Die in Style

August 4, 2003 –
September 16, 2010
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

NOTE: I can get this animation up again by changing several sounds within it (I had used them without permission). This will take time however and I am currently short on it. Please be patient as I try to get around to it.

Dear Viewer,

Due to legal reasons, this animation has been taken down.

You can view the rest of my works at SimonStenhouse.net

Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you understand.

Simon Stenhouse.


Watched it on another site. It's really good! 7/10 and 3/5 for not being on Newgrounds.

I'm not sure what to say about this. I really enjoyed it when it was on the site. I don't really buy the explanation for why it's gone. You can indeed watch it on others sites but that hardly seems fair.

So I say three out of ten. I guess.

they forgot to put "contains content from EPIC"
HAHAHA VERY COOL me like robot :D

But why isn't it here? -5 for not being on Newgrounds. I demand a sequel!

WAY better graphx then most killing, or suicide games/movies.



And it was pretty good

this isn't like the other choose your death and die games I've played the character fights back instead of being tied up and beaten up

I like this flash, but it is certainly not the first choose-a-way-to-die flash

Well I ain't gonna write a big reveiw cuz this was banned (for some unknown reason) and I can't really remeber it, I saw it at a difrent site once. And I couldn't really read your informaition on it cuz it was way too tiny.

This was really good though, I like that you click on the guy and he gives you quotes. I liked all of the the deaths and I liked that they lasted a while, but I wish that this wasn't takin' off the site, I don't get it this is the first time I have seen something like this happen.

fuck how could this be banned omg!!!i loved this flash!!!

well...if it was banned,AT LEAST TELL US WHY!!!

this flash was the best and i think i know why it was band. it was banned because he used the voice of a character in unreal tournament and maybe didnt give any credit. also people listen up if you want to see this movie go to stick page




it never should have taken down wtf man this movie is the shit it ownz ur ass, i love this, i was checking my favs list and found the number one one so i clicked on it and this is banned!!!! omfg i loved this so much!

He used a number of sounds from Unreal Tournament 2003, and I don't remember the game or the game developers ever being credited. I dunno, that's just my theory, although it seems likely.

That's coo'. You weren't sued or nothin', right? Just make sure you do it right this time, 'k homes?

why exalaly was it taken down for man????

why not host the flash an another site and creating a link on ng to that place

PS i put 5 for everythingh cuz i didnt see the movie and dont know what its like

it is good those who are looking for it go to youfunny funny pages and go to section 8. The system has been beaten !

but too bad it was taking down :( WARNING: spoiler alert! i like the part when he escape the place to bad for the people that cant find a other site to play this or did not play this in time

Why you just didn't submitted this movie on newgrounds,or did it break the rules?But,this was an excellent stick movie,good example of a stick movie.

I was made aware of this map by a Starcraft Use Map Settings game, a movie called Kill Me. It was fun to watch/play with my friends. Then wtf... :( itsz not here. And theres not even a link or two to follow to get to watch the movie at this loser of a site it links. That sucks, :(. The Kill Me game was soo fun, I wanted to see where it got it's inspiration from.

i have seen this before lots of times and now i see that it is gone, i hope it comes back soon

I've seen before that it's been taken down, but I still come here hoping that it would be put back up. I leave it on my favorites list as a reminder of great work on NG. I'd like to know what led to it's removal because this was a wonderful original.

ive viewed this many many times and I wake up at 7:00 am today and go try to watch this and i hope whovever made you take this down should have his balls cut off and have a tree shoved up his ass then pelted with horse cum, but great work one of the best

this animation was the one who made me want to start using flash, it's just perfect in his way!!!
I used to visit newgrounds, but when i saw this one i turned to addict as i am now!!!

If it weren't for this flash, I would never have made my hit StarCraft BroodWars map (In movie format) 'KILL ME!'

This was cool. The plot was good, and the evaluations were a nice touch. Why did they take it off? It was really good...
Wait. Sorry. Change good to GREAT!!


This was such a great flash, and they deleted it. Please make the new one soon

Why do you delete Die In Style!? It's a very cool movie! Also, why did you delete the Beta version!?

it was sooo awsome

That was really good...smooth animation, good sense of humor, not too pointless...and a very interesting setup/plotline was established.
All in all, I give this the highest marks I can, because all of your hard work certainly deserves that!
I'd say more, but i'm tired...but I definetly enjoyed this! Keep up the good work :)

Saw this one a long time ago. It is one of my favorite flash games ever. You obviously put a lot more thought into it than most of the other stick death games.

I have been looking for this game all over newgrounds. I've played it over and over at another site. The only thing is i wish it would be more interactive, but then it probably wouldn't be as cool. This game (or movie) is awesome!

ok, i normaly don't like stick figure movie's but this...
man, this rocked, and the guy's voice was really cool

wow man good job in the flahs animation, you should make a second one with more scenes and new weapons. Keep up the the good work

Great job, you HAVE to make more!

A true masterpiece...

If i could give everything a 20, i would
that was pure flash genius

Awesome!!! ..(finally a flash movie maker who thinks like me) U HAV TO MAKE A SEQUEL. Pick up where he escaped and make it about his freedom to kill again. That would be a goooood movie.

I really love this flash. You have to make another one and you might want to try weapons that aren't so ordinary.

I like sooo much i would have this on almost for a while.

unfortunatly on the BETA Version it was said there was going to be 10 WEAPON DEATHS on there and 2 bonuses and outakes.
there was a lie i think.

there's only 7 WEAPON DEATHS!! don't see the bonuses and the only thing which WAS on is the outakes.

So you went wrong. and i know it. so should you. (did you forget?)

so my rating won't be a 5.

next time make A DIE IN STYLE 2

WOW !amazing u got my 5 ! Quick Q !Could u -mail me a quick instruction on how to shape/motion tween ! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ ! lukasz1990@yahoo.co.uk thnax m8 keep it up !

This was a cool interactive movie and i loved how you used the unreal tournament robot's voices for battle machine's voice. This movie was l337 please make more!!!

That was a cool flash. I like how you got the stick figures so smooth. Most of the other stick stuff is really jagged. You should make another die in style but make it a choose-your-own-adventure. Keep up the good work.

I knew when i saw the beta that it wasnt gonna suck, nice work make more.

This is one of the best stick movies ive seen on NG! Make more!

oh yeah. everyone loves a good stick killing flash. this among the many is great. good work i've love to see more work from you.

what a great movie, if only every flash movie were like this newgrounds would be a beter place

good. but did you know that a starcraft map was based on this, its good too

I hate the walking sound though. Sounds like he's walking on bodies.

Great, Abselotly great! Haven't you got the sounds from unreal?!

If you're the maker then you're the coolest!

fuckin sweet bro make more i loved it

I haven't seen anything this good in a while, it was a very good movie. This is definitely going on my favorites list, I wish that I would have seen this movie sooner. Great flash, keep these up. Hopefully you will be coming out with some more flash movies like this.

This i think should be above Jhonny rocketfingers by a lot. This is one of the best works i've seen on newgrounds. I actually spent 30 or so mins. just looking for this flash so i could add it to my favorites.

my god dude u made the greatest stick death movie yet. keep up the great work dude u diserve a 10.:)

i like it i hope you make more stick death movies like that

That was awesome! Hope you make more movies with Mike. Was it Mike? Anyway, the murderer.

This movie has everything violence smooth animtion humor and a whole shit load more:D
Good animation probably best stick animation ever:D

It's funny, violent, and the animation is so smooth. What more does it need?

Best Stick Figure Movie ever.

and you should be proud of this animation... this is one oof the best that newgrounds has to offer. keep up the great work bud!

Everyone that did not see this must watch!
dude very cool and creatice this just rox!

this was very cool not many artists do what you have done and i just think it is amazing. keep up the good work.

that was great. you combined violence and graphics with interactivity. keep it up.

Very Good, Loved the violence and gore, the extras were also very cool

I have found a new favourite stick movie, that was the best stick figure action i had ever seen!!!! u are king! if i had talent like you i would be stoked!!!! good work dude!!!!!! (if i had been this happy bout something b4 i'm happeier now!!!)

that's talent you got there, use it!

great job man!

Execellent i love to kill stick figures =]

Very good game, I like it. I agree with some in that more than one of these games should be made (Not trying to push you or anything.)

This is awesome. i really like this a bunch and I think you should make a Trilogy of "Die In Style" games. Then you should make a Movie, like NinjaMizimoto said, about the history of Mike Holiday and all of his killings. GREAT JOB!!!

Ok, omg, this flash is so great. I love how you can kill him in so many different ways and so on. There should deffintly be a sequel to this, maybe evem a movie! Anywho, keep up the good, i mean awesome work!

Lol i like the different choices and attempts in this movie. The last one though... semi auto machine gun was different and unexpected. Make another like this... maybe one in game form.

damn thats good i fucking love it its my fav movie on new ground you have to make more of them

Simon, I would have given you a ten, but most of them weren't as good as the knives. The rest were real. For instance, with the bow and arrow, you could of had him mooning the scientists and get shoot in the butt likeon Braveheart. Nothing was as good as the knives.

these kinda movies are what sticks were made for! its massive and brutal, the last weapon could be a movie in its own right. recommend this for everyone everywhere!

when the new one came out, i thought i'd come back and re-experience the first one. I actually like this one better than the second. You take the old flash concept of choosing the death for a character and give a fresh coat of style. nice.

My fav. was the MP-WAR-BOT. "Flesh is a design flaw"

This made me smile a few times. I think I lol once to. But I couldn't give you all tens because when they walk the sound is off some times by one step. And honestly I have seen so many stick movies I couldn't give you a ten for style or grafix but all in all this was well made. Great job and you are talented for sure i can see that in this..

Make more!

Graphics rockz sockz!
so does plot, and everything else

I loved it make another one plz

Good job. Nice and smooth animation and the outtakes are hillarious.

Not rating this movie 10 would be a crime...make a sequel!

absolutely fantastic!
It is the same level as XiaoXiao!!!
Make part 2...

"oooohhh. Im gonna need a new underwear..."

sweet animation very smooth. nice sounds. i like the MP war bot. "flesh is a design flaw" very nice touch.

This movie rules! The idea is great, the graphics are smooth and there aren't any choppy animations, and the sounds were pretty realistic. You should make an interactive game with this somehow. It'd be an insanely good idea. Anyways great job with this movie!

This was great Graphics were good the characters moved smoothly. Alot of violence but i wish you could interact with more it would be alot more fun.

awsome id give it an 11 if possable
make a sequall!!!! please and make it have more BLOOD!!!!

Great job! There was really nothing to complain about.... Overall it was smooth animated, great drawed, keep up the good job.

i loved all the options.

it was such a sadistic film that it was funny.
great job
keep it up

Mike Holiday is the perfect Anti-Hero! Even death can't stop him!

this movie is the bomb i like how you used unreal championship for the warbot

this is the best game of its kind, nothing else anywhere as good as this, cant wait for 2, there will be a two right?

Looks like Stick penalty but twenty times better....

That voice actor sounded like Piccolo off DBZ. Very good, I hope the next one is a game to play. I look forward to it. Even though it was sticks the animation was smooth so that made up for it.

Very good i like that he fights back and the robot i like his style.

Really nice dude, really nice

I give the graphics an 8 because it is stick figures. I gave the sound a 5 because all the sounds are from the game Unreal Tournament 2003. Others I gave a 10, overall this is an awesome movie. I look foreward to your work with Phill Collins in Ray pt. 2.

I think it's pretty good to be a stickmovie....this is something better than just a stickmovie.

just an average stick movie. What's all about these sticks. We want real people.

The only thing I liked about this movie was it's sound, despite the lack of music. This would have made a better game than a movie.

Thats one of the best movies ive seen it ages !! The voice of the man sounds rather good as well, which does suit him. Great job, keep up the good work.

That rocks dude! I like the choice part, and it is really good anim.

The graphics were awsome. The sound was so realistic. This movie must of had a lot of work put into this movie. I especially liked the idea of the different tests with the different weapons, and to have each one of those selections to have a diffent ending. Keep up the excellent work.

This movie definitely has style. So much so that it goes beyond what most "stick death" movies have to offer. I say this because it gives the audience a chance to watch the different type of "death scenes" each with a unexpected outcome. Some of these outcomes are very funny, outragious and action packed. I especially like the scenes where the hero escapes from his prison. It adds to the idea that the stickman values his life, rather than sitting back and getting killed. The last scenario is especially good because it allowes your audience to get a hint that there is more to the story than death scenes. And perhaps there is another flash-movie/story in the works, based on the character that was experimented on.

Regardless of what you decide to do next, this movie is a very good stand alone work. It does everything that other stick-death movies do not do.

I really hope that you continue with this story block and build on the ideas that you put forward in this movie.

It looks good

best stick movie ive ever seen...yay

I liked it a lot, usually I don't care much for Stick Figures but you pulled this off very well, great job! Very imaginitive too, I hope you make more!

I really...

would have enjoyed this soooo much more if the artist had given depth into the story instead of the mindless experimentation.

Like, showing how they were able to capture this guy without killing him, he doesnt seem like the type that would give up. Why did they choose him for the experiment?
The creator makes the effort of placing character bio's, Now that he has made us familiar with the characters themselves, I would expect that the artist go ALL the way and create a story. Where did the Facility come from? The main character's past? what really made him fire upon his commanding officer?
This Artist is one of THE most talented that I have seen in the years I've spent watching flash movies.
I truly hope and expect to see more of the same quality and effort put into future works by this individual.
Bravo Stenflash

This film was very good, and the interaction with the movie is something that really sets it apart and makes it shine. However, the lack of a real storyline, and the not-quite-satisfying "ending" do cause it to lose some points. Still, it's very good, and has some real shining moments. Not perfect, but definitely a must see.

I Just Love It


Def:Die In Style

P.S.This is going onto my fav's!!

I don't think there was a single thing I didn't like about this movie (it's more like a game to me.) I just about soiled myself laughing at the 3rd attempts in knives testing when the scientist guy wasted the guard, and also with the outtakes. Nicely done. :) I also liked the character information a lot. It gave the flash the storyline I thought it was missing. It would have been nice to know that character information at the beginning, though, instead of finding out when I clicked the last button.

This was kind of cool. Maybe you could make a story line about Mr. Holiday's past and how he got there. He's kind of an interesting demonic character. The little piece of story you got here is good. Well keep up the good work.

...that was amazing.

That was a great one! Very original! I was laughin my head off at the outtakes. Loved it!!!!! GREAT JOB 7/10

great job man this is what you call flash! 10/10 top marks. all the blood and violence is just the best! please make some more stuff with quality like this!

That was one of the coolest flash movies I've seen! The graphics, the violence, the style; all stewed to a perfection. I would like to see a sequel, but don't try to over do it. Thanks for bringing gore with some style to Newgrounds.

now how cool wasn't that

pretty good, but not kickass

Yo Man!
Very good Flash film! Congrats, I like it very much...especially the knives and the Making of. HEy StenFlash, where can i download it??? I really want to have it.

Good movie, though all the soungs are basically from unreal tournament 2003 =P

That was funny as hell. I loved the outakes the best though.

1) Hella
2) Cool

That is all

hahahaahaha this is class!

my one line summary is pretty self explanatory... keep it up!

