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(I've included a help-option)

SIM - Final version
SIM is a 24 hour based RPG, with a dayjob and
a nightlife. Study hard and promote for better jobs,
or party all night.

What is special about SIM?
You know the Sim games, and you got one day at
a time to do your thing. In SIM you can go on all
night. You get your daily mail and your must build
a personality, without this you can't get better jobs
and you're not welcome in the nightclubs.

Is there a story?
Yes, there is a story in this game. Follow the signs
and meet special people, get to hidden places and
earn dirty money.

It's a brand new game, so there shall be some errors or bugs in it. So let me know if there are any. Please do not post the password, you'll spoil al the fun!

Have fun ya!

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The Auther is ether dead of forgoten

11 years ago when i was 7 i played this game and got a gigantic boner. you stole my innocence you bastard! 10/10 would ruin childhood again. thanks for introducing me to the magic of tits

Game is okay but when you face bob he's unbeatable you can not beat him. He just goes on a 5-7 combo and its game over. I've been trying to beat this guy for 45 minutes and its starting to get annoying. Everything else is fine its just that part.

Good game but Im stuck on the part where the military dudes are helping me find an item for the guru.... HALP please!!!!

What a waste of time. There's no pron, story doesn't make much sense and it's just plain boring.