The Charles

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Author Comments

I have just begun exploring all of the possibilities of flash. This is only my secon movie and by the reviews of my first I believe it will be a huge success. I am always in need of constructive critisism and would very much like to see your reveiws. Thank you and enjoy. DeadByDawn

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THe band u want is called zeromancer......


That was hilarious. Even though the graphics weren't as good as some of the other stuff on NG, you told the story well and made it funny. The last guy wo reviewed this can go suck his own dick. Nice job.

What the fuck was all that???

That was absolutely pointless and really lame...

DeadByDawn responds:

This is the place I work you worthless jimmy hat. lets see something you have about a place that you work. I mean do I go to your job and kick the squeegie out of your hand... no I don't so theres no reason for you to call my second flash ever fucking lame. I will be reviewing your flash in the future. Hope that it is visually perfect if you even have any.


The graphics seem worse than in your first animations. The backgrounds are fine, but the characters look worse. A purple Coke? Not as funny as the Tech, but still effective. Also, the Charles voice could be better. What was with the guy going Goku, or Dragon Ball...? I hate that. I really do.


i like this

The backround graphics were great! The chracters need a little work. This movie was pretty well just like a movie at the movie theater (whoopie).

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2003
8:31 AM EDT
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