Cotton Roots

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I did not think it was racist, per se.

Nevertheless, I fail to see how it is "hilarious" as so many people have posted. It makes a sadly valid point, at how those who are oppressed will turn on other oppressed people to gain small favor, and then find themselves on the receiving end of maltreatment.

I think you are quite talented. I wish you well in your pursuits, and hope that, one of these days, you figure out a way to utilise your formidable skill in a more entertaining, constructive manner. Or, at least, in a way that is not deliberately designed to provoke a sophomoric response.

I love dark humor.

Oh. My. Phucking. God. LAWLZ. That shit was hilarious. I can't stop giggling, man. The graphics were great, the sound was great, humor was funny as hell. And all you self righteous fucks who think your shit doesn't stink : Take a chill pill. It's dark humor.

OMG, are you nuts?

If i wouldn't know any better, i'd say you're a kkk suicidel maniac. i don't actually know any better, but i decided you're not. Great Flash, man!


ok im black and this shit was fuuuuuuuny god i laughed sop fuckin hard when he whooped that nigga lol! and goddamnit this flash isnt racist but fuck racsim fuck the kkk and what does racism lead too? i eman honsestly u hate sum1 cuz of theyre skin colour? well then fuck you

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damn nigga that was funny

that was funny man. i think (even though my opinion means shit) that people who say things like o you shouldnt joke about shit like that or Hey! blacks are the backbone of this country, without them we'd be nothing *whine whine whine, bitch bitch bitch*. calm down. ITS NOT FUCKING SLAVE TIME ANYMORE SHENIQUA (im an ass. sheniqua*heh heh*). YOU NEED TO FORGET ABOUT THE PAST AND STOP BEING A DICK TO ALL CRACKAZ LIKE ME BECAUSE SOME DICKS IN THE EARLY 1800'S GOT LAZY AND THAT THEIR ANCESTORS LIKE TO DRESS UP LIK EPOINTY HEADED GHOSTS! STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE PAST!
P.S. Stamper! Great flash man! Yeah!

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Aug 2, 2003
8:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 4th Place August 3, 2003