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NV's BIG adventure!

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This was made a long time ago, when my skills where pretty poor. in light of this please do not mess around with stupid reviews containing the following:

1: It's not a game: NG's fault, it refers to interactive films as games.

2: You suck at flash: No, i did suck at flash. It's like saying picasso is a crap artist because when he was 2 he drew a crap picture. I'm less crap now!

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if there was more soundit would have got a 10

Yes i know the camo paintball fun

playing in the stockade is not for the faint of heart but pretty much I'm an ambusher but this was an exclent movie halarious hope to see you down there some time I'm probley the only American wearing United States Marine camo and carrying a shortened tippman g3 with a 4 inch barrel

that was amazing!

kicked ass! and.. i go to camoflage all the time! i've been five times! i love attacking the stockade and defending the fort! plz message back!

SeedyKay responds:

yeah, the stockades a turkey shoot. Unless you're in it of course, in which case it becomes Hell on earth! Yeah, Fort is good, especially now they have the side entrances blocked up. It was a pain in the arse to attack before! vAnyways, good to hear from another camo player. probly see you down there sometime. we always have an enormous custom tipmann 98 with us. pretty recognisable, it's about 3 and a half feet long!

This Rocks!

I love the part when your dice hits that guy on the latter and anything relating to WH40k. Hope there is a part two.

- Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten!

Can't... Breathe *faints*

*deep breath* I couldn't stop laughing at some points, this movie has been highly hilarious ^^"

Nice random throwing in of 40k