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Rockman EXE Side Story 1

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Wow never thought I'd get this done. I started this back in that week I lost my internet connection. I probably would have finished it then if I hadnt done that long Text Effect. I didnt realise how long it was gonna take to do the movie like that. But the movie is still short, too short to warrent it a preloader.

Well this is a Rockman EXE Side Story. Its the story of a man called Neyerpram Darcenefferpalmer. This is the first episode so there'll be alot of questions at the end. If you guys want more ill make episode 2. This is kinda short but its a pilot ya see. Well aint got much more to say. Watch it, enjoy it, and give your two bits at the end.

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and....my firefoxEXE beat him!!!!
and you video good you use things in your favor(choud gril)

Pretty well...

It was good at most times, but I wanna ask. Why did you make Enzan look like a girl? He doesn't deserve that! Ah oh well.. good movie.


that was such a stupid animation it totally sucked,but the music was good.


This was a good movie. The screen was a bit small, I guess you didn't have much choice because of the sprites though. Nice little side story.


"Born to most NOBLE of suburban squalors, the latest to continue the NG heritage and responsibility as "Class #1 Jerk," offender of all deemed foolish and defender of his own spoken word...REGARDLESS OF TYRANNICAL PERSECUTION (I.E. Wade Fulp), he is the PIMP of the times...none other that the rancorous, LOST soul known as DETESTICUS!"


Hello Mutant Buster,

Well, so far so good. Your movies usually have nice music and an actual plot with character development...no matter how loose. I'll pas judgment after I've seen the enitre series.

By the way, that Dick Wade Fulp deleted my reviews, so my review to your "Flame Man vs. Spider Man" is lost. Still, that was a good movie too.