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I really enjoyed making this, do not play if you are essesively psyhotic, sensitive to violence, underage, or are sensitive to bad grammar. Hope you enjoy, reviews are welcome!

sound credit to a1freesoundeffects.com, half-life,ayb, ng2153 (by whack-a-mole, I think, anyway the doom remix).

I reccommend that you use a pentium4 to view this game, anything less will have a slow frame rate....


good game but

you need to fix up a few things for a start it takes somat like 10 ammo to kill some 1 it should only take 1 shot also make the cars fade away when u kill them also need more guns stuff like bazooka or shotgun or uzi will do it

Was on the slow side.

Fairly good game overall. Nice graphics.

A bit slow, and tough.

The reason i said slow, is for the simple fact that it was, indeed, slow. As for tough the game wasnt hard, but i swore to god i killed each and every person 8 times before they hit the ground. I found it discusting and fusterating that i missed that many times, when infact, i should be laughing at thier open torso.

Good but slow

It seems like you've put a lot of effort into the game, and the graphics are rather impressive.

However, the whole things runs at a pathetic framerate on my machine (700MHz, 640MB RAM) and so you may want to simplify the graphics a bit, or do something else to speed up the game.

It did get rather boring for me and seemed too easy, but that's partially due to the poor framerate.

Also, it'd be an improvement if you made the screen flash red or something when you were shot, as currently there's not much of a feeling of being hit.

Overall though, it's still something to be proud of. :)

One flaw

It was a great game, but the problem was that it ran too slowly. If you could make the speed faster and make it run more smoothly, it would be much better.

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2.94 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2003
12:10 PM EDT
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