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I've been working on various projects recently, and this is my featured one - it's not perfect, and far from it. I tried to take this bland comedy piece into a unique cellshaded aspect (heck, I'm sounding like Shiggy here).

The movie contains voice overs and text for those who have no speakers or are watching this late at night. However, during one scene, the text messes up, but still works alright in the sense you can read it.

It's odd, new, unique - I suppose. Please can the immature people not go ahead and blam this flick, at least kepe it on NG for a few weeks.

----------- Edit 1 -----------

Thanks to all those who voted positive scores to enable the clip to leave the inspection zone on a good note.

However, there were some who gained pleasure in trying to whipe this movie out. It's quite sad to just give a movie "0" when you don't have any of your own to be arrogant about...

But, a very BIG THANKS to all those who voted postively who's comments were justified.

I hope y'all enjoy this piece.

Best Regards,
- JB


dirty plant humpers*bows head in sorrow*

rofl i like this one too. did you try to make the animation choppy for the purpose of humor or was this a blueprint work? anyways. some points his mouth didnt move when he talked. i dont know why but i found that funny. anyways im waiting for celled 3 pm me about the progess if you would. thanks

Sweet JB

Good job man. Very funny. the xboy subs needs work though

Monty Python!

I agree with the guy before me Monty Pythonish and Monty Python is great!! I am pretty sure you purposly made some of those things sound/look worse than you could so you could make a joke! brilliant!
Keep up the good work

Really stupid or mildly funny, can't decide

If this is your first flash movie, i can understand why its so crappy. It was also kinda Monty-Python-ish due to the randomness of the peice. Kinda funny, although as Bustee said, they look crappy. Good effort anyways.

((( LOL )))

Funny heads hehe this film does need a play button cause i could be away getting a drink or somthing and i dont want to come in the middle of the film, well just a thaught...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Needs a play button...


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2.98 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2003
7:58 PM EDT
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