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Hey, Ive been working on this for a couple of weeks and decided to end it as the 1st part. Its about 2 minutes of action.
Due to the frame intensive animation, I had to make the viewing quality of most of it set lower.
And another thing is the file size.... Im really sorry, I even cut off the part of the song I didnt use, so dont blame it on the music, blame the animation.

Please, enjoy my little tribute to the legendary game of Starcraft, which is one of the best strategy games ever made.



StarCraft ish the best!!!! I love that game! (games if you include Brood War)

I love all things StarCraft! I love the Zerg!!!!!!!!!!!! (And possibly what that guy made in that hidden chapter in brood war, but not spoiling anything for people who did not get it)

That Ish All.

Great Movie

This movie is real great, action paced, fast and you get the sense of being right there on the battlefield. Though it was a tad bit short.

Not bad

The animations for the explaosions were good, but the characters seemed a little subpar. But overall, a great Flash.


I didn't mind that animation at all I found it pretty good. Except for your (main charecter?)'s face which looked like a smoker in his 40's. Anyway even though I don't like your charecter based on appearance I loved the battle scene but what the hell you left me on the short end I mean I loved the battle-animation and the song and then it just ends like that. I would rather have seen more battle and less wraith flight. Great video though.

It was alright

It was okay, the animation was decent-ish, but i would focus on more of a story line

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3.86 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2003
12:59 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 6, 2003