Eskimo Bob 3

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some eskimos deal with a crazy old pigeon.


Strange, But Funny

I really like the theme song for Eskimo Bob I don't know why I find this both funny and catchy but I always either whistle or slightly hum this in my class. He's Eskimo Bob, it's Eskimo Bob and he's....cool! The character designs were nicely done in this case and for the pilot to a comedy series the timing was decent enough I'll say. The voice acting was actually really funny in this case hope there's more episodes!

Generally, the quality was fairly bad and needed lots of both tidying up and more effort put into it. I also understand a simple and short plot was the comedy of the film but the flash's timing actually could have been a lot longer. As the first episode of Eskimo Bob on Newgrounds this really could have used some more character development in fact, we only barely knew Maurice and Eskimo after this flash.

A somewhat funny flash any Eskimo Bob lover would definetly want to see this funny but short flash, keep up the great series but it doesn't have much of a replay effect.

-TY Reviews

Oh my God!

That is so funny!!! I know it's not funny for you
6Shooter28, but i't is just FUNNY!!!

Wow... Um...

I don't really get it. At all. I mean, you've got everything right... But, the actual comedy is... lacking.

Wow... Eskimo Bob...

Its been a looooong time since i watched this series (and i mean LONG) and i still dont understand why i love it so much... but hey, if i like it i like it, if only for the nostalgia.


I love it and so does my dog!

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3.71 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2001
1:56 PM EST
Comedy - Original