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Hybrid Heaven: Episode 2

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Part two of the struggle that follows two independent foot soldiers in a quest for an orb. The orb brings the keeper’s fantacies to reality. Six in all are after the orb; 2 good, 2 bad and two trying to keep it from the hands of anybody. But who will reach it first?

Written by: Hajot Minhas and Paul J Mason
Directed by: Paul J Mason
Animated by: Hajot Minhas

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Thats a pain in da ass to judge.

Dam amn. You coldnt have made it harder to decide what score does this thing deserve. It sucks most of the time but the 2 semi3d parts are great.
But the rest...S U C K S ! ! !

Oh dear...

Good god man! I didn't think it was possible to SUCK this badly. The least you could have done was give it a small amout of music. Of course, it wouldn't have stopped it from sucking, but it would have saved it from the low, low score of ZERO.



Sorry pal, but... that was damn near unwatchable

Your movie sucks for the following reasons:

1. The characters are so ludicrously designed that it's almost laughable. Why do 4 of them look like superheroes and villains, and 2 look like drunks?

2. It made me have to restart my computer 3 freakin' times IN A ROW, that's how poor the quality of it is.

3. The names for these characters are offputing. What 2 friends would ever be named Leo and Neo? Seriously, that's cheesier than the Cheeto Cheetah himself.

4. The writing is far below your standards BHSpike. Are you sure you had a part in this movie, because I don't see any of your expertise in this film. I've seen your earlier writing and this is utter filth compared to what you are normally capable of.

Perhaps a rabid pigeon rammed into your computer one day and it malfunctioned, making all of the good writing turn into bad writing?

I'm going to say this one more time, and then I will end my big-ass review:


I know it. You know it. All of Newgrounds knows it.



LoL, of course I love it, I wrote it, hehe. Anyway, I fucked up the intro, and the ending, and it sucks, hard. Besides that, bravo (to me, and that other guy, lol).

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2003
3:50 AM EDT