The Great Soviet Union

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Soldier - Last line of defense, this will be your default weapon.
Note, that it can be destroyed if you get enought damage.
Tank - Another default weapon but much more powerful, can be destroyed if you enought damage.
Artillary(25% chance of failer) - most popular weapon, it will give fair amount of damage to any army.
SAMs - shot down any aircraft the enemy is planning on it's next move.
Radar(50% chance of failer) - sent propaganda and junk to the enemy making them weaker.
Submarine (35% chnce of failer) - send a ballistic missile to the enemy.
Air-Strike - dump raidoactive waste on the enemy, slowly killing him, but the enemy will get extra moves.
Nucleur missile - NUKE THE ENEMY
Japan - armed with a powerful navy.
UK - high-tech army, becareful.
Chechnya - they look easy but they will give you a punch if you don't use something high-tech.
USA - biggest enemy armed with Air, navy, and NUKEs.
Germany - Armed with armour and tanks.
1)when you use Artillary too much it will freeze, just wait for 45 seconds, then move again.

Destroy Imperalism!


Soviet Russians Approved


The soviets had more nukes then America (Russia still does) they had a good airforce and navy as well so where is it?

great but one problem

my nukes dont work they crash in mid air

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Good Game, Some Personal Complains:

-Why does soviet union build his army by looting defeated enemies' army pieces? The Soviet union that I know builds all its weapons itself.

-If you destroy Chechenistan it doesnt mean you ve destroyed Islamic world - I sense some Muslim hating here >=)-.I dont say it because I am a Muslim, I d say it if it was said "You destroyed Christian or Jewish or Buddhist world" as well. Because you can't destroy a religion by destroying a member country XD

-BG music could be more better n variable.

really don't like it very much.

First thing, the graphics were plain horrible. I could draw better than that. Also, the point of the game really is lame, and you can right click + play and the enemies are destroyed? That really shows how cheaply the game is made. Not to be a total d*ck, but overall, this game is not good.

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Jul 21, 2003
3:45 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS