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John's Arm 4

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JA4 is TWELVE MINUTES LONG. If you watch it all the way through without clicking anything, you're missing half the HUGE (sorry NG) FILE SIZE. This is the result of six months of work, the last of which I logged in 14-19 hours a day. Sorry about any glitches (the movie far exceeds 16,000 frames, and 16,000 is the limit for Flash), or lousy sound quality/issues (sometimes sounds will play for no reason on some Easter Eggs)... I was desperately trying to keep the file size down. Thanks Tom, Wade and everybody at NG. This one is for you.

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I was never really a huge fan of this series I mean I liked 'em but that was about it but this ones fucking sweet and is sure as hell going in my favourite submissions. John's Arm 5 had better be as good or better.

Best in the series

It is pretty sad how this turned out to be the last in the series, but I love it how you ended on such a great note. The fact that it is the longest also shows that you are really good at keeping up with jokes consistenly. Even the preloader screen taking place in the theater is awesome. It is an interesting idea to use a hand as a superhero. However, you chose not just a hand, but the entire arm! The most memorable part of this is probably when the guy is talking about getting candy in that silly voice.


BALLS ON CHIN!! That was so wrong but oddly.. hysterical. Yeech. Those balls must be made of steel if he can slap them around like that without them hurting like fuck. I might buy the DVD when I have some money.. and wheres #5? It says it was coming soon in the credits, but it doesn't exist D:.

ahahaha funny

thats f ing halaerious dude make more come on you cant stop there you got talent

Good Work

I really enjoyed the other episodes, as i did this one, i hope there is more.