Ragnarok - Item Drops

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me and crow here made this for about 2 weeks. took awhile to get a girl to voice act till we got j3nnica. so anyways, this is a parody on the item drops on RO. enjoy.

PS. in RO if your knocked out, you can be restored with a Yggdrasil leaf for those who dont get it, you'll see at the end of movie.


nice job, dude

hey, your flash was really amazing! can you make more ragnarok
movie for some more? it really inspires me to also make flash.
here in the philippines, ragnarok is popular here. even the new
version, ragnarok noghaltz. cool! it look like the real ragnarok rpg!

i thought it was great

its such a cute story line, and its very well animated. i hope that i can work with you more in the sequels.
the movie is well put together, and it is a refreshing change to hear voices in sprite movies instead of reading speech bubbles.

make a new one soon

Hadji-San responds:

yeah a sequel may come around sometime next month or so. thanks for lending that childish voice of yours, heh


i love it it is sooo funny i give u a 10 out of 10

Hadji-San responds:

awesome, thanks


this is so true

i have a lv 450 base 250 job lvl on SeireiteiRO mail me to see if you can beat me

oh yea its a assassin cross and he hits 321990 every time

Ragnarok Online Item Drops = Funny

How true...
In RO that always seems to happen to me.
Maybe it's because I'm a perv and I enjoy watching chicks beat on balls of pink goo then bend over and pick up long and hard objects and putting them in their 'inventory'...
Of course, in RO, there really isn't enough room in your backpack for a sword so you can only assume that an acolyte (in a robe-type outfit) would have to put the sword under her clothing in a place where there's enough room for something like dat...

Hadji-San responds:

wow i have no idea what you mean, but i like it. thanks

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Jul 21, 2003
7:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody