The Blammed Collection 2

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Well this is another few games or movies of mine that got blammed... the mentallity is that all of them combined can be good enough to survive the portal. These flashes have been forgotten... will someone just show them some love?!??

On a sidenote I have many more blammed flash so another one will eventually (not for a long time though) come. Enjoy!

BTW, had to reduce filesize to have this fit. (under 2 megs)



Dude, not to be mean or anything, but maybe flash just isnt your thing, maybe if you try harder or take tutorials you might become better but right now... No. And the guy below me is right, what is with that sir piss alot??


you have an unhealthy relationship with penises


if you compare this to the piece of sh!t final fantasy sprite ones, or the crap i submit, (got blammed in 15 mins...) its not terrible. the games are... umm... not games... but it shouldnt be blammed methinx.

hahha funny collection.

damn man, i thought i have alot of blammed crap! this was really funny! especially the bed bugs! that one actually really creeped me out man......(sprays raid under bed, washes sheets, leaves light on at night holding a fly swatter, washes sheets 15 times). good job!

Turd x 12 = major turd

Slim has a great idea -- I'll review this as I see them. To be fair, I won't give you less than a 0 on any of these 12, although some deserve it.

Sir piss alot: 0/10
Reason: no plot and just stupid, plain and simple. The fact that you kept putting in penis after penis showed that you are a disturbed person.

0.99(repeated)=1: 2/10
Reason: You had a valid point here, although we all know that no one's going to look for that one infinitieth of a point. You should have left it at that instead of putting up the Bush head and the angry head -- what was that? The rude version of the "Have a nice day" guy?

Optical Illusion: 0/10
Reason: a dot and a penis... no wonder this was blammed earlier.

Attitude: 2/10
Reason: That's a seizure going somewhere to happen, and again with the penises -- yes, it's a body part but you seem obsessed with them.

EZ3 skiing.txt: 3/10
Reason: No plot, no ending. You just build up points to infinity or go to the side and restart.

Hook's Crew Pro Skater: 0/10
Reason: Wow - you made a flash where the skater doesn't do anything.

Office Bowling: 2/10
Reason: No permanent score, no way to knock over all the targets.

Tut: How to Draw: 0/10
Reason: What the hell was that? I've seen bad stuff before but this was horrible.

NG Server: 0/10
Reason: This was even worse than Tut -- only out of respect do I not give you a -59 on this flash.

HC: Olympia WA: 1/10
Reason: What exactly was that supposed to be?

Gay Fighter: 0/10
Reason: Lame, period. No storyline, just a guy in heels and a face with a stick figure fighting. Also no draws possible (I tried)

Shoot Stuff: 0/10
Reason: I shot the wall and the "Bullet" mark would be a full cursor length away.

CC Dance Club: 5/10
Reason: I've seen way better anti-clock movies but the effort was there.

Bed Bugs: 0/10
Reason: This is just a rotten flash going somewhere to happen.

Overall: 15 / 12 = 1.25 (no repeating decimal) and since I have to use whole numbers here, I'm going to truncate the .25 and give you a big fat 1.

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EZ3 responds:

Well you can hit all the target in bowling. if you're going to look at flash from that prospective than i guess you should give me a 1./

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Jul 21, 2003
5:48 PM EDT
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