is a flash movie like many that I have seen that just attempts to be funny to the point that it becomes stupid. Real prank fone calls can be funny if they are done right, but a flash one will just not suffice. The only thing I think that makes this worthy of my rating is the graphics and they were not used to their full potential either. This person is capable of much better and should spend more time on their work.


These clock things get better and better... muahahaha.... funny stuff...

lolololololol bloody funny lolol

hahaha i was laughing my ass of for 10 minits!!! abosolutly brillent!!!! a must watch!!

Nice Work

ha ha ha one sick puppy dam that was good

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3.62 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2003
11:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Original