The Great Soviet Union

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Soldier - Last line of defense, this will be your default weapon.
Note, that it can be destroyed if you get enought damage.
Tank - Another default weapon but much more powerful, can be destroyed if you enought damage.
Artillary(25% chance of failer) - most popular weapon, it will give fair amount of damage to any army.
SAMs - shot down any aircraft the enemy is planning on it's next move.
Radar(50% chance of failer) - sent propaganda and junk to the enemy making them weaker.
Submarine (35% chnce of failer) - send a ballistic missile to the enemy.
Air-Strike - dump raidoactive waste on the enemy, slowly killing him, but the enemy will get extra moves.
Nucleur missile - NUKE THE ENEMY
Japan - armed with a powerful navy.
UK - high-tech army, becareful.
Chechnya - they look easy but they will give you a punch if you don't use something high-tech.
USA - biggest enemy armed with Air, navy, and NUKEs.
Germany - Armed with armour and tanks.
1)when you use Artillary too much it will freeze, just wait for 45 seconds, then move again.

Destroy Imperalism!


im only giving you good marks for one thing.......

i want that into of the english soviet union anthem!!!!!!!!!!!
ive been looking for something along that line!
email me when you can to tell me where ya got it!

Good Game

Your history isn't completely correct PAK_RAT, After WW2 The allies divided up the old Nazi Empire and they gave the USSR Most of eastern Europe. Shortly after that America declared war on the USSR and so they declared war back and they started the the arms race that eventually led to the downfall of the USSr in 1991. So techniccaly no one wanted to nuke anyone. They were all just trying to outdo each other to the point where they could blow up the world many times over. VIVA EL CHE!

Good game man, but one thing...

America isn't evil man, I came from America, and if my history is correct, the SOviet Union are the pansys who wanted to nuke us, so uh, try not to show us "Americans" or "Imperialists" as "evil" thanks alot...

good game there.......

no, not good game....... it was a GREAT game!! personally, I loved this kind of game. Also, I discovered a cheat too! *SPOILER* when you are fighting with any country, just click play and you will get their weapons and belongings!

Its OK

How can that be the Soviet national anthem in english if this is the real national anthem

Unbreakable Union of freeborn Republics,
Great Russia has welded forver to stand.
Created in struggle by will of the people,
United and mighty, our Soviet land!

u all dont kno shit about Communism! Freedom Is gay ITs only useful in America So Putting Freedom in the Soviet Union was a stupid idea perestroika was gay Gorbachev was GAy Yelstin was a dumbass Putin is Gay True only way to reach a eqaul world is to install communism in every country and destroy the Evil American Empire which is a Country built on war and only wants 2 to be the single Superpower

Communism Rule Workers Help Build communism

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Jul 21, 2003
3:45 PM EDT
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