.................. Thats some good shit
if followed in sequence it has a surprise ending.


to good!

Pure awesome...

That was off da hook!!! One of the best ever!

This is fantastic love the robot guy xiao xiao is my vavorite even better then mario, zelda and madness :P

Excellent for anyone with a nice, black humour, one of the best flashes i've seen

Awsome graphics. I liked it this movie was very funny. The subjects will go far in this testing facilty!

hehehehe =)

Very interesting flash. I love how you get to pick how he dies or in the end doesn't die. Great work!

This was one of the greatest flashes that I have ever seen, I never get tired of watching it

he escapes

Loved it. The main character had a cool voice too. Very original.

OK, this movie rocked, and dont anyone say otherwise!!! You call this garbage some of you?!?!?! well, lets see you do better. Great job, peace out

Man it's good!!!!

i would have rated it better if there werent so many of these

Man, you have a big talent! Keep doing animations with Die In Style quality!

One of the best stick movies ive ever seen

Happy Ending and better acting then most console and pc games.

Wow that was awsome, very intence grapic effects, the effects of guns and swords was just awsome, and the arrows with the 2nd attempt was very realistic cause they all shot at different times and not just copied the same arrow guy, very nice work, abit laggy but awsome stuff...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Some of the best of newground games...


Dont work your self to death on this flash thing. If your going to do a 2 just do about 300 frames a day. that way you wont get bored of it

this movie is one of da best on NG...lotz of killinz and shyt..i guess datz it watch dis movie...itz good

This game is awesome. its long well done and never gets boring. The inclusion of the bloopers and other bonus things was a wicked good idea. The escape was the best part, naybe in the sequal it can show how he gets captured? :D

One of the best games I've seen newgrounds. The best part is when he escaped that was f****** cool if you make a sequel let him escape more.

normally, I hate stick movies...but you used ut2003 sounds, pr0pz

this is one of the best movies out there!good job. make another one plz. u culd use guns like an uzi mabee add a cannon mabee a tank, another good thing to add would be numbchucks, ninja death stars, gernade launcher, mabee throw him in a pit of lions or wolves, some light sabors wuld kick ass. also a baseball bat or a ninga with brass nuckles er sumthin. u shuld make a couple more. Peace

good ideas for this movie!! i like that so much! ^^ i love the part with the sniper...

Where did you get an idea to write something like this?

What an excellent game! I watched this before I had an NG account, and I wanted to reveiw it on a high note so badly! But now I have one, and here is a good reveiw! Tight game!

P.S- I am adding this to my favorites! Thanks for a good time!

I gotta try this on my friends!!!!

Speachless,.....it was amazing!!

Totally amazing. You gotta make another one of these with more weapons. I await the day the sequel is due. Excellent job. ;)

Very original, even though it's another stick figure killing movie. The sound was re-used from alot of games I noticed, acceptable since thats the only source of sounds for some people. Glad it wasn't from just one game.

I liked you attention to detail, even just a rope swinging doesn't go unnoticed.

The only reason you don't get a 9 is because ... well it's stick figures. You can only do so much.

above extrordinary

ok great stick movie

Not bad man.. Not bad... Found it funny a little.. Other then that, I liked it,, Congrat's...

Yes. you finally finished it. I knew this would be amazing from the demo. Nice work on everything.


Man, i never knew how many, ways you can kill a stick man like that before. It rocks! the animation is smooth, the sounds are great plays along with some of the humor too. Personally this movie rock! I hope to see you keep up the good work..

That is ALMOST the best flash ive ever seen, annd will ever c. u could have added 1, maybe 2, more weapons, but its just fine how it is. 10/10 from me, and its not easy to get that from me.

This is, bar none, my favorite flash movie I've ever seen on NG. Absoulutely amazing. It was great man...nothing more to say. Keep them coming...please!

This is great stuff. Perfectly smooth animation, all sound is in place, effects and voices are all ok... I don't rate the sound as 10 easily ^_^ Hm shouldn't this be a game? ('Play this game' instead of 'Watch this movie' :P) I really can't find anything else wrong in here... Great job!

Create a sequal pitting him against Xiao Xiao!!
hat would be the shit!

this got all tens from em

I didn't expect a stick figure animation to be so masterly animated in a dark and moody creative style. Good stuff here, but Viewer Discretion is advised!

A must play game great animations and idea.
However use the machine gun last you will see why


Exactly man -- the name says it all, Style, pure style. very well put together and i give you my congrats. this thing entertained me for every single second of it. Very well done flash movie here. good for thoughs who both like and hate sticks.

That's all I really have to say, very funny. Keep up the good work!

I had a very good time watching this, it would be cool if we had more choices (interactivity) and make it like a game as the victim (just an idea)...

Awsum masterpiece! MORE MORE MORE!!! ^_^

Man, the guy getting killed reminds me of solid snake (from the video game), least his voice sorda does... but anyway kick ass movie!!!

Exactly like it says. Die in Style. I like it because it's not like the usual suicide. I'd LOVE to see more of these!!!

This is hands down the best stick death movie EVER. It has great graphics, superb sound, and the violence that stick death fans love. This is one of the top ten flash animations ever made and in my opinion, the best on Newgrounds. Excellent work! Keep it up!

I think that gore alone doesn't make a good flash movie me, maybe it should have a bit humor in it, then it would be perfect. As for Graphics and Sound, they were great, especially for a stick-movie. The main character was pretty cool, though.

i've seen bad sticks

i've seen good sticks



Goodjob man, cant wait to see what you have in store for us in the future!

awesome. sheer genius. for the next film, use brass knuckles, bombs, cannons, and acid.

Yes I said "good" not "great". Every scene started out slow with the guy getting thrown in, that bothered me for some odd reason. And this isnt a very original idea yet everything else rocked!

i love smooth stick animation! VERY nice job. you should make more. And im not sure if its soppose to be funny or not, but some of its great. nice fast and smooth flash. Keep up the good work.

This is badass! I love the fact that you can choose this guy's death. And it's done so well too... I hope there is another on the way!

A great stick movie. Everyone who enjoys this oughta look into stickdeath.com, which is similar to Newgrounds, except only does stick animations.

There should be more games like this!!

this was some of the funniest shit i've seen on tha web. it makes me laugh each time i see it. needs parts 2 and 3 with new weapons and deaths. tha character bios at tha end were a little lame, but the outtakes were pretty good. all-in-all this was a tight ass flick.

My final answer Regis is D all of the above.

Amazing! It was funny, violent, INTERACTIVE!



If you want to see some fluke experiments at killing the wretched flash ninja stick-figure, watch this movie. I promise you a good laugh.

One of the best cant wait till the others come out it was so funny and the death was awsome good escape too. and the outtakes didnt expect him to blow up that was awsome keep more coming.

good scenarios, it was fun to watch...more death needed....and some elephants

I liked it. The style and presentation of the movie was great; fade-in's, professional looking transitions/front end. Good job.

well what can i say, ya, it belongs up there with the top 5 flashes. i loved the knive 1, that was great. its a great little stick death mini...show.... flash...thing, couldint have done it better. i hope there will be more to come. GREAT GREAT GREAT JOB!


Absolutely nothing wrong with this movie at all; everything was perfect. Great graphics, great sound, great interactivity, great style, kick ass violence, and lots of humor. My favorite was the last gun.

Keep up the great work!

This is a wonderfully artistic piece of masterful fury!

It was very very good and funnyno suck.
This game is cool!

You have to make this a game it will be awsome.

Anybody who's seen this flash will agree with me when I say "That was Freakin Sweet"! It's cool how u get to choose the type of weapons to use and i also love the blooper outakes. PERFECT!

Graphics 8/10 -Yeah it's a stick movie, but the graphics for one are top notch.

Style 10/10 -not much to say about this one, except for excellent.

Sound 10/10 -Amazing. I could've sworn the people were right in front of me, I didn't hear any background sounds from the mic, and the acting was excellent.

Violence 10/10 -Stick Suicide. 'Nuff Said.

Interactivity 8/10 -There were loads of stuff to do, even outakes and character bios.

Humor 8/10 -A movie from Newgrounds that I laughed at. Wow.

This was excellent. All your work you put into this made up A LOT. Oh, and could you think about making something like this into a game? That would be freaking awesome.

that was funny... nice animations!

keep it commin


That was one of the best movies I have ever seen on Newgrounds. The voiceover was brilliant and the variety of the weapons was pretty good as well.The extra features made it more entertaining and showed the amount of thought and work that went into it Good Job!. Lookin forward to the sequel.

i think that was one of your best films yet.
Keep up the good work!

This is funny, especially the escapes.
Keep up the good work.

but this movie changed my whole perspective of them. amazing :)

you have to make more of this that was excellent

This is one of the best things on newgrounds! A complete masterpiece!

This is one the best movie

well done and everything, but it was kind of boring and repetitive

please make more of these, that was a example of pure genius, i liked the knife and the "semi-automatic rifle" as those was grade A comedy

That is one of the best movies on Newgrounds. My #1. I like how you used the sound files from Unreal tournament 2003. Especially for the attack robot. Fantastic movie.

that was the most coolest animation ive seen on Newgrounds.com good job!

omg that was hilarious
loved the part with knives
awesome sounds too


you definately have you shizzle together on this project!



Well the title says it all. A very good piece of work.

pick a weapon for testing, and see the hilarious scenes. thats all to it.

sticks will always be sticks. bland override. but the graphical backround and neat gun design is the importance. textures of the stuff everywhere are top notch. blood and bullet holes in the testing room really made it interesting. so does the walls on a multiple perspective points too. we all can tell you put alot of work into this and succeded without a single tilt.

movement of the sticks is a real impressive use of timing (at least thats what i think). perfect flow with a great mix of insane killing and humor.
so many choices and everything is diffrent. diffrent kills, scenes, weapondry, all of it. its not repediative. GOOD thing it isnt. sound effects, nothing wrong with it. good sound with the bullets flying, hacking slashing, everything. its pure genious.

with all of the mayhem, death, graphics, sound, violence, humor all rolled into 1:

all i have to say is, shoot or die dude.

+ graphics are over the roof.
+ NOT repediative
+ so many things to choose from
+ nice voice acting
+ clever sound effects
+ funny!
+/- decent load time
+ no bugs or glitches
sticks shall overcome...(yeah right. but they are cool)
close to Xaio Xaio with guns only

Not one flaw was made during this flash movie. Please make more of these cause they are hilarious.

I cant wait for the sequal in a few months, if there is one. Either way I love this flash

Woah..this was way too cool and...i liked the scope one lmao sliding all the way down..some of em was funny and shit yeah but im'ah give u a five cuz this was code as hell peace

im little sad that sound can olny be scored 10... if i could i will give at leaste 20 :P

Wow this movie was awsome! Great animation, sound, and concept. Love the out takes.

I get impatient doing the level over again against the machine gun guy. I like his moonwalk.

this rullz!

Looked/sounded/humor/style/VIOLENCE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was EPIC


My favorite sequence would have to be the Semi-Automatic Rifle, that was probaly your best work.

Good job my man.


a lot of stick animations are shite this is not in fact it is greatly amusing and deserves to be in the top 50.

u and www.sticksuicides.com have the best stick cartoons ever just keep on makin them :)

That was one of the best movies i've ever seen.
Also i liked the fact you didn't take yourself too seriously. After all THEY'RE ONLY STICKS!
keep it coming!

it cool

I'll say the same just as the others did. This movie rocks! But one thing could be better: The scenes where they killed him in the first attempt, could have been better if he would have survived a few attempts and then got killed.

This movie is great, Its not the first stick death animation I've seen, But its definitely one of the best!

I didn't find it that good, this movie is way over-rated. When the stcik dude is shown close up, he always has the same gay look on his face. That doesn't change at all. Best part was the archers IMHO, the rest of it wasn't all that great

But before you flame me with your comments hear me out.

Its not that great... don't get me wrong im not anti stick but Xiao Xiao and stick slayer have better animation then this...

-Style: 8
What can i say? I like the style of how he always has a chance.

-Sound: 8
Lots of stuff from UT (mainly the robot bein the boss of easy mode)

-Violence: 10 (nuff said!)

-Interactivity: 9
Cool menu ;-)

-Humor: 6
Yea I chuckled at time but nothing to lol about.

-Overall Score: 7
I think this is the average portal movie... not great but not bad. So don't think a 7 is bad... I just don't think its nearly worth its ranking.

Yeah, u just keep yapping that mouth Ben, no one gives a shit. This was an excellent cartoon, and although sticks ( which can be as good as they can be bad) was much better than, oh... well the STICKSLAYER... Hear that Ben? Better, B-E-T-T-E-R

"Stickmen are many things. They are an animators practice tool, they are easy to draw, and they are violent. They are a scourge, a teeming horde of malicious demons that are consuming the Internet faster than porn sites. Their sole purpose is to destroy, maim, and kill each other and anything else they can get ahold of.

They must be stopped." -Ben Spurgin

what is better than stick death......stick death outtakes.....brilliance

I love Xiao Xiao, but my animation sucks with xiaos so yeah. You rock the Newgrounds.

that is 1 funny movie, good to get some1 to laugh

Very funny... violence... want more... (Just great. Wow.)

THAT ROCKED! that was definately one of THE greatest animations i've seen. This and Rise of the MK.

You are a flash God.

This was really fucking cool! Everyone should see it!
Oh yeah, by the way, DarkSoul98 is an avid fan of eating out of his mother´s asshole. And his dad´s asshole. And his dog´s asshole.


Xiaoxiao can come and eat my shorts! That one is
thousands times better!!!
Its definatly the best stick movie i've ever saw before.

-> The outtakes are just ROFL !

With animation silimar to Xaio Xaio, excellent voice-overs and sound effects, with many intresting and entertaining extras, this animation is a must-see for everybody on Newgrounds!

it was good

that was really good, the "attempts" touch was great. there were some really original deaths there which made me n my mate laugh.
The only thing i can think wrong with it was the sound quality, well not all of it, just that robot. I t was a bit difficult to hear what he was saying most of the time. But if that was improved, then this movie would be perfect. keep up the excelent work.

it was ok but the voices were kinda gay he sounded like an x-men dude but any how if u removed the voices it would be good...

That was so awesome! I loved the different style of deaths with the different weapons and how he fought back! The bloopers were really funny! It seems like you worked hard on this.

I liked it it was really violent but duh thats what the title says! SO yeah i liked it.

I liked the eyes and the drawing of the gun and the blood and the grass. I loved everything. How long did it take you to put this together?

i cant belive u made such a wicked peice of flash it like totaly warped my fragile little mind

That was one sweet stick movie. I liked all the killing. Keep up the good work.

But I really liked yours.. I think you should transform those sticks to drawings of people in the next one..

So good in fact I think it's better than XiaoXiao... well not number 3 but the rest...

Funny, Well animated, Good sound quality. this flash has it all man

one more of thos good stickman movies :)

dat was hilarious! the knives were da best!

That was good, you did a great job man. lot's of weapons, a break out, it's a movie that you can enjoy ones in a time, i like'd the knife the most of all keep up the good work!

Bravo. Well Done. I thought it was better than stick figure suicide if you compare the two.

lucky u, my first review....that rymed ^_^
but yeah, it was allright, kinda funny but it kinda got repetitive for me, although i still watched it so i guess i'd have to say i liked it. u did a good job on it though, great work, i'd like to see more from you, good luck to u in the future!

Well Done!!!

i thought it was great. the only problem i had with it was that he died too simply too many times.

I loved the ending with meta-ripley, only u ripped the music of metroid prime, good, but still, stealing... I sent u an e-mail with my thoughts about it.

genious, the attempt with the knives was the best

im not too keen on the stick animations, but this was so smooth and well done.

This was pretty cool- if not the coolest movie i have seen in a long time, GREAT!


Ilovethis! I really liked the war-bot.....and the guy's voice sounded just like the guy from Shadowman....how great is that?

waatch the choises, then watch the out takes, then watch the choises again, and then watch the out takes again, it never gets borin

Cant said that its bad or good its just ok in fact i like it

ps:Make an hentai movie if you can

I haven't seen a good stick death movie in a while. The 3D effects for the Semi Automatic Rifle scene were superb! Keep up the good work!

Not as good as stick figure penalty/suicide but still pretty good. i gave you extra points in sound for using speech from Unreal Championship for the robot.

holy shit that was sweet!!nice work and damn thats alot of animating. perfect 3d and the extras were pretty funny

Im a fan of senseless violence and even I didnt like this that much. It's some dude dying over and over again. Whats the big deal?

kick A$$ lol

I'm usually not one for violent movies, but I can't get enough of the StickDeaths. Out of all I have seen, this one takes the cake (and that's over stick penalty, angry hillbillys, and blast!)
Job very well done. E-mail me when the sequel is done nyrangers687@yahoo.com

it was sick

i liked this one! good newground flash, i love the robo stick, write back and tell me in the second one your goning to use the swoard more!

This is one damn good flash. I can't wait for the sequel! Keep up the good work!

i love it, truly hallarious, the best i've seen on newgrounds yet

this is pretty good... could done better... the sounds do sound like they are from UT2K3 so i dunno... keep it up i guess...

This was one the of the most fun & best game's I ever played! I thought the sounds were great & the whole game was just darn good.

It's great! I want an other one!

I think the sounds have been taken off from games such as Unreal Tournament 2003.
Would be better if the user could kill the "bad guys" but its good enough for me at the moment.

That was one of the greatest flashes ive ever seen man..... and the sounds where did u get them from........ about the sounds woulds u email me or something where u got those sound from

hey .... it was good!!!!!!

i think this was a great piece of work. i give you mad props. my favorite part was with the two knives. it was hillarious.

Holy Shit!! raised the bar for animation. terrific style, but, why didn't you make him win in some time other than the last time. make more, i'm going to go check out your site right now!

Wow, I think THE BEST animation I've ever seen on Newgrounds! This is the way Flash animation should be done.


they should have put holiday in a chair an killed him then. hilarious. very good animation, the outtakes were great, make more.

my favorite weapon was probably the semi-auto rifle good job you should keep making more.

umm the only problme i had with it was that i didnt have any sound i dont know if its just my comp or the movie dosent have any sound to it but if it dose like all the rest of ss do i gave you a 10 anyway otherwise it was urtra BADASS!!!

Realy Good "Nothing More To Say"

the interactivity is awesome, and the outakes are funny as shit!

This movie was awesome. It is probably the best stick figure death movie i have ever seen.

This is honestly one of the best Stick deaths ive ever seen and a greeat plot and storyline, cant wait for ur sequal, keep up the sweet work man!

this is the best flash animation I have ever seen, it's just awesome, the only reason it got a 9 in graphics is because it's stick people, but it was still amazing.

Simply, put, I've fallen in love with your flash work, this movie was amazing! Keep em coming.

This movie was pretty good. I love how the guy kills the scientists and guards. The effect is just like an experimentation, but with more violence(what can u expect from a killer?).

Nice, make more like this.

Heh,great work, cant wait till the sequel ^_^

You did a really nice job with the outtakes and character bios and whatnot, keep it up man!

Pretty neat how they go through each death scene, you should make a 2nd 1 that has more ways to die, overall, this would be my favorite violent flash!!

One of the best movies on newgrounds.... Good work.

flesh is a design flaw

This animation is 2nd place in xiao xiao's masterpieces.

nice stuff, me like

wow.....this was one of the best choose a death games on newgrounds...man make another1 like this its awesome

Man this was realy good stuff! I hope you get the Beta version done soon and maybe you could make a game about when he escapes. BYE!

This is GREAT!! One of the best animations ever! And I'll bet it took a lot of time, with the bios and all.

this flash is sick! 1 of the best on newgrounds!

why am I giving 10 for humor when it seems there is none at all? watch the knives over again and you'll see

ethis movie was awesome. it was really funny too. i cant wait to see more movies like this. good work

make it bloodier

It was really funny especially the bloopers!You should make it into a game so you can decide if the guy dies or lives!

funny as hell, i only wished for more bloopers.

ouch that looks painful

that was the sexiest thing i have ever seen....

That was freaking awsome i mean that kicked so much ass seriously dont stop making movies like this Great job!!

I loved it, your the king of humor with Knox

I loved it I like the voice actor for the stick dude. also I liked the animation it was good and clean. It was well done.

goddamn. that was amazing. the animation was great, with tons of great deaths. one of the best i've ever seen.

O.k. Maybe The Stick Doll idea isn't The best but it's Still one of the best animation i have ever seen

Ay this is a really great ideal, and a catchy title. YOU ARE KING!!!!!!

this is some good stuff man. if you all go on getting more of this things, the internet will become a better place! its a little too bad about the stick dolls

how can i explain this? although it's a stick movie, it has taken flash to a new height.

good work.

This really kicks ass! I love the menu, it's almost like the menu of a DVD movie.

Keep up the good work!

This is da best fuckin stick cartoon on da NG portal man!Dis shit rocks ass!Man how could ya tink of such a sweet ass cartoon!

One of the best I've seen. Get that sequel out ASAP!

this is one of the best game/movie thing because it is funny and there is a lot of blood.

keep making animations.
your great stenFLASH!

I liked this alot. It was cool. Could have made some other ideas like flame throwers and crap. Make a sequal ;D

otherwise, an all around GREAT movie. Deserves the top 10

awsome refreshing from all that blaggin clock werk

This is one of my favourite flash' It effing rules

that was good and hes movements were real and everything keep it up

Good Job dude that was pretty cool i like those stick movies so i gotta give ya a 10

I love stickman movies and this one is the best since "the Pan" and possibly better! This was so AWESOME at the end but ill leave the surprise to you lucky veiwers about to veiw this for the 1st time. Definitly watch!

That kicked ass hurry up and make the next one and you didnt use the cruddy voice from talking write away

Can't wait for part 2!!! WOW man this is soooooooo GREAT. I like these movies :D

this was so great. just love those movies where you can decide how the story will go on. :)
looking forward to part 2.

This is a neat little flash with a bunch of scientists simulating ways to kill this dude who kicks a lot of ass. Complete with seven weapon tests, character bios, out-takes, and a really cool black stick figure, Die in Style is a quality flash.

u gotta make more of these! cud use music though and i like the bit at the end when he escapes

Next time plzz make more of them.
But GREAT job man cant wait for part 2

that was kool i watched it more then 5 times!
btw can i get a reply from the maker please i've never had 1 :(

i think this is the best stick figure moivie on newgrounds

Very nice, I found myself hoping it was longer at the end (broadband). Well worth the wait for all of you 56k users.

Wow this was a long load. But usually longer means its a better Flash. And for this one its true! Great Movie. Very Creative and origional. It would of been kewl if you could of helped the guy along with his escapes and would of given this a 10 for interactivity. But i can see with how large it is that it would have been too big of a load. Still, this is the best stick movie ever sumbmitted to newgrounds. INHALE ok im holding my breath for the sequal... AHHH i give up! But im lookin forward to seeing it man. Keep up the good work!

Wow. I was very, very impressed with this movie, to say the least. The graphics were far more than I'd ever expect from a stick movie, and the plotlines were amazing. This is a brilliant movie.

Graphics: The animation of the stick characters was amazing. And although stick characters tend to be very undetailed, you were able to do quite a bit with them. Just for the quality of the animations of the characters, 9/10.

Sound: The sound effects were quite nice. Possibly one of the best sound effects films out there. They were very appropriate for the film - but there isn't a whole lot of background music. Still, nice job on the sounds. 8/10.

Interactivity: A lot more to click on then most Flash movies. I also liked the way the mouse cursor changed - that was a nice effect. 4/10.

Style: The movie IS called "Die in Style" ... and there was a lot of style in this movie. I liked they way the statistics for each weapon were tallied at the end of every weapon trial. I can tell you put A LOT of work into this. 10/10!

Violence: Quite a bit. One of the only movies on NG where the "Excessive" violence warning actually holds true. 9/10.

Humor: A lot of the takes were funny - the failed attempts, the outtakes, even some of the successful attempts. The movie's style probably helped contribute to the humor, too. Overall, a funny movie. 8/10.

Overall: VERY well done. This movie is highly deserving of its spot in the top 5. 10/10!

Miscellaneous: My favorite weapons were probably the knife animations (Just for the first couple attempts), and the semi-automatic. And the Extras added a nice touch.

Final Verdict: An impressively done movie. The author says it took over 2 months of work to finish this - and it shows. Magnificent. Watch this now if you haven't already.

Absolutely the best stick flash and one of the best flashes here on NG. Frickin amazing man. Can't wait for the sequel. Excellent use of the voices from unreal tournament 2003. Very tyte.

damnnnnnnnn thats flash was awsome (woot all my five belong to this) man the effort u put into this is awsome it is a really good flash awsome job man!!!!

Dude that was so cool i love to see it over and over

in deed this is front page matiarl

you owe a new pair of pants...... damn that was funny, specially in the outtakes *guard throws convict in, door closes on guards head*

ever since watching Die in Style beta, I've been long waiting for your completion.... while it didn't have as many diffrent ways of killing the guy as was somewhat implied in the first, it was still kick ass

the numerous ways of killing him, and one attempt where he actually escapes
very nice 3d rooms and pan arounds, it was amazing

and the outtakes were hilarious!
"die human" *runs and punches* *BOOM!*
I laughed so hard at that part

one of the best flash movies here

This is one of the best movies on newgroundz today! Lmao this movie was great!


Holy $hit. i thought it was hillarios. words cant explain how funny this. me and my friends sat around and laughed for hours about this.

this must have taken forever to make. it was worth the time though.

this is an inspiring animation that must have taken weeks to make. the effort paid off and this is one fantastic animation.

Thats da shhhiiiittzzzzz !!! *moonwalks* Must see POSSIBLY the greatest stick flash eva!Q```

The mother of all choose-the-death movies. YOU DA MAN!! I especcialy like the M16 option. I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! Make more like this. I'll be expecting "Die in style 2" like everyone else.


Great job, they were all really cool and funny.
Keep up the good work!

this is GOOD!!! make more stick penalities.. i just love them!!

Great movie every should check it out :P

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was the greatest movie, just seeing all the ways you can die, the warbot was so badass, keep up the good work.

That was one of the best movies ever. Great job.

In My Opinion I think this is one of the best flash movie/game ever keep it up :)

i thought it was really funny and i pissed my pants

I loved it had me in tears from laughing so hard

its always nice to see movies with action and death in them

I really liked this. You should make more with Mike Holiday if you havent already. He seems pretty content while facing adversity. Kind of reminds me of Postal Dude from postal 2 lol!.
Anyways keep up the good work

The best!! MAKE MORE!!!!

I thoght it was awesome. It's cool that you got the Bio thing for the characters. All in all I liked it.

i hope you have more ways cuz that was kool

This was really bitchin'! Looking forward to a sequel. All that violence is so beatuiful. HEHEHE!

Excellent Job my friend. I cant wait for the Sequel too come out...


but not as good, sorry! keep workin at it tho. i especially liked the outtakes.

I loved it! it's awsome!! I saw the beta version and I can't wait for the full version of the sequel. Anyways good luck on the next one!!!

my favorite part is with the semi-automatic riffle o and the funniest part was with the bow!
i hope you'll make more weapon tests!!

nice work man.. good job on the 3d stuff

Very good and clean job!
very nice wotk on the 3D!
Cool movie!

my family enjoyed this one as much as i did, and theyre all biblethumpers!! make another one and keep up the kick ass work.

Stick violence will NEVER EVER get old. Good job, Sten. Keep em comin', this one rocked.

i have to say, that was the smoothest, bestest, coolest, movie ever-FUCK!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!! JUST MAKE ANOTHER ONE QUICK, ALRIGHT??!?FUCK!!!!!!!!!

An absolutly amazing game, not only do you have multiple options, but various attemps for each one on that badass black stick. Loved it, great work.

good job on the life-like movements
Keep up the good work

Good stuff, great animation, and thats about it. keep the good work up!

that was some awesome animation and also very entertaining. so much fun dude, great fuckin job! :D

It's funny though stick figure movies aren't impressive unless they have a certain type of movement and you and Xiao Xiao are the only ones that have found it congrats!

that was a very good job keep up the good work

what a damn good movie

if thats not how u spell it o well ne way very very awsome movie!!!

this was cool. loved the outakes!

This is great work. The animation is great, and it was very entertaining. I hope you go on to make more movies like this. I can do nothing but marvel at the genius that it took to create this, and personally thank you for making my ten minutes worthwhile.

This was a very good movie it was done well and I like how it was designed. I can see you put in a lot of effort and I noticed you used the bullet time type scenes from the matrix and they were put in the perfect places. I like the variaty of weapons and the semi-automatic rifle part was very nicely done. I can't think of any better stick anitmation I've ever seen and if you made this into 3-D you could sell it to fox or something as a short series if you have some more people helping you, you could possibly even get it into something like the simpsons which started as a 30 second short. I also liked the way in the first attempt the test subject was shoved in, it made it so much more realistic. well in short great movie I don't know if it was your intention to make it funny but it wasn't as funny as interesting

The animation rocks and I love the blood. The semi-automatic rifle episode was excellent. You can tell this flash took a lot of time to make. You got a lot of talent!!!

This flash was magnificent. Preferably too bold to put into words. The animation was supreme, though it was a person who is merely nothing but straight lines. The voices, I think were one of the many things that made this flash a kick ass one. =D

I actually enjoyed watching and interacting with this movie and I usually don't like stick movies.
You put a lot of time and effort into this and it shows. Good job.

really enjoyable

i must see more like this


I liked that very good the best in fact

The best stick person movie I've seen.

This was awesome, there were also outtakes and shit like that. Keep up the awesome work dude!!!

dude! that was soooo cool. i loved that

Finally, a stick animation that's worth the time! Well-animated, great sound fx, plenty of differnet choices to view, violent as all get out, and funny as hell! I especially loved the outtakes. Great job! Five all the way.

it was a pretty funny movie. my favorite was the bow and arrow one. oh and his voice was hilarious.

Haha it was some nice graphics and it was also funny.....great job.

this animations rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is the best movie i have ever seen. I was LMHO at the knives, but there should have been more outtakes!!!

oh the death of stick figures, how this mkaes me laugh...

So it wasint that funny but i say was still one bad ass motha fuckin movie

This is a must see. This is one of the best movies i have seen this year.

HeHe kidding about the title.., this movie was perfect..Yes..Yes..blood..violence..gore..pure evil..nutty scientists..insane guards..mindless droning warbots..dangerous criminal test subjects..need we say more..? this has everything you could possibly want in a violent movie, and the out-takes was cool, they made me laugh as well as the whole movie, and the warbot died too easily..it should have lasted longer..such as being more difficult to destroy..more like a chase through the lab..and the escaped criminal thought of some intelligent way to destroy it..anyways overall this was a great movie, and it deserves the best scores, GOODLUCK WITH THE SEQUEL AND I HOPE IT DOES AS WELL AS THIS FIRST ATTEMPT OF THE SERIES!, bye

The Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta

Ive always liked stick movies. Iv was planning to make stick movies but i got in to video game parodies instead! Keep up the good work!

nice flick. the dagger scene was funny and so were the rest.

I have to say, that was a damn good bit of animation, and I can't wait for your next project. Keep up the good work...

I reckon you should kill him with like an electric chair or gas or sumink!! That was well funny!!

Best stickmovie ever?
Hell Yeah!!

I like this movie!

u know

with flash

sum ppl just....

have it

a gift

HAHAHA realy cool I loooooov stick movies
I like this one nice work!
I didn't expect that the guy would escape hahaha
nice one.

that was a great movie you made. its very funny to see that bastard escape from the building with the assault rifle. ist also nice you can click his head. and its great to see how he is killed or attempted to kill.

It had huor and, most importantly, it had a lot of nonstop ass kicking. Excellent job. Keep it up!

The knifes and sword are the best, oh my god. I was crying from laughing so hard. Good job dude.

Not bad at all, the characteres voices were pretty good, although the story feels a bit weak, there was no introduction to the Scientist Guy.
Good stuff, polish it up a bit more.

that is the sh*t.....good shit with everything ...
and keep doin your thing with flash !! gj!

i fucken love this toon!!!

Hah, what a great movie. I liked knives the best. Great sound, graphics, all around awesome. The outakes were pretty funny too. More, make more I plead!

This is a great movie, the sound was great. i like the Katana!! that was awesome!! anywayz, keep it up!!

Gold Herring <(-_-)>


This rocked,nice work,overall 10 =)

It was pretty good, but the sounds were all ripped from games, and that made it seem really cheesey. The voice acting on te main character guy was bloody awful, trying to be serious and just sounding like some really awful attempts at one-liners from generic action movies...

Overall I give it a 5.5. Would have been worth watching if the sounds were a wee bit better. Especially the footstep sounds on the grassy area. Sounds like you were using knife sounds from Countar-Strike or something...

One word: WOW! This is a high-quality stick movie. Keep making more and appease the masses!

hmm the main character sounded like picolo from dragonball z ,i loved the tests they had the outakes were good lol ,the bios of the people were good and the the animation was very good well

wow thats One of the best 'stick'men movies iv ever seen...howd you get the animation so smooth?

This was great! It had different outcomes and everything! Nice Job! It was funny and it had violence! The only thing that bugged me was the Gay Sayings the main character had... But other than that, it owned!

lmao wow this was great. I've seen tons of stickdeath and this ones way up on the list. the outtakes were a nice touch. I hope theres more to come.

Nicely done stick deaths! I loved the MP WAR-BOT....semi-autoed. Mwahahahahaha! Seriously, it makes stick look a lot better.

The whole Stick Death theme is tired and worn out. It screems "I'm too lazy to make real art so I use sticks", and this has amazingly become something of a genre in itself. Given this obvious point among the semi-stupid stick genre this set of movies does pretty damn good. I'm impressed with the capability of the author. It's pretty good when you're bored, and it has its creativity also. The ad-ing is annoying as usual but not as much as some.

good friggin stuff...nuff said.

very nice... can't say much more than that

really great man, really original. i love it. make more!!!

Great work!

~ Strawberry Clock is the King of the Portal ~

so fucking good

A hilarious view on the variety of death.

dude this was pretty good and i liked it but u need to make it where we can kill tht little dude ...tight movie tho

This is very cool! Animation is very very fluid. INCREDABLE WORK! This is all 10's!

i like the way in the begining how you can click the head of him and he says a variety of things hahahaha the graphics are very good and i hope you at least give it a 4 and if you dont i will do nothing about it lol ps:plzzzzz give it a good rating plzzzz!!!!

ok i realy realy like this if u dont then FUCK YOU!!!!! ok ok im sorry its just i of the best sfds translation(stick figure deaths) i have ever seen the graphics wher awsome and the robot was a nice feture so please give this a goooood rating at least a 4 ok ps:i llllloooooovvvvveeee this sft omg!!!!

VEry kool i wish dey add more weapons lol

Theres actually no flaw to found within this game/movie. I love stick shit so i agree, make a sequel..we're all waiting..

make a second version! where you can controll the thing u choosed in that case il take the warbot all the time please make it a game or a more interactive movie that would own.

First off a lot of people will hate me just because I'm not breaindead and because I say what I think and doesn't get blinded of this things high score.

Stick deaths have been done to DEATH. And this contained nothing but a monsterous size and some I must say pretty well animated and violent deaths. But It just aint... Oringal. The faact that It contained almost the exact layout as Stick Figure Petalty just didn't make It better.

But It's really well animated and I see you must have worked extremely hard with this. The Lifelike movements of the charaters lifts this thing up.

You know, i think i had a dream like that once. That was very realistic, the blood, the bios, the sound. I know this is pretty demanding, but...MAKE A SEQUEL!!

its wuz wicked but make a sequal wit more weaps maybe even....a game? lol u can dodge it and shit i dunno its good ok see ya -Aidyn


Kind of original, but still good.

Really Funny


Very Very Good. This is the stuff that makes people envious. Good choices and characters make this movie great.

This wasnt that bad.but the whole murderous stick figure things is getting kinda cleche.but still not bad.its alot funnier thought when you listen to cheery music(with no words)on the last weapon(semi auto. rifle.

Awsome,just awsome
You never know whats gonna happen lool
You choose any weapon in flash you want(Sword,M4A1 Assault Rifle,etc.) and you kill a stick,but you dont kill the stick,another stick will come to kill him.

I loved it, i couldn't stop laughing, but i guess i just love violence and death but hey who doesn't...

this is alright but after stickdeath.com what the fuck is with people always making stick flashes? boring... #2 of all time what is it a bunch of monkeys working down there?

Ignore the other guy he is most likely a Bush voter. Anyway I thought it was pretty damn good but then I love random needless violence

I have never laffed so hard in my life funny very funny

this was the best stick pentaly spin off ever now fights back. one of my favorites one is the kife, the semi auto machine gun is the best. i peice of advice make the outakes a lot longer peace 1.

This is probably one of the best flash animations I've seen! You need to do a gaem with Mike! Heh.

Nice one cant wait for the next one woohoo nice robot lol

Kik ass



Haha fuckin hilarious

Hey this is a really good animation i like it, i started making stick animations a while ago but they're not that good, im gonna try send some in one day

I'm a big fan on stickfigure stuff (u can do so much with so little!) so I guess im a little bias! Great variety of weapons and stuff - and good fight back by the black stickfigure in most of them...And I loved the Robot, but the blackstick figure KICK ARSE! Great Stuff!

`This one was real cool. The variety of weapons and shit was awesome. I'm a big fan of stick shit so it was easy giving all 10's. This is some real good stick animation.

You put a lot of effort into this, and it's awesome! You got to make a stick fighting game, it'd kick ass!

Fantastic, DVD-like features were very funny too.

awsome movie and great script

Cool Movie, Good Graphics for Stick. Keep up the Good work.

I dont see why this kinda thing gets such high ratings that it ends up on the top 50, guess kids these days just like cheap thrills. Oh well. I got bored of this after watching the knife throwing sequence. I figured I'd have much more fun writing a review. Since this kinda crap is usually associated with killing, I thought.. "Gee, a stick movie where you watch sticks getting killed, can this be in any way more exciting than that Idiot ninjas crap? No.

Congratulations friend, on your craptacular stick killing movie. I'll put you down under the same category I put illwillpress. "Lack of effort"

Very good...good graphics and all keep up the good work.

That kicked ass! That is my new favorite movie on newgrounds :D
Shadows were done very well, blood was very well detailed, movement is amazing, DUDE YOU ARE GOD!

That was just kickass and hilarious... Your stick animation is great, but I only gave you an 8 because sticks are over-used. Certain attempts are just plain hilarious, Attempt #3 in the first one, for example, and the outtakes... didn't expect any of them at all, nearly had me in tears. Keep working on this!

This is one of the best flash movies i've ever seen. The layering is incredible and how smooth you made it. A plus my friend, by the way I loved the semi auto the best because of all the action. Good stuff.

This was really sweet.I like the main character you should make some more stuff with him in it. It could be a popular series.but thats just my opinion

That was a high quality flash. This is the kind of flash that makes Newgrounds great and is now one of my favorites. Your painstaking work was facinating, the only thing was the graphics. Even though they were improved over the basic stick, still stick flash will never get you a perfect score, in my opinion, in graphics. But still the quality is up there. Violence wasn't over the top and appropriate for what was going on. A little humorous with some scenes, but this wasn't intended to be a comedy. Not too interactive but it was a movie so I'll give it a break. Original and clear sound. Great job, keep it up. Don't be shy to vote a 5 on this one.

This movie was one of the funniest I've ever seen on NG. Good stick graphics with nice fluent motion. Funny as hell too with som nice sounds. My fav is the knives!

you would think that theses stick death things would get old...BUT THEY DONT!

hail foamy.

this is the best front page flash I saw scence retarded abnimal babies!!! kikc ass job!! keep up the good work!!


however, you should mention on how many unreal tournament 2003 sounds you used, HAHAHA

coolest stick death movie i've seen in months.
especially liked the many details, the specials and the well chosen sound fx.

This is the best violent flash I have seen...ever! It made me laugh out loud I loved it. Great animation too.


top three in newgrounds along with XX and 8-bit theater.
Nice CS guns.

That was awesome! Nice deaths on with some nice weapons. This was great to watch but i give it a nine. The reason was because I thought that the victim would give MORE resistance. I thought you could try having him kill the robot once and with the sniper thing, make him kill at least one of the scientists behind the glass. But anyway that was some hardcore shit! Hope to see more.

You have to make more like this. This was great!!!! :)

This is fucking hilarious! I beg of you, make another!!! PLEASE!!!

I realy like the robot!

excelent! gore all the way through too! and the good thing is you don't just have to watch it, you can decide how to blow the sod to hell too!

well im a black aura with 83 blam points and only 24 saves and i gave this a perfect score good job!

Its been a while since I've given perfect tens out. I think you diserve them.

You know, listening to Mike Holiday speak and reading his bio made me think of how great a Mike Holiday movie would be from you. With your skills, I'm sure it could easily become greater then Joe Zombie. It could be called... the "150 Murders of Mike Holiday" Or simply for dramatic effect, "150" or "150 Murders" or "Mike" or "Mike Holiday" Jeez! Just the sound of those titles that aren't flash movies send a tingel of joy up and down my spine!

Once more, you should use this kickass character, Mike Holiday more. He is just so cool... the perfect murderer. Sweet. If done proporly, Joe Zombie and Xiao Xiao will bow down to your greatness! Mark my words!!

Great job. Your Flash is superior to most!

that was one of the best flash movies i've ever seen! nice work

Feel happy..I have given you a good review..o.o

2 words fuckin awsome

I'm not a huge fan of violent movies, but this one was interactive and more fun! Great job!

where did you get the voice for the stick figure guy... his voice sounds like the postal dude (the guy in postal) lol... that voice was sooo cool... and i liked the killing and some of the ways the guy died was just sooo cool... great job and i cant wait till this thing is finished :P

This was fackin awsome!!... the best stick death animation i've seen man!... so much... everything!..

God this was great. but i wish he would have defended himself more.

This was awesome!Keep up the good work

Good game... with nice humor and graphics!

great movie, with a long wait time... took me 10 minutes to load it :(

One of the best stick deaths that I have ever seen. Liked the options of death.

... I've seen.

That rocked like hell and it was well put together and hope to see more of your flashwork

One of the funniest movies ive seen on here yet...KEEP IT!

Only 2 words can sum this up and spell it out...FUCKING BRILLIANT!

Damn was it me or did the guy who reviewed before me sound more like Roger Ebert? Impecible? Who uses that word anymore? Artistic Auro is ematic? How about just saying this so that non-hooked on phonecs users can understand. THAT FUCKING ROCKED DUDE! KEEP IT UP MAN

.. the scene where he escapes, mann would of been mad if he killed all the guys of authority at the testing facility one by one, until like he reached the boss who was.. not an ordinary stick.. he could be like a "BRANCH."

Back to the point, your graphics and artistic auro is ematic and impecable. Well done, congrats; you should be proud. Hope to see more work from ya.

u jus gotta love stick figure animations

mm nothing new about this piece of animation, kind of boring than xiaoxiao's, but this is the only person I've seen so far that can make stick figures similar to xiaoxiao's gj!

cool -

That rocked dude. The best Stick Death animation I have ever seen. Awesome job.

this was great! cant wait for beta! this is one of those quality flashes that u can tell took lossa time and hot pockets. i cant get enough of this "choose how the stick dies" stuff. its on par w/ xiao xiao if ya ask me. my fave sceen was the robot. the corny scifi quotes alone would have been enough to kill me. i got some death suggestions for ya:
1. angry mob
2. button w/ little sign above that says "push me"
3. gladiator style (make him fight a few animals)

in short it was awesome
wanna see more of it
nuff said

How many T's are in Holy Shit?

PS/ You forget the death involving a meatloaf,Rubix Cube,and that robot guy from Power Rangers

the greatest movie ive seen on this site ever i love it the outakes r hilarious and the movie is awesome great job, hope u come out with more stuff like it

This has beed done before, but it was still good. Try and do somthing new and fresh. Try not to do stuff that has been done. Other than that very good movie/game.

adn the animation is perfect!

that was pretty excellent the best movie on New grounds

Bests part had to be when the dude threw the knife and cut one of the ropes. The deaths were sweet. Not very much u can animate 4 stick games but the guns, sword, characters, and shit that i cant think of were done the best ive ever seen.(although i think the xiao xiao series is infront of ya). Keep makin the good shit and i'll be sure to watch.

Not perfect but cool enough for me!

best stick death i've seen, keep up the great work!

Fuckign awesome man, unbeleivable. Only one word can truely describe this, Sweer

I remember seeing the BETA version of this movie awhile back, & I was hoping for this to come out. Very impressive & possibly one of the best stick animations currentally out. Do everyone a favour & come up with more interactive death flashes.

i think he should have won on the sniper one though

This was frickin awesome! The blood effects, the sound, the style, it goes on forever! Man, Xiao Xiao's got nuttin on u!

That guy has a lot of crime counts

That was great! I loved it! Only one thing, you should have made it a little more surprising!

Beautiful. Must see...

wow just wow way to good for words!

yup, nothing better than watching a little stick dude die a heap of times *sigh* those were the days

This was cool, Keep it up man:)

dont get me wrong.. this is really amazing..

but 1st place? like everywhere..

its only been here 6 days and already weekley users choice, daily featuer and more than 260,000 views!! thats just over 48,000 per day!! one every two seconds!! maddness!!

i would rank it about 5th of all time.. not first.. but no more ranting!

my comments: FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! need i say more?

stick death animations have been done 1,000 times... maybe more. You're obviously skilled with flash, and to be honest it's kind of a downer that you're wasting your time doing this crap. it IS one of the better stick animations I've seen, but still, it's a stick death animation... how much praise can it get? they're just sticks. consider making a game / movie without crappy no talent sticks as characters, and I see you goin far. but stick animations aren't my idea of great animation. try uping your standards.

this was really cool. i cant wait for more. the extras were cool too. :)

I loved the violence and the extra things..

and that was kinda everythin' this flash had to give.. so thas a 9


that flash was great but isnt it a litlebit anoying that that son of a bitch is escaped?

this inter active movie is awsome. i love it. plz make more. maybe next time you could have more options like where to shot him and who to use to kill him not just what to use.

That was the best stick movie i've ever seen

wow! this was good, i only wish it was longer!
if ur reading this "stop" and go watch the movie it rocks! any easter eggs in this one?

That was the best stick death movie ever!!!!

dude....you are the master of stick death...*bows in homage* All Hail the King

make more with more guns and shit

that was just awsome.

i'm outta words

not too bad dude that was pretty good for stick figs.

Animation was smooth like a baby's butt. But stick figures are easy to animate so I knock off some points.

The style was very LOL. I don't know why you're gearing the main character to be a badass but he sure seems like a dumbass. "I LAFF IN THE FACE OF DEATH AHHAHAHA" You steal from Lion King.

The lip synching was off as well. Weak sound effects (the gunshots) and no music. The violence was kinda pointless but the blood was nicely done.

Interactivity... sorta.

It's very humorous, but not in the way you intended.

This was a great stick figure death flash flic, but 1 problem:

1. Your original "knife" was one of the best, there should of been more prolonged attempts. You could of replaced the time needed to make bios, outtakes, and/or speaking criminal at the main menu


It may have been a stick movie, but it was a damn good stick movie.

nothing beats interactive violence.its just that great

Apparently Newgrounds is just infested with n00bs who have never seen a Xiao Xiao.

What makes this movie so appealing beyond me. Tested stick deaths have certainly been done before in prettier and greater quantity. The problem with this movie is that the movie isn't even fast paced enough to be interesting. It's good that you're trying to add a story to senseless stick killing, but it's not needed, and it's been done better before without a story. I'm very surprised with the high score, but I'm not saying the movie is terrible, because it's not. The animation is clean, the sound is cool, etc. It's just not the greatest, and not worthy of the top 50.

This is seriously the best stick movie ever, maybe even one of the best flashes(duh in the top 50) I watched you credits, and 2000 layers. holy fuck. and I have the same question as Dymatrex, Where Did you get that voice, It sounds familier to me but maybe i'm just thinking that. overall it RULES!

omg! that's BEAUTIFUL!! it ownz!!!

These were great! Somewhat better than the stick suicide's! But where did you get the voices for the subject character? They ruled!!!

I just love the way this was done. Extremely funny, uses UT2003 sounds and excerpts. It even winks to Matrix moves and Xena (the sword move). Very bloody but i just love. Normally i'm not into flash but this rox.

Great Job man! ;-) I remember when you released the beta, Couldn't wait for the final one :-D Now here it is, And its great! Sound is a little harsh sounding here and there, but hey, Great job ;-)

damn that was too cool you should make a new one with more weapons and mishaps

Very interesting and original. More of these would sure be worth the trouble, seeing as how half the people who reviewed this gave it a 10!

what can i say it was a movie where nothing was missing, it was all there...

the only reason why i gave it 7 and not 9/10 was that it was just not my kinda humor...

but a "7" from somebody who can't see the funny part is very good.....

i admit i loved the OutBreaks that was kinda funny... KEEP IT UP !

that was great... im new to flash and need help learning how to use my flash program if u could help that would be great my sn is Frozenoceanmx112 via AIM

Crazy good movie one of the best.. hands down

All i have to say is that kicked ass. Giving this all 10s was easy it was good keep up the good work.

I didn't even have to hesitate to assign this tens across the board. Excellent job.

alot better than betta version like ending very much you should make another.

Good graphics, great voice acting, but there's not much to go back to once you've seen it the first time.. It's still great though

This is the best stick figure animation I've seen for awhile. Good job, very good job.

This movie is great.. especially the amount of death and blood in it. Some of the unexpected deaths were quite funny, as were the extras.

O that was great.
especially like the extras

That is one damn good animation! Like what you did with the 3D animation, and that stick guy is badass. Hurry up with dat stuff!

Oh yaa Reapers voice and, hahahaha Biff's voice

mann make alot more of stuff and hurry up with ur immortal comics... but the thing u made here was great pure great i liked the part where the kinfes hit the guard XD

that wow cool i liked it a lot

I thought that was great [about 100,000,000 better than that drug beaver shit].Man, your up there with the great Newgrounds animators "A very prestigious award"...try selling it to sites to make a little cash...Anyways, nice interactive movie man, I hope all goes well for the sequel

This was a great video. really worth your time.

that rocked. theres nothing like plain old violence to get you pumped up.. or something. it just wouldnt be american, i think. what? what the hell am i saying?? oh yeah, that movie kicked ass and i wanna see more

That was awesome.. XD the robot I gotta get me one of those muhahahaha

Hey Yo!
Very nice.
But why would they just take a serial killer and test weapons on him?
That's just weird.
Cool animation nonetheless.

I loved the outtakes! I want to see more! Good work!

Haha, the best peice of Flash I've seen since Sonic vs. Mario. And who cares about living in a dangerous country? For your own protection, do something else about it, besides stopping the promotion of voilence. It won't stop junior.

I liked this one a lot. I liked the character bios. The only thing I wasn't in love with was the walking sounds in the testing area. Not that I could've done better, it just seemed not quite right.
BTW, violent entertainment does NOT promote a violent society.

your animation was cool . but the more people encourage violence the more dangerous this country is going to be ! other than that good job on your cartoon.

this is just as good as madness redeemer. Only drawback is that i think the voices sounded sort of odd.

dude, this is like the best stick animation iv ever seen. u should make like a actual movie out of it. and that guys eyes look freakin sweet!!

Nice art, gore and all. Very stylish killings and the escape was just cool.

Nice art, gore and all. Very stylish killings and the escape was just cool.

LMAO @ the Outtakes. Super funny. The semi-wuto rifle scene was the best.

I loved the whole semi-automatic rifle scene. I especially love the outtakes 'cause I laughed my ass off the first time I saw the guards head get chopped in the door. Awesome! Lets see what else you can come up with.

if you had more attempts at the gun ones.. or had more people killed, my favorite is the sniper! great movie dude love seeing sticks get slaughtered. don't know why...

Don't these ever get tiresome? *yawn* Whatever. Why even make character bios? They're sticks. The outtakes were pretty funny tho. The only good part about this movie was the sound, but other than that... it's sticks getting slaughtered. Well if that's YOUR thing I guess. A 4.30 score for this is ridiculous.

Why is this behind The Return Of Ganondorf? This is WAY better! This was one of the best videos i've ever seen if you haven't already noticed from the category ratings. Humor comes from the outtakes and most of the scientests early attempts. The Assult Rifle section is the best one. Hope you are able to finish the sequel soon!

amazing, graphics, sound, style everything! never thought id see this in a stick flash, amazing and make more stick flashes, id like to see stick killer take him on!

i can't stop watching this movie its so cool email me how u made it my email is samurai293@yaho.com

Cant say anything more. Simply perfect.
Want more!

that was really great i must say um also the assualt rifle to me was the best

7 different ways to kill this guy but i like the MP-WAR-BOT
"Die human!"
"Faster, stronger, better!"
"Your programing is inferior!"
"Flesh is a design fault!"
"Fear me!"

cant wait for the sequal

This is almost a perfect stick-figure thing. I putone interactive point forvr button I got to click, LoL.

Just try to get file less big cuz it took me lot of time to load and when it do i dont love the show as much. Anyway good job

nice one but it was boring with some weapons...

...ScumBag X...

All i have to add is that test facility is the kind of thing that Hitler would have developed if he were a stickman and had access to robots..

Sticks are Amazingly popular. Stickdeath started the Stick Trend if I am correct. These new upcoming animations are great, way better then Rob Lewis' Animations. The meaning of this movie is really quite simple. They transport a Criminal with an outstanding Kill Count, and the quirky resembalence to Solid Snake to a Weapons Development Facility (Just sounds like Metal Gear Solid doesn't it?).
Since he's setenced to Death. Instead of killing him, they will test weapons with him. There is a Variety of Weapons, such as: Dual Knives, Katana, Bow and Arrow, Shotgun, A Bi-Pedel Robot (The Resembalence gets better and better), and much more. There is even a Biography, Short but Clever Outtakes, and The Credits is worth the look for seeing some Fun Facts.
Graphics: Amazing, Deserves a 10.
Sound: Great Sounds, Gun Shots Vary and the Voices are Excellent.
Interactivity: You decide what weapon, but it's just a Movie.
Style: It's part of the Title, and it deserves a 10.
Violence: Many ways to die and quite the Kill Count in this Film. Most Deserving of a 10.
Humor: The Outtakes, take the cake here, although some scenes are also Humorous.
Overall: An Excellent Flash, almost perfect. 10.
Loading Times: For it's File Size it doesn't take too long for people with modems. It's definetly worth the wait.
Short Synopsis for the people who don't like Long Reviews: A Bunch of Sticks kill each other in a flurry of Violence and good Graphics, See it now.
Rating from me: 5

keep making these stick suicides the best part was the semi-auto rifle fuck yah!!!!!!!!!

This movie kicks ass, dude. Keep on bringing your movies.
StickSuicide rules!

Has to be top,of the portal cause that kiked donkey balls WELL DONE and the best bit is when all the guys in the room he shotts them ha ha kik ass
Each nigga will perish -

That was great, i loved the robot and that guys voice. What a bad ass he reminds me of like Solid Snake! yeah! kick ass!

Must Have taken you forever to do it. Hard work really shows in this one. I am really looking foward to seeing more from StenFlash!

This game is great man!! good job!!! love the way that if u dont get killed the cops or who-ever come out and beat u then they try again!!
is is 1 of the best stick games on NG (1 of).

I thought it was very good flash animation and sound effects. And you cant go wrong with seeing stick people DIE!!!

It's great, smooth, cool and nicely done!
Overall is it great and has good shooting too.

It just owned...

But then again, this has been done before. Stick Death Penalty and Stick Suicide are just two of the others. But very good graphs, great music too. Good!

very nice, very nice. It coulda had more interaction and attempts at the later ones. But overall nice job mr. larycin

....and the crowd goes wild. If I'm not very much mistaken, mr. Holiday is without a doubt, the coolest character ever. Maybe not suppish' like Johnny Rocketfingers, but Holiday is in a completely different league, right up there with Hannibal Lector.

Who the hell did his voice? Ahh it doesn't matter, just tell them they have the coolest sounding voice since Clint Eastwood uttered those famous words as Dirty Harry.

You should definatly do a sequel, something along the lines of them simulating capture techniques was my idea, then there choosen one (which fails and Holiday kills everyone with the grace of a dancer on steroids armed only with a plastic desert spoon, it would keep with the "choosing death" theme without actually killing holiday.
Whadya think?

wow.... and double wow... I (honestly) Haven't seen anything as cool as this... And the bloober things are great fun (hehehe)... yeah you got 5 and 10 from me... great... yay.. yahoo... ect.

hey this was great simon!, the sticks moved great and it was funny how you thought up the concept of them chucking them into that room every single time hehehehe keep up the good work man cya

I loved the robot! make a sequel!

Yeah, heres a animation for me. Blood, Death and well.. Carnage. Awesome job.

that robot rocks.
if you make a sequel, be sure to include it

This was FANTASTIC it so ***** funny man you should make many more onley then maybe with a storie like "VLA" said!!

Very good job man ! I really like the animations and ur style. U should really make a movie(with story) with these kinds of animations. Great work.

I like the XiaXiaMovies, but this is perfect!!!
The style is perfect, the sound [from UT2k3 :)] is perfect - anything in this flashgame is perfect!
I love it!

man this flash is sooo cool,it's got super graphics and and it's totally coool!!!

i always had a thing for stick fighter and this is why.(great job and make move movies cause i wanna see em)

Very well done job with this animation! I am not the much of a stick figure fan but this might be the best stick figure animation on this site period.

This is the best stick video ever made. Hope you make more like this in the future.

I've done that poor little stick in so many times I feel like I should be in mourning...

Let's have something new and original come into newgrounds.com. Take note on Felix Massie's Flash work, innovative as hell. Everyone makes these damn stickfigure things, it's getting old...

all i can say is great movie! great

great movie it is one of the best greatest movies in flash i loved it and i no flash.A spectacular
flash movie.---

in short very very very good

that was the best game/movie i have ever seen on newgrounds!

LOved it lots violence me like.

Very well done

omfg, the outakes were HILARIOUS. a must see!

that was flippin' great dude keep on makin flash you're good

that was freaking awesome.

this was perfectin every way

The ability to kill things without going to prison is fun in a barrel.

This was very cool... still doesnt beat Xiao Xiao tho....

Great movie, file size not to bad either. I'd hafta stay this is the best stick movie I've seen yet!

This Movie Was hilarious beyond belief. I sat in my chair laughing, by the end of the movie, I was laughing so hard I thought I was gonna Chunk.

I have seen many stick death movies and this is just perfect. It was the right length had great animation and plenty of violence. I cant wait for a sequel. You did a great job.

fucknig awesome man...keep this shit up and you may be #1 for score...

i liked the smooth animation and the length, good job. this is one of the better i've seen.

u have added more weapons but i liked it

hey like the movie and the sword is a nice touch in the arsenal. good job

The best was the robot with the unreal tournament voice. You gotta keep making more of these :P

I love this lots of killin and stuff its truely great but i would have liked for him to win more then once but overall great work

ive been waiting on this since the beta version was put up on SS and a brilliant job it turned out to be

Masterpeice. So much death yet so much humour. The outtakes were some of the funniest scenes from the whole movie. Espically the first one.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The age of stick figures is opon us. And its Kick ass. Fo shizzle ma bizzle Im just keppin it Fo rizzle and off the hizzle. sorry got carried away

nice as hell...funny too...i hope to see more of this work
good job and i hope u do good on the sequel

Good stuff, I'm not really a big fan of stick animations, but this isn't just the average everyday piece of crap. Lots of stuff to look at, so it makes it an enjoyable movie.

My first encounter with sick man was stick suicide which I found extremely funny. This was no different, it offerd some laughs but I think the test of time will kill it in the end.

i like it a lot you don't see something this good on ng every day

this is possibly the coolest flash i have ever seen! i cant even imagine how anyone could possibly give this less than a 10! i wish i could give it an 11!! anyone who gave this video less than the perfect 10 it deserves is a FUCKING LOSER!!

This movie deserves to be #2 and possibly #1. I don't care if you ripped the voices off Unreal or not, you made it look great and the choices were also wonderful. It had humor, blood and guns. All it needs is naked chicks and it would be perfect! I highly suggest you reveiw readers out there to watch this fine piece of art. (Yes I said "art.")

That was just awesome keep it up.

