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(I've included a help-option)

SIM - Final version
SIM is a 24 hour based RPG, with a dayjob and
a nightlife. Study hard and promote for better jobs,
or party all night.

What is special about SIM?
You know the Sim games, and you got one day at
a time to do your thing. In SIM you can go on all
night. You get your daily mail and your must build
a personality, without this you can't get better jobs
and you're not welcome in the nightclubs.

Is there a story?
Yes, there is a story in this game. Follow the signs
and meet special people, get to hidden places and
earn dirty money.

It's a brand new game, so there shall be some errors or bugs in it. So let me know if there are any. Please do not post the password, you'll spoil al the fun!

Have fun ya!

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Its not a great game, but Its a little piece of flash history thats fairly important.

A timeless classic

Talked to Bob at the Jazz club. Says he'll be at the 24hr place at 4am if I wanna hire him. He's not at the 24hr place at 4am, he's there at 3am. Took me way too long to work that out :P
Otherwise, solidly ok, not spectacular, but far from bad.

Edit: Holly crap, the driving part killed it though. Buggy as fuck. Only nitro works, then you have to sit there for an hour or so while your dead beat car ever so slowly put-puts its way to 5000 because the arrow keys DO NOT WORK.

The club may not be the best place to find love BUT... :P

Fun game indeed

Fun game here very fun infact decent graphics and good respons from the controlls, The story could have been much better the art was decent but could have also been much better, so the game was fun and entertaining and I have enjoyed the experience with this game

The story could have been much better