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Bush in a Nutshell

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inspired by dbz in a nutshell. watch bush as his presidency is summed into a minute and a half :-D

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UPDATE: 8/18/06
wow, what a stupid film

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not real great at "in a nutshell" vids...

The best part of this video is the picture of bush holding the phone upside down... The rest of it pretty much sucked.. The verbal humor in it wasn't funny... More pictures like the one I mentioned, and it might have received a better score from me...


I. Loved. It. Nice!


funny and true, and dbz in a nutshell is pretty inspiring huh?

That was funneh shit!

LOL, I had bearly realized that Bush was holding the phone upside down... I like the beggining a lot; where Bush is all "Awe.. Daddy, do I have to?" when his dad asks him to run for president, and his dad is all "I will not hesitate to spank your stupid ass if you don't." and Bush is all "Okay...". LOL! I don't see why people voted on it so low; it was good. I also like that one part where, I don't know who the people are, are in... I don't know what it's called, and it's all "Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!" That was funneh.


That was almost too true to be funny. Almost. X-D Spectacular job. Make more, please! I absolutly love it!

Laydi Nite