Cool Kids

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A punk rockers life. I should at least get a "4" for this.



The highlight of this flash music video had to be when they are approaching the bodyguard of the club and he looks all threatening and then he starts dancing with them. Cant say that i have ever heard of this song but your animation went really well with it. Overall very funny and catchy.

The music was good

But the graphics were pretty bad..

IDK it was hard;; it could use some work.



dude the sound totally fucked my mind it was like beasting up a poser punk tight and raw graphics tight i give it a 10 and the rating is a 5

You did good Kid......

Hey...you stupid fuckers.....leave this kid alone...you wouldn't know what punk was if it jumped up a bit you on your none existent sack you stupid cunts.....personally....the song...eh....but....this is just one kid standing up to all of you stupid bastards...and that is Hardcore, gnarley ass fuck....so....good job kid...but seriously dude...work on the animation...lol...liked the dancing bouncer 2 by the way.

Oh my god!

The next time i see someone who assosiates that shit music with ANARCHY i will be giving them a swift kick in the nuts, your lucky this is the internet!
No you dont deserve at least a four, the sound was bad (shit music), there was really no good animation the whole time, and the only thing i actually liked were your drawings of the "punks" and the bouncer.

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2.03 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2001
9:41 PM EST
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