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0ne Ring To Rule Them All

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"One Ring to Rule Them All" is a hilarious music video set in Middle Earth, starring the cast of The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring. Using audio and images from the film, Purple Penguin and Red Penguin proudly present the first of as many collaborations they can do before lawyers shut them down.

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Wow. Someone actually did this.


What can i say....LOl

not too bad but its begins to anoy after 30 sec

you could improve this by a little by changing what their saying somtimes and INVENT a song not taking words from the movie

Definately different.

Well its something unusual, a great idea, it wouldve been good if you put in more images and better sound- I could hardly understand a word any of them were saying. Good for a chuckle.


That was pretty funny! The song kinda sucked though...