One of the best stick movies out there. Right up there with Xiao Xiao. *clap clap*

This is one of the best stick movies I've seen in a long time. The first time I saw it I was blown away. Keep up the incredible work.

just the best thing i have seen

that was funny as hell....good work man...keep it up

hmm i wonder why this isn't #1 nemore, humorous, and nice sound effects

That flash was so sweet. Keep it up man and pump # two out.

This was an extremely good flash, man! As soon as it finished loading and I saw the main menu i expected great things, and I got them! This flash worth every minute u spent on it, and more. I loved everything about it. The profiles to the main characters were absulutely exellent! They were so well done, really thought out!
As soon as I finished watching it, I emmedialety put it into my favourite flashes.
You are one talented guy, keep up the amazing work, and I hope if you do make other flashes they're just as good!


Loved it sweet make more man.

ONe of the BEST!!! i love the robot scenes ;D

My fav iz the sword....funny outakes to..HEY READ THIS BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY FIRST FLASH SERIES..it is called advise...you get advise and Some guy dies almost every time..whooooo hoooooo cool huh..well check it out...gonna have cool music too

I'll have to agree with COnker on this one its not like xio xio. Those models are more bold and their movements are almost life like.Anyway nice work man keep it up.

this movie is so cool man! keep doing stuff like that!

One of the better stick themed entries on Newgrounds, without a doubt.

It must have took so much of your time! Thanks ... smashing fighting scenes ... a movie with some freedom too. Good stuff !

I've seen so many stick death and stick suicide kind of movies, but this one was by far the best! IT ROCKED!

ive watched it about ten times love the ending (extra)

Ok i just watched return of gannondorf (which is no. 1 right now) and the graphics are nice but the plot sux. So now i'm left here wondering why this peice of flash genius isn't no. 1 anymore. it's funny, there are stick figures but he still drew them nice and he added a lot of cool 3D, the sound is perfect, you get buttons to push (gotta love buttons), and there is mad killing, the only thing that would make this movie not a 10 is if there was an 11.

Great movie . I'm not a big fan of stick movies / Games , but i really enjoyed this 1 . The style , the gore , the satisfaction of seein' him blow dat robot's head off ! Lol ! Kept me laughing for minutes on end and will probably keep me laughing for a long ass time. Doesn't have the makings of an epic , but it still rocks .

the fuck? almost matches xiao xiao? im fucking tired of hearing that, just because a stick death is good does NOT MEAN IT IS IN ANY WAY LIKE XIAO XIAO! what the hell! this is just a very greatly animated and shape tweened stick death, and it is something to envy...but it's NOT like xiao xiao, is something gonna dislodge at some point in your heads to realize this? jesus.. this is mostly pointed towards the reviewed behind me, dont worry author... you have done an amazing job..keep it up!...AND UT2k3 RULES! ><

very very very very very very very very very very GOOD MOVIE Stenflash i wont more off that stuff i liked it very very very very very much!! keep up the good work!!

That was just amazing. Almost matches xiao xiao

this was sweet, dude..
Make more plz! :D

u can really see the amount of time and effort you put into this one, the animation and the ideas were great, my favourites were the knives and the war bot

great !!!
the best things were semi-automatic rifle and the mp-war bot :)

it was the best of the best of the best .etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc,and it goes on....,but,why make the semi-rifle stand out, let them find out 4 them selves....although...the peein the underwear in the study was hilarious, i must admit to dat,good work, no,wicked work,carry on!

That was hilarious good job

Why you gotta kill the black sticks? ? NAZI!

This is the coolest movie ever, how did you make that guy sooooo cool? Its the best fucking thing ever!!!!!!

Damn thats all my fav things packed into one game. Guns, Knives, Blood, and even a robot! And i thought stick suicide was good... MAKE MUCH MORE PLZ!!!

That was a fuckin best movie. You have got to make more dude. "Flesh is a design flaw" that cyborg was cool.

this is the best fucken movie i have seen on newgrounds since i started here at the beginning of 2000. way bettr than all other stick killing flashes. sound is obviously taken frum a game or movie(coud ya tell me which?)but totaly suit it. sum pretty funny outtakes. and a great ending with the semi-auto rifle. i luv this and would luv to see more of ya stuff.


I thought it was funny & was very creative i loved 100% kick ass



This is the best game I've ever played! Everything is so friggin sweet! All the weaps rule! And the outtakes just make it so much cooler. I seriously hope to see a sequel! Good job, man.

This was, simply, great! There is many ways to say it, but in the end it comes down to one word, great. Fluid animation, really hilarious, and in and of it self just cool.

Very good job. Very kool idea. I like that you put character info. Outtakes were kool too. It was fun to watch. keep up the good work!

really good job, and funny ....should make another one

this movie kicked evey movie on main pages ass!

i've been waitign for something from you and this is INCREDIBLE!!!! The smoothness of it blew me away...

I have to say I would rather have not taken my time on my stupid 28.8k modem to download it. Nothing special my advise don't download if it takes more then 3 min. I can't belive this was #1 of all time today.

this was a great movie. the outtakes were as good as the movie itself. very nice

Hey man, that was totally bodacious. Make more, you rule man, love the style!

Oh Man!!! This was so fucking cool!!! Makje more! make More! You rock man! I LOVE the ending! You fucking rock!!!

Oh Man!!! This was so fucking cool!!! Makje more! make More! You rock man! I LOVE the ending! You fucking rock!!!

wow that was good i never seen anything lie it... ok i have but that still was good i especially like how he doesnt die in one of them i dont know how better u can make the next stick death cause this tops all

man that rocks

That is probrably the best movie ive seen all week. Maybe you should try other things like i dont know suicide in style or something i dont friggin know but that was awesome.

Haha...we have a new greatest stick movie on NG!

Dude.This was the shit.I love the ending one.But i think he should of beat the hell outa that robot.But besides that this movie was awsome.I watched the ending like 6 times.Keep it up man.

man that shit was off the hook. and that part when the black stick ecsaped was like a evil version of solid snake!

that was so kool. I liked how u used the Unreal Tournament 2003 voices and the outtakes were hallarious...

that was some brilliant flash work u done i'm a noob to all this flash buisnness but i made animation and i worked hard and it got blammed o well life sucks i would love to have skill like ur's a flash snimation to be proud of sten!

pretty good movie you obviously have made flash before nice character attitudes and backgrounds but one thing confuses me if that evil dude is so great why did he get caught???? Any way good movie looking foward to another

That was great. Good idea with the extras, especially the outtakes.

That flash was fucken' awesome!

really can't wait for the sequal, this was so smooth, try to make the sequal a game :D

that was pretty funny guy keep up the work do a bazzoka next time

Outtakes were funny. I love the way the main character died. Great flick.
Tmoore1001-a.k.a. Mr. Blonde The Stampede

LOL I ONLY CHOSE 2 WEAPONS AND I LOVE IT THIS IS GREAT my movies are crap :( well than again i just started :D:D:D:D if u wanna see my crappy movies THIS ISNT AN ADVERTISEMENT but if u do :S than look at em at http://www.angelfire.com/mac/wizard0 LOL I LOVE THIS MOVIE congrats to the creator

This is 2 months well spent.

This is great!Make even more!

You did an excellent job! I don't like stick figure movies but this was great! I read that you're going to make some more like this, Ihope you do, so I can watch them!


YEA I WANT MORE OF THOSE GREAT MOVIE AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

i usually don't like stick movies. they're usually made by people who can't draw people and fill up ng with crap nobody watches. but this was an exception. i thought it was very well done, very funny and NOT a cheap rip off of stick death/execution, which i thought it was going to be at first. nice job, make more.

The movie was great, and kicked ass. Though, I think the docter that did the phycological analysis was raving about Mike too much, more than examining him...

...anywho, it's a good movie. My favorite part was definatly the outtake with the MP-WAR-BOT. (plus, you made the robot sound the way kick-ass robot voices were meant to sound like)



Mike: *uppercuts the MP-WAR-BOT"




THAT KICKED ASS allthough the first outake was the funiest of the lot lol that really did make m laugh hahaha!

i liked it, good job on the sound... to bad its not yours basicly everything in this was ripped off from the game unreal tournament. witch is a great game. good job overall tho

I love outtakes in no matter what they are...movie, flash, or radio... but there always hilarious and I think that the outtakes, the knifes and the semi-automatic were the best ones! Congradulations on a great flash!

I cant do flash for shit compared to you

That was a pretty nice movie! MAybe you could teach me how to do that kind of shit. Mah e-mail is ultimaannihilation@yahoo.com go ahead. Teach meh! But pretty nice movie you got there...but it could have used more guns and weapons. But other than that, I thought it was great!

well, all of your hard work paid off. this is fuckin cool. i was kind of expecting more interactivity, like maybe if i got to play the guy killing him, or something, but as it was it was way funnier and more interesting. nice job.


this movie deserves to be associated with stick suicide. keep it up.

That was awesome and simply hilarious

Ohh i love blood-shed....

two words-FUCKEN HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! need I say more?

Make more outtakes they were funny as shit

this is a very good movie dude i liked the sniper that is some funny shit overall good movie

Thismovie is funny, interactive, and violent, what more could you ask for?

Most stunning visuals i've seen for a long long time. Although violence is not my style, i loved this movie. Try to make like a series.

your movie was the best stick gets killed alot with differnt stuff then has a cool end where he gets away and kills every one on this web site and the guys voice was cool to but keep up the good work and make more of them ok

man they should make more of these

You are thy master. You are the greatest of all stick flash makers. This is easily the greatest stick flash i have EVER seen. Jeez, it even has outakes and bio's!

dude, that is one of the best movies on ng!
it way surpassed xiao xiao, big time hope you make more of that shit laaaaaaay.

But stick killing is way overused. However, you do have talent.

Simon, I love all youre works, but this one takes the cake! Since this came out, I'm not sure who is a better animator at SS...Rob or you... :P

Any way, keep up the good work and please make a Die in Style 2!

actally I already hated stick penalty,but this was even worse.
I don't understand people voting 5 on this one.
and.WHAT?!? n°1 in the top 50?
this can't be hapening..

It was sweet lots of twists and death.

it had good sound,a wide variety of endings,easy navigation,and to top it off,stick-people....what's not to love?

Simply put: this is Stick Death done right. It covers all the bases: the weapon choices are many and diverse; the violence is graphic, creative, and well-animated; the outcomes are humorous; and the whole thing is wrapped in excellent sound, presentation, and ease of navigation. On top of that, the extras at the end are fantastic. While the outtakes were good, I personally loved the character bios. It's extra effort like that which really fleshes out a good movie.
Some humble suggestions for any possible sequel, should you have the time: first off, allow the protagonist to put up more a fight. Although he was horribly outmatched, some of the later weapons weren't quite as entertaining as knives because the main guy didn't put up much of a fight. Secondly, using different backgrounds or props for different choices could spice things up. And third, though it would take a LONG time, randomized outcomes for each weapon choice would be killer.
Thanks for reading, and congratulations on a superb piece of flash!

Hey, nice work! Definitely one of the best stick animations. The voices were really cool as were the sfx. The whole idea is very cool and executed with good humor too. The outtakes were absolutely hilarious!

Sweet animation, great sound taken from UT2003.. Lots of style. The violence was great, and it was funny at times... A bit of interactivity with the bonus scenes. I suppose.

All in all, this is NOW my favourite stick death flash.


The whole concept was far greater than what I expected and the use of hints of comedy and high levels of violece was very well put together. Some people criticise the use of stick animation, but from personal experience, it is very tedious to animate smoothy using sticks - hard as it may sound, and I felt that you achieved it exceedingly well. The sounds were well put together too, apart from the carpet one. Style, style - excellent - you really have a distinct charismatic approach to your work.

Well done!

A really good sequal to stick figure penalty and
stick figure suicide.

Awesome movie man, love the different options including the outakes etc. GO THE WAR BOT!!!

This was really fun, i liked how there were different out comes for each weapon. make more please

That man is by far the coolest person in the entire universe.
In fact, I have never felt attracted to another man until now.
Thank you for allowing me to experience that :)

If you made a game about this...

That wa one of the best movies ive ever seen on newgrounds yet. You even put bios on the characters that was cool. one suggestion though... make more Dying sounds, they all had almost te same tone of dying. but keep it up kant wait for the sequel?^*((%@##%^

Congrats, this is one of the best stick death flashes i have seen in months.. very smooth, I did find tho most of the faces are very rough.. but that is tiny, keep 'em coming..

You should make an extra where YOU shoot him, that would be funnier.

i thought this thing kicked some serious ass i even voted a five

An original modification on the basic 'kill the same person 10 times using different methods' theme. I liked knives attempt 3, mp-war-bot, semi-automatic rifle (you could've submitted that on it's own!) and all the out takes best. Make some more dude.

Nice.... cant wait 2 sequel if it is even slightly better then this it will blow this away just like this has other movies!!!

GREAT WORK! i love the whole u can pick what he dies by, its kinda cool how the 1st 2, he doesnt die the first few atempts, i really love the outtakes the one where the gun hits the floor, and hits his head, ahhahaa great job!

p.s. cant wait till your nxt one comes out


SLASH SLASH August 6, 2003
Reviewed by: HardJudge Overall rating: 0
Sticks are silly overall 0 because of sticks/.
Graphics: 0 Sound: 0 Interactivity: 0 Style: 0 Violence: 0 Humor: 0

i doubt it really deserves a 0, if if u dont like sticks.

this was amazing, keep it up, if we r gonna b waiting 2-3 months, then as long as they r this standard, its worth the wait!

Make more. The outtakes made me laugh the most

I loved it... that was amazing...please keep up the good work

The knives were genuinely funny, as was the slo-mo sniper death. The rest was kind of cliched.

P.S. Outwar sux!

yeah it was alright for a stick figure movie. Why would you measure their weight in kilos but their height in inches?

This is possibly one of the most excellent stick movies iove ever seen aside from xiao xioa of couse but still this looks like it took alot of time and effort.

This has to be the coolest of all things cool on the entire internet. I love this animation. I'd give it a 10,000 if i could!


that was some really smooth animation F**k man ur the best keep it up (gosh it wasnt made by those clock dudes and its awesome)

This was just beyond good, and the smooth animation was a such nice touch, along w/ the extras.

This was pretty funny nothin wrong to me but to improve make more weapons in the next one and betta ways for him 2 die

Very nice! Well done

the best part was the first one

I like this, although I gave it a 0 for interactivity.

This is one of the few movies that actually deserves that, everything is amazing, so perfect, keep up the sweet work!

Great movie you made. That sniper must suck though.

I really liked it, i give it an overall of 9. it was really good, i congratulate you on it.

Love the concept :) Going on my 3rd time to watch it.

That has to be the best stick death game ever!!!
That was the greatest movie/game ever on Newgrounds. I highly recommend anyone seeing it. Dude, you have to make a sequel to this creation of yours. It's hard to find words to express the beauty of this one!!!

The ony possible way this thing could be better is if the background information was given to the viewers beforehand... but, regardless if you know WHY the black stick figure is being killed, it's fun as hell to watch.

I was getting the old "same ol same ol" feeling but towards the end you really impressed me! Nice smoothness and props to the outtakes.

Awsome Movie/game bro I loved it. That shit was funny as hell good job keep it up.

this was just a great flash, loved it


Good work. Fun to watch. Very unique.

I got nothing against this flash. It has decent graphics, some decent choreography, but some below average situations, writing, and overall mediocre premise. I don't see why this is #1 right now. The Top 50 is just one big damn popularity contest. In at least a week this'll be FAR down the list, once NG users find their next flavour of the month.



That was amazing. you r0x0rz. lol. anyways keep up the good work!

P.s. That was really cool.

nothing but greatness...

Shit this is gotta be one of the best flash ive ever seen just because of the idea, and i loved those robot terminator things those were sweet, definatly have more of those in the sequel. Fuckin Nice Man!

One of the most creative pieces I've seen on this site, very nice.

Wow.. the M4 one was just crazy. i liked how the guy kept talking at the start if u keep clicking him, just like in starcraft. anyways, great movie i loved it and i wanna see more

man that is so cool. the m4 one was the best and so was the robot. the guys voice was cool too. so much action in this i love it, i hope u make more. "Flesh is a design flaw" heheh

Wonderfully composed and completed in style. There is nothing wrong or needs to be fixed here at all. Great work, look forward to see more of your work here on, thanks for the entertainment......

That was some great stick animation. Also, the voice acting was superb...keep up the good work.

Props for that shit. That is some of the best stick animation I've ever seen. That must've taken some serious time and effort. You got my 5.

It would be funnier if there was like a laugh track during the outtakes when the guy got his head blown off! But i guess you weren't going for funny eh? But i loved it, good job! Lates

the graphics and general movie seemed to have some extra effort put in them for the visual effects. I didn't have sound working on my comp at the time so i cant really rate that, though without any sound the movie is still pretty damn amusing :) Plus the extra's are great :)

It was pretty good. You could have put some music in there. The outtakes in the extras were pretty funny.

That is the greatest stick man EVER! That was freaking great! Could have used some action backround music, but that is the only flaw.

the graphics were awesome; you obviouly spent a LOT of time getting the tweaks right. i though it was pretty original (not like LadyRogue said) and i laughed my ass of on the first two out-takes. the special stuff like character bios was pretty cool too. hope you make another and a full length flash movie would be cool too. but what do i know i dont even have flash!

The only reason I'm giving this a 2 is because obviously you do have talent. Now if you'd just use it in a more original fashion.

Stick figure death is old and tired and I wish it'd just die. I got bored watching this after the second weapon. It was a good try, now just put a bit more substance in your next movie and you might be onto something.

Im speechless...........

srry if i but 0 for sound just that i don't have speakers so .. anyway it was amazing hope they make another one

wow, that Mike Holiday is one sweet character. good graphics, good sound, good additude... Keep it up, man, this is quality stuff

pretty boring, had some crappy oneliners outakes were kinda funny though. but it was still a waste of time and not worth watching.

it was pretty cool,but the portal is the best!!!

in my opinion its nothing too special. I can tewll that aALOT of work has been put into this movie. But i dont think it deserves #1. It wasnt really funny and nothng really happens. The machine gun escape was good, but it was kinda short and repetitive.

This has to be in the top 10 on NG.. Please make more like this u could almost make this into a game. U have got some serious skillz...


This was a very good stick movie. Lots of ways to see them get killed. The only thing wrong in my opinion was the black sticks voice. Sounded kind of cheesy.

That had to be the best movie on Newgrounds. Cool Bio's.Plz make more of these!

this movie r0x0rs your b0x0rs

I hope you continue like that!

It would of been so much better if they weren't all sticks. Your flash is at the top for right now but Randy just submitted a flash and it has a 4.44 so it's going to beat out yours. An old saying you win some, you lose some.


the guys voice sounds like the cartoon batman

this was great my favorite was the knives that took three tries to kill him overall one of the best movies i have ever seen on newgrounds

omg that was so funny u need to do a lot more

Although I did enjoy watching this a lot, I don't see how it could be at #1 of all time. I mean, the graphics were great, the sound effects and voices were very good, and that door closing on the guy's head in one of the outtakes is good for a laugh, but it's not phenomenal. It's a good film in its own right, but it's not the kind of Flash cartoon that rises above absolutely everything else. (I mean no insult by any of that) This may not be the perfect Flash film, but I must say, nice job StenFLASH.

This is one of those great flash movies/games that rarely come by. The animation, the sound effects, and the voices were well done.

To sum up, keep up the good job.

Very nicely done, blatant use violence is a definite plus :) The animation was very well done also, reminds me of XiaoXiao.

Ahh well, I enjoyed the Daft Punk reference and keep up the good work.

I saw the word "stick" and thought it would be crappy,but when I watched it I was so impressed.Very life-like movement.I would have to say I enjoyed the 2 knives(the first one) the best.
Good Job.

Sweet fucking sweet. At first i was expecting yet another death select movie but this proved to be so much more, didn't really have a favourite though unless you include the movie part. Real smooth animation it's probably the best i've seen so far. Remember to click on the bottom left box last since that's the movie but you don't really have to if you don't want to I just found it better that way.

Out of all the scenes, the first 1 was by far the best.After that i think it got kind of repeative.And at first when u had to click on the guys head, and listen to him talk and the stuff he said throught,was pretty gay.But make more i liked it!!!

and a game that uses the same graphics and everything please. cause i love this video!

good times.

Thats all I can really put into words about this one...

My fave was the sword.

Really Cool, but i played it before at some site

that was really cool. it had very original ideas unlike most stick figures getting killed. i liked the last little scene you added when he escaped so its not exactly like every other stick figure death thing. really awesome dude

Hahaha! Nice! I never thought stick figures could be so....I dunno. Best stick figure movie I've ever seen. XD

This is by far one of the best stick figure movies I have ever seen. It far surpasses the Xiao-Xiao series. I couldn't keep a strait face during the movie, especially during the outtakes. Keep up the good work!

I was expecting a lot when downloading this over my 56K dialup, and I was not disappointed. This is probably as near to the perfect movie as you get. There's clearly been a lot of work put into this, and it shows. Superbly animated graphics, lots of different options and funny outtakes, solid sounds and tons and tons of gratuitous violence. This is deserving of its current number 1 slot, and only doesn't go straight to my number 1 position as I prefer games. I cannot wait for the sequel to this.

Well, my friend urged me to watch this, so I did. There is nothing that will get more perfect in animation then this movie. If you can, there should be more bloopers added to this or save it for your better sequel. And to everyone who badmouths this movie because of how they have a hate for sticks, maybe -you- should be sent through this kind of test. :D

This isn't anything new, it's just taking the same things that made movies like XiaoXiao famous and spending more time to animate it smoother. The only scene I found enjoyable was the assault rifle one where he escaped, but the rest were just "Hey lets watch a stick figure get shot by other stick figures". Great movie, but far from the best on Newgrounds.

Man, this was pritty rad.

i liked the start, keep it up

This is an excellant movie, funny, great graphics and all but... I don't think it deserves to the top movie on newgrounds, but at least it should be in the top 50

Further proof that yes, "Whitey" is trying to keep the black man down.

Excellent animation! One of the best stick flashes I've seen yet.

to the dudes that made this my hats off to you for the sadistic nature of the game & hope to see more game of this caliber

i have been comming here every day and voting 5 :D

Dude that was so awesome i agree with chrishot521 u should make a sequel!!

Keep up the good work :D

Yes!! All hail the new champion!

the voices were cool the blck stick was a pure badass i liked the extras area u should make a sequel to this animation

Lots of death and humour, especially in the outtakes, and the knives experiment.
A sequel would be awesome.

i liked the 3d bits. unfortunately not very noticable but damn good all the same. most impressive

Perfect...fucking perfect

The animation was pretty good considering you used stick figures, but why does Newgrounds need another violent stick movie that uses repetitive sounds from computer games? Please, be original.

THe 3D effects are good and the sounds are amazing

it even had a sorta 3d effect to it..even with sticks. lotsa humor...i loved the sound of people dying...bllaarg. and the criminal is awesome. cant wait for more

Real good. Watered out concept but extremely refreshing execution (no pun intended... :D). The looks are good, the black humour present, and the style is there, too. Fun, special and brutal. The end analysis of every method cracked me up!

I've seen other things like this, where you choose how the person will die, and this is by far the best I've seen yet. Keep up the good work.

wow now that was really cool, and I like all of the voice acting it was done really well(even though some of it was from unreal). I can't wait for the sequl

woah its perfect: Graphics, sound and violence! no decapitating in a stick movie, finally!

I knew I was going to like this flash the moment I realized that basically all your sounds are from Unreal Tournament 2003.
Very well done, though I would like to see stuff like this in something other than stick format, but good job anyways, bub, keep up the good work!

Ahh... I hjavent viewed a good animation like that in a while. Fantastic. Im adding this as one of my favorites. Good job.

this is one of the funniest movies newgrounds has ever promoted StenFlash keep em comin

make more! make more! make more! make more! make more!

You got the war robot's from Unreal tournament didnt ya

that was great

The author knows a bit more about motion and animation than the average flash animator on Newgrounds, it’s too bad it is wasted on stick figures. The flash is good, aside from the stick figure graphics. I just hope the next flash the author makes will feature non-stick figure graphics, but with the same quality and effort put into them.

I can't wait till you post your next movie / game!

click the M-16. enjoy

the sounds, were taken from UT2003 weren't they??? but man congratulations, y ou have the Stick spirit *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

This is just briliant work. State off the art:) If you keep making movies like these, I would be happy for ever;) Keep up the work(I like the scene with the 1knives:D)

Finally a stick movie that has class and good graphics. Your animations wherevery well defined and fluent. The sound was well recorded and you placed alot of attention to detail on that level. It reminds me of XiaoXiao... as for humor well I do like pointless violence...so there ya go!

All in all, an outstanding peice of work.

keep doing these

The first executions with the knives and sword were class - made me laugh out loud. But then it just seemed to go downhill from there. I was bored rigid by the end. And what's with the last episode where he breaks free!??!?! I must say I liked the first two out-takes, and then it goes downhill. All in all, if it carried on like it started then it would be the best flash ever but it just seemed to lose it all too quickly. Shame.

Two Words: Fucking GODLY!

do more movies like this this is cool

i wanna see more funny shit like this!

This movie is fucking funny, but the sound sucks (all ripped from ut2003). Seriously, can't you do a bit better? Try using multiple games instead of feeding off of one. Overall, great movie.

i hate sitcks, but this was great... you need a new sn.... god.

what a great movie, so many different weapons... so many ways to die...
Got to have more! Shame that most of the starts were the same tho..."don't get lazy" ;)

This is the best stick movie I've ever seen. The War-bots ruled! Can't wait for the next!

that rocked
you rule

dat was the sweetest fukn' shit man u should make more stuff like dat, ur da best man


Best stick movie ever! I've never seen anything like it! You have my 5 R!

some good shit, i wanna see no.2. lol

an amazing piece of flash,
this has got all my 5's
good job

Sticks work if u have the right amount of humor and a basic plot???...Plot??? U know what i mean
Good Stuff

This flash is god from the mian sequense to the "out takes." This is by far one of the best flashes ever presented on newgrounds

These kind of movies show us that stick figures still work! Awesome!

But like many say, sticks are overdone. Anyway, all in all I gave a rating that I find suits it. I know others will disagree, but that's their opinion. Mostly, the movie made me think of Metal Gear Solid in many ways. Lots of guns, bladed weapons, and of course, a killing robot all against a professional killer. I wonder if Mike was modelled after Snake.


it was great. outtakes could be more.

It's one of the best flash movies I've ever seen.GREAT stick animation!This will go down in history at least!

Lol that was sooooooo gr8 the best stick killing action ive sin in a hell of a long time keep up da goodwork boyz

I have no doubt that if you make a sequel, it will be excellent! ONE THING THOUGH! So you don't possibly get a lawsuit, ADD THE FACT THAT YOU GOT ALL/MOST YOUR SOUNDS FROM UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003! Why did I give you a 5 on graphics? Well, they're stick figures. Did good on animating them, though. ~.o; Why a 9 in style? Stick death, of course, is over done. But I haven't seen it in a "testing facility"... thing. One recommendation on the sequel - Don't make it the same style, since the Holiday escaped. I'll look forward to seeing more new things from you. Thanks!

Nacho Clock

most of your sounds came from it anyways :P so it deserves some credit

This is what Seppel wrote:Pointless violence. What a great way to waste two months. Seriously, do something better with your life.

This is good quality stick figure action, which means you actually put some effort into this, which is why you get a 1 from me in this review instead of a 0.

My review:
1.Everybody like pointless violence :)
2.What he do with his time is none of your business
3.I'll tell you what he do with his life...He's working hard to give the best flash ever created to millions of people,for free.
4.All you do with your life Seppel is masturbating and complaining.If you can't do better,then STFU!
5.This is one of the best flash i've ever seen!!!


Oh My Fucking God... That is by FAR the best stick death/suicide movie i have seen lol!!

Just loved it!!! Send newgrounds more work!!


Its just a new stick death movie, its not bad its just been done so many times.

I Liked The Mp Bot One Hes Got Taunts From UT2003.

The Ending Was Good Too.

Make More!!

unlike the douche bag before me said, i thought it was great. the only waste of time, was the amount of time the previous viewers mother spent having time to having sex to create him. the movie was great. it was pretty damn funny. u should make it more interactive. i love how he fought back too. make more. keep up the good work!

damn good movie, great violence, kinda humorous, overall a really grat movie.

keep me guessin and had me laughing and i almost pissed my pants

Okay, so you guys might say I'm crazy or something because how could a movie with so much violence suck? I'll tell you how. When you use too much stick figures and the movie has no story to it. I mean why was the guy in that facility place for? Choosing weapons doesn't seem to be much fun either. I got bored after choosing the sword then the semi-auto machine gun. This movie wasn't all that good to be on top.

Holy shit man this is the greatest )if not perfect) stick death job I've ever seen. Now even RingFinger (if you read back on reviews) gave you props for the outstanding job on this piece. The timing the animation the smoothest in creation and me being a flash user understand how damn hard it is to create one of these. And this is of course beyond all reason blows every piece i've ever seen! Great job and like most of us we are expecting to see great things come from you! Live on man, goodluck with the work!

A flash unparalelled. Surpasses all others I have previously encountered. In short the perfect killer flash.

This was one of (if not the best) movie I have seen on newgrounds.com The only thing that let it down was that all except 2 of the weapons began with the same thing (and one of those 2 was only slightly different) The sniper rifle was my favourite but didn't it take a bit long for him to run to the guy judging by the fact that the scientists walked in in about 3 seconds..? Ohh well.. it got 5 from me.

Best stick movie ever created, I have seen at least 7, and this is the best. The main character was awesome, so were the choice of weapons, style of deaths, and funny charcaters! I love the outtakes!! Theres not much more to say about this one except..MAKE A SERIES!

-Peter Himself

That was an outstanding flash movie, it had original content, it had great graphics, had interactivity, plenty of violence, and was humorous. Finally a great movie at number one on newgrounds, this is what I consider perfection at its finest.

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST STICK MOVIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg ,I can't believe how real these little sticks in your movie look and how they move...good fucking job!! (you got my 5)

from millions of sticky movies that peoples like them and this is the best of them.
I really like the most - Semi Automatic Rifle gun!

I've seen alot of crappy stick movies here lately....but you broke the losings steak here....this kicked so much ass and even balls.....I mean god that was just great keep it up man

Very good work, I especially liked the animation and quick framerate this flash had. The deaths were excellent and top notch. The voice was great as well. Keep making more!!

That was very good, I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I really liked the stick guy's voice, it sounds familiar for some reason... My favorite was probably the robot, or AI or whatever because of the near overuse of ut2k3 lines. I look forward to your next work. Use that guy's voice again!

Loved the attempts. Loved the graphics. Loved the sounds. Outtakes were funny. Damn good work!

My Favorite test was the Semi-Automatic Rifle.
Especially the part where you can hear what all the guy's in the lounge were thinking. :)
Please make more of these.

Excellent job! This is exactly what good animation looks like. Interactive, humorous, nice sound and quality graphics. The extras were a nice touch to an already high quality work. Keep up the great work!

This is a fine piece of flash animation. Good job. You should be proud. The interactivity was nice but I will be honest and say I was expecting to be the one shooting the test subject instead of watching. Other than that you'll be getting a 5 from me. I can't wait for the sequel.

Even so, this flash kiks ass.

Crazy Graphics WOW and allot of violance but sound was not that good could have been better.

Exspecailly the movie part "Mission Escape" but the animations sometimes went pretty slow and that was the only thing I disagreed upon. Other than that this movie was an master piece... and I assure you.. this film/game is more than 7 minutes.. well I think.. Luckily I have High Speed Online cause I see this file size is a bit more than 3 megs.. lol well I could see this took alot of work I and I loved it.. Just make the animation faster next itme :D

I loved the beta and I knew it would go far! And I was right! It was so worth the wait! THIS IS GOD LIKE!

Wow, that was great. I loved how you animated the gun shots and battle scenes. I especially enjoyed watching the MP5 one, where he totally owns the workers. Sweet movie, make moreeeee.

Roflmao. I loved it! make another!!

No words can express this great work. As the convict said, "Ahh, the ending. It fills me with peace." All in all, GREAT movie.

one of the best things on newgrounds, keep up the good work

Very good lots of violence and good weapons choice

I loved this movie a lot. It does suprise you the first time you watch it. The outakes are the best though. You just have to watch those over and over again. Keep on truckin' mate.

This is one great movie. It's funny, it's cool, it's vast, and on your first watch, it always surprises you. Incredible work. Keep it up.

it Kicked ass!

This is my new fav stick movie. I loved the voices, by far one of the better sounding games I have heard

This is awsome. It has alot of gore and humor. I laughed alot! It has bios, outtakes, and other junk its awsome!

That was awsome! That was one of the best portals i have seen. Please make more.

This Flash was incredibly well made. The graphics were awesome and it made me laugh my ass off. Great job man Im lookin forward to a sequel.

This movie is a great way to waste ur time. Make a sequel.

HAHAHA, The most violent but hialrious vid I've seen all week. Definately needs a sequel!

Great thing you made! Made me laugh somewhat. Make some more, like a prequel. Makes me think of Resident Evil for some reason..

i wanted holiday to win against the sniper.... last one kicked ass

what is there 2 say

u should make more. the graphics r so awesome and the content is wicked.

fucking awesome.

you make fucking slick animations. you should make a stick movie of like some anti-terrorist guy infiltrating an enemy base... or something. anyways holy fuck, awesome job on this.

i like it, just all of them took to long execpt the last one. the others just got very pretetive.

Very nice and smooth animation. Could've used some music though. Very good animation though.

next time make it more of a game, and the black stick should'nt die. hes cool

nice im lookin forord to cennen numba 2

If your going to do sticks you might as well have them porportioned so the arms dont look so messed up by being so short.

HILARIOUS !.....u got to see this

if i could give u an award, i shall do it !!!!
good job!
the best STICK game ever

This Is Gotta Be The Best Movie on NG!! It Is Too!

I don't know what I was expecting when I clicked on "Play this Movie", but I was definitley blow away! Amazing!

I just wish the were all more like the knife and sword. but it was good anyway.

most defenetly one of my favs, GJ man

By great i mean perfect in pretty damn all aspects, but this was close. Was funny, but most of all exciting simply because you were waiting who is gonna die

My favorites has got to be the knives and the war bot. The shotgun reminded me of pulp fiction for some reason... I didn't really like the M16 one, cuz the guy didn't die in there :P

I also think all stick figures should have squeaky voices... the mature, husky voice just won't do... if your focus is humor, which I think it is (and should be), squeaky voices do much better :D:D

Damn you, Darkling69. First Outwar, and now King of Chaos? Who cares, let him do what he wants. We'll be there to vote abusive every step of the way. This no doubt topped Stick Penalty and Stick Suicide. And Mike Holiday's [The main character/victim dude] voice was kick ass. The outtakes were hilarious too. Next time, make it without stick figures. It'll be better that way. Anyways, it was a kick ass movie.

Not worthy of its score in my opinion.

It was a well put toghetier movie with lots of interactivity. NEED MORE LIKE IT.

Man, I thought that was so good I might get into animation.
That was great compared to some other s**t you can get on NG like Sponge Bob Shitty Pants
You rule man

Awesome, i like his voice and style of ur animation. very good. i must see stick animation..(espacially stick figure penalty fans).

that was freakin cool

that was one of the best stick movies ive seen

this is the best stick animation i have ever seen

Its been a LONG while since there was flash this good.
Loved the knives the most.

This was the most realistic stick movie I have ever seen. The stories were great and entertaining, especially the machinegun one. The outtakes were hilarious too lol.

sweet ass killing man

a very good and articulated bit of work. you should make another one of these but with more stuff. if you want, reply to me with your E-mial address and i'll send you some ideas.


P.S. make sure you put more outakes if you do a second one.

this has to be one of the best stick movies ive seen, get sound, and the scenes where the guy got the best of the scientists and guards were great, not to mention the outtakes were pretty funny too, keep up the good work

Very well done

But anyway, this flash ownz. It's got everything, outtakes, bios that don't matter but are cool anyway, and blood! Lots of it!

Graphics were ok, but that's never a big thing in Stick movies.

It seemed like a normal choose a weapon, see the death, but the way it was done is what made it great. Testing weapons at a facility.

tightass shit-1 of the best stick movie i seen and great animation!!! GOOD JOB

This Is A Great Movie... The Only Downside Is That There Are Way To Many Stick Movies... But I Can See Why, The Animations Is So Much Easyer, and you can make them longer... but still this is a great movie


i love this it was hilarios the blooper almost had me pissin myself holy shit this was fuckin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit! Thats the best damn stick flash i have ever seen! My favorite uh... Thing was the semi, though you could use more out takes.... That shits phat, keep up the good work. Hopefully youll have the same crap in your site... Peace out!

dude this is so fckin awesome i would pay money to see more...not really but n e way it rocked big time keep it up

where is the music?and if they where not stick it would be alot beter

still vary good

this is probably the best stick movie i have ever seen, this is a must watch

the time you used to make this movie really paid off its really good i like how he escapes when he gets the m4a1 (semiautomatic rifle)
one question i have is that to get th good effects do you need to animate each frame

If this gets the weekly feature, something's messed up. It was good, but I mean, really, take a look at "The Portal." It's obvious that the creator of "The Postal" took more time, and work, to entertain us by fusing everyones favorite movie with everyones favorite website. And he didn't use crappy sticks to get his work done. Is it because TM helped design two little characters? I think the reason this is getting more respect is because sticks, who nobody really likes, are getting killed. That's the only reason they're entertaining. If I did flash, I'd work my ass off making an enjoyable cartoon that wouldn't be beaten out by Stick Deaths, which is suprisingly possible. I only gave you an 8 because it was good, but this is my open minded responce. Remember, you're only voting 5 because sticks are being killed and you hate sticks. There's my opinion.

this is one of my new favorite flashes the only thing i would change is the odd noise when the charictars walk it sounds like there in water or something well anyways keep them coming

this was a great animation, it was funny and at least entertaining. I sorta wish that it wasn't sticks, as they tend to take away from some things, but eh, well done

that was amzing...wicked animations and everything...this is the PERFECT KILLING SEQUENCE

sorry, didn't even think the violence was that great.This is a totally overrated movie.

That was Great!!!I know you got some of the sounds off of unreal tournament 2003 like the robot sounds and some of the gun sounds. But all around Great movie!!! I would like to see a sequal and maybe a few more options.

Not only has been been done to death (figuratively speaking) but THEY'RE JUST STICKS!!
Also, I am impressed: you actually gave them shadows.

This was the most pointless animation I have ever seen. If you simply gave this a visual story as to the reasons behind the testings of killing, or any story what-so-ever you could have gotten much more praise.

This was plain awful. There were a ton of elements that could have helped this become something, but instead you chose to just have random killings (without any physics, believe it or not) and it just want the previous fifteen minutes of my life back.

The reason your score is so high (from me) is due to the violence. I have mentioned it before: violence is not a friend of cinema or animation and nor is it an accomplise. But the rating system here on NG is terrible and therefor you got what you most deffinitely DO NOT deserve.

Very Nice Movie! Favorites it is in! Keep it up, as I have yet to see a movie as good as this.(Except Ronin... That was about the same :)

Yeah...this goes right up there with the all of the great Stick Animation Movies. I don't like the voice for the guy, he said things that didn't make much sense. I love the outtakes, I about laughed my ass off on the second one. Keep the the awesome work.

That was so good that I even spent time to read the credits. One thing I want to know is who makes that voice, it's so awsome!!!

the creators review is perfect the movements are smooth and cool. the knifes one is myb favorate. if the creator is reading this WELL DONE!!!!!

This is a great piece of flash, I suggest you make a follow up...........maybe something to do with his escape?

kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was absoloutely amazing, Original concept etc etc, im sure you've been told by everyone else. The part i liked best was the sniper rifle, the blood trail when he slid right next to the sniper MY GOD!!!! you genius!!! I didnt think much was wrong with this or anything. Well done, I see alot of blood sweat and tears went into that. Thumbs up!!!

The best "choose your own death" movie I've seen yet. Keep it up!

That was hilarious i like the knives one the best the out akes were kind of interesting

I saw this on ss, and sfdt, and i liked both times , i am reviewing it here, i give you a 10, i wanna ask you what u used to make it, cuz my comp messed up with my old one, if you will tell me then, shit dead end sentence.

My favourite was knife attempt #2. But I feel you could've done something with that rope tethered to his arm. Enh, good movie none the less


dude, that totaly rocked, its like the stick suicide but 700 times better, especially the machine gun one

i stopped doing animation after evil_ministix2 but after watching this i want to start working on non stix. this was so glorious. i gave violence a 9 cuz we didnt get to see mikes head explode from the bot. the outtakes were funny as hell too. only thing that didnt fit together was how he died in outtakes and was still in the movie, but nobody cares about that.

well done, greatest stick movie ever.

It had all of the things that make brutal violence against stick figures funny. It had smooth animation good sound and storyline, and there were many in depth detailed selections. and an overall good movie.

really great job. the voice acting was awesome. stick figures at they're best.

As you stated in your comments, the animations are smooth and are a joy to watch. Sounds are great and fit the theme of this bad ass animation (love the voice of the main character). Good work on adding in extras for us to watch and learn about the characters, it adds more life to the project.

Kudos to you and keep pumping these animations out!

I liked the character bios. It would be good if you made a flash story about the actual trap. What i didnt understand was on the sniper rifle it said 1 attempt but the scientist fired 2 shots

Great Movie.
Good Humor, Good Graphics, Excellent Story, and Great Violence.
Overall a 10, and I don't give those out.
Keep making them.

the movie could of had more humor

Thats cool. Outtakes were a bit interesting, added a little humor to it. Lol, nice work. I hope to see more of it.

You should go somewere with this its great make it into a game with more interactivity keep up the good work z/z

Excellent job here ,though backgrounds could've been a wee bit better....

Holy Fuck, Dude ur a fucking genius. Ur Effort Really shows. Not like some movies(aka links worst enemy) that look like they put 2 seconds into it..... This is one of the best things on newgrounds ever!

Excellent movie!It really shows how much effort you put in.I particularily liked the robot in the movie. :)
I'll also check your site out.And i hope to see more of your work.

Awesome graphics, awesome sound!!! Great job!! Keep up the good work!!

When this movie appeared on the portal, I guessed from the title that it was another stick death movie, the kind we've all seen countless of times before. When it appeared on the front page, I had a look, and I'm very glad I did - it's a great piece of work.

Very good movie especially considering you took 2 months to put it together. I have to agree with the other guy the knives where v.cool

Keep up the good work.

aww man that was awesome, the guys voice is fuckin godly, you should keep making more episodes dude! good work!

ps: the knife one pwnd

Good flash, well i liked it. No wonder it is #1! I think u should change ur site from a geocities to a pay site. Or use php and mysql. Nice flash, keep up the good work.

Quite cool.. You really should make episode II.
That War Bot is my favourite. :)


AWESOME! That was so smooth and great and inginuitive. Make more!

I was very imprssed for a stick animation. Most stick animation are pretty 2-D but you took it the 3rd. Nice arrange or weapons. I still say the sword was effective the guy who used was stupid.

I loved it!!! It reminded me of Counter Strike the way the bullets zipped by, and the one sniper vs. pistol. the robot reminded me of The Terminator (kinda). And they were all funny in there own way especially the knives one..hehhehheh. Please make more!!

This was just REALLY fucking funny. My favorite was the knifes with the scientist killing the gaurd :) All your time was DEFINITLY not wasted this is grade A quality here keep up the great work

dham i love it,the take outs to :D
make more please,please

If people made more flash anis like this, i wouldn't be on the dark side. I liked the interactivity, i liked the style of it all. Overall great ani. Keep it up, id like to see more like this in the future.

"I'm gonna have to change my underwear!" I thought it would just be a nother weapons on sticks movie, which I love, but this was so much more. The backgrounds were great, the weapons were great, and the the subplot was good as well. Nice use of sounds. Some of the motions could of been a tad smoother, but overall a great movie. Good extras, character bios, etc.


Poor little stick, heh.

The outtakes were really funny and it had wonderful graphics

i likes i likes

This movie is really cool. The best movie ever seen on newgrounds. the outtakes were very cool too. keep up the gooooooooooooooood work. I hope that youre working on an second part of this. This movie is worth a 10.

This kicked ass but it could be so much fucking better if you showed more tests for the weapons and done like kind of a big swat team verus just the dude with all tests getting done on him but over all a kick ass game

that was very nice, very well thought indeed,and i hope u make more of these STICK KILLING movies

The beta for "Die in Style" came out before Stick Suicide - and it ALSO came out before "Stick Penalty", of which Stick Suicide was a sequel to.

Now on to the review.

This was a well animated stick movie, and some of the death sequences were very entertaining. Even though the genre has been done over and over again, this movie seems to be just a little bit different. Of course, it didn't hold my full attention the entire time - after a while I just wanted something drastically different to happen, and it really never did. On Newgrounds, stick figures exist solely to die in a horrible way. I'd like to see if a stick movie could be pulled off where there were no (or very few) horrific deaths, and the story wasn't based around fighting or shoot-outs. Not that stick fights and shoot-outs are not entertaining, but they do get very old after a while.

Other than that, this is one of the best stick movies I have seen in a while. Good job!

i liked it