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galactic stampede

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This is a full game so only download if youre ready to play. Its a big file so please dont vote zero if you cant download it. Please take time to write a review if you like I will read them all. This version has errors fixed and new sound and graphics.

Thanks everyone for playing and the nice comments. Im glad you enjoy it.

To clear things up, YES I did all the graphics myself, they are hand drawn and colored in Photoshop and are bitmaps in the flash game. It took a few months of work every night to just do the graphics cuz this is my first game and I was still learning it all.
If youre familiar with Space Quest you probably notice similarities. This is basically a game I made cuz they are never making any more Space Quests, or adventure games really, and I really like the genre and style and stuff. All the art is original, I didnt copy any of the backgrounds, but I can see how you may think I did, cuz they are so RAD. =}.. kidding, kind of.

If any one has suggestions or things they would like to see in Episode two, let me know in reviews or email me

or if any one wants to team up maybe and make a kick ass game, cuz I suck at programming.


Wow, those graphics and the mood was amazing

Those were incredible graphics, some of the best i've ever seen.

Beyond that, you created the perfect atmoswhere and some great characters with some awesome backrounds, thankfully using the full potential of your graphical skills.

The game itself was decent, a few bugs and the story was okay, nothing great. The dialogue was weak and unrealistic, however, but the character appeal and design structure of the game help alleviate that and balance it out into a fun experience.

The audio was perfect and helped the atmoshere alot, and the mini shooting game and assassination were EXTREMELY well done, fun too.

Overall, an amazing piece of work, although I really suggest you team up with someone to flesh out a better storyline and dialogue, there is alot of potential with the great characters and personality that you've created, don't let it go to waste.

The comic relief was okay =) Hats off for putting so much time into making such a quality flash, keep up the good work!


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Very Good!

PLEASE make another! I'm a big fan of this style of game and animation. Mer was so cool! You have got to make another!!!

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It was good!

This game was really good, only problems I had was sometimes controlling him, and well the ending, either way I wish I could give you more than 10 on graphics, good job.

That was indeed a shitty ending!

I really hope there are multiple endings that are determined by score. If not, you wasted your time on such great graphics!

EverysideDown Says:

Well I agree with the previous, the ending did suck, what woulda been cooler is if instead of being captured he died in some heroic way. Im sure your just ending it like that either A. your bored of making it and wanted the public to view it, or B. Your adding another sequel this summer. Join the masses in going to sequel movies where the endings suck. Im ranting.Bye

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2003
5:23 PM EDT
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