Bird Watching 2

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The Dead Bird in the park
one time i found a dead bird in the park.. it was burned to a crisp, and one of its legs was tied to a string, that was tied to its other leg.. i thought that was strange.. but that didn't stop me from poking that damn bird with a stick.. i'm such a man.. no creepy bird is gunna stop me from showing how manly i can be.. not even a dead one..

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just like the first

i liked the first one (which i just watched) and liked this one as well


Unlike the first one this one has better animation.
Though the story about the dead bird was really not necessary.....

Even with better graphics it's still weird and has almost no meaning.
Try to show dumbness with meaning so that we could try laughing.

~Extra Comments~
I'm sure there's a profoundly twisted meaning but somehow,I don't
want to find out this time.

Till next time man,

Not bad

Jevus_Chrvst, your a fucking idiot


Death to retards!!

P.S. (Kill Babies)

okay. not my cup of tea.

ok, i am a fan of mcmullens work, own gish and even play it on a daily basis, but i did not enjoy this submission. i think it is rather untasteful have a bird get a blowjob and prefer other creations by edmund, such as carious weltling. i am not going to thrash it or bash it or even smash this subbmission with my opinion and scream in caps locks. no. i am just stating what i think.

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Feb 7, 2001
11:54 PM EST
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