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Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre

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Thanks again for putting me on the front page! But now I'll take the time to answer a few of your most asked questions:
"What was the music you used called?"
1) The first musical piece I used was "O Fortuna" and the second was the trailer theme from "The Patriot"
"Why is Omega's hair grey/white if he is a saiyan?
2)Omega was constructed artificially in a lab, so there are changes.
"This one is so short..When is the full version comming out?"
3)I'm hoping to release it by the end of the summer but I'm not sure if I can finish it in that time. I'm aiming to make ep1 around 3-4 minutes long, so that's going to take a long time with the animation and all so I can't be sure EXACTLY when it's going to be released.

Thanks again

[UPDATE] I'm on the front page!! Thanks to everyone that enjoyed my movie. I'm definentley making a sequel and I'm taking all of you criticisms into consideration. And by the way, the second musical piece I used was the trailer theme from "The Patriot"

This is a prelude to a new chapter I'm creating in the DB timeline. DBI (Dragon Ball Infinite) takes place 1000 years after the events of DBZ, so that means new characters and a new story (EVERYTHING IS FULLY ANIMATED)

-turn quality to medium or low depending if your computer is slow or not
-If this gets a good score then I'll continue with the series


Nice style; work on the art

I wish we had been walked through more of the story in the actual movie instead of just on the preloader screen. The music choice was a good one; that piece always brings a truly epic feel to anything it is played up against.

I have some minor complaints about the drawings, though: the characters didn't seem very "concrete" in the sense that they warped and distorted from their original shape a lot, especially when punched. Perhaps you're just working on a new visual style, but a lot of the time, it looked more to me like you didn't know exactly how to draw some of the body movements in the action scenes you were trying to illustrate. Practice makes perfect, though... I had a lot of trouble drawing action scenes for a long time just on paper, and animation just adds another degree of difficulty, though the challenge just keeps getting more and more fun as you work with it.

Nice job... if you're thinking of making a sequel, I hope it's longer than this one. "Infinite" really is cool, and it left me wanting to see more.

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Pretty Shib

Although they looked nothing like saiyans and there wasn't much of a story line it was still pretty cool....



i was some femilial moves from DBZ i hope you didn't trace them any way i think the animation was too fast try to lower frame rate. lol funny thing cause i always tell people to higher they frame rate but your is different...

good job!!

Love the idea...

The thought of an additional DB series is always great. The story line you created will catch any DB fan and they will be forced to watch. There are a few holes though, were the Saiyens created by the androids or by a remaining sect of Humans? This story could be monumental if all the ends are tied up and the animation gets cleaned up some. I will watch this series as a die hard fan of DB, DBZ, and DBGT. I think you can make this a true contender to the other series...

I expected worse.

The animation was sweet, the art was good and the music was a nice touch. My problem was that it was dragon ball z, it's already a cartoon. Record Labels never pick up cover bands, it's already been done.
Good work though, I didn't blam it.

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4.24 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2003
4:38 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 29, 2003