galactic stampede

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This is a full game so only download if youre ready to play. Its a big file so please dont vote zero if you cant download it. Please take time to write a review if you like I will read them all. This version has errors fixed and new sound and graphics.

Thanks everyone for playing and the nice comments. Im glad you enjoy it.

To clear things up, YES I did all the graphics myself, they are hand drawn and colored in Photoshop and are bitmaps in the flash game. It took a few months of work every night to just do the graphics cuz this is my first game and I was still learning it all.
If youre familiar with Space Quest you probably notice similarities. This is basically a game I made cuz they are never making any more Space Quests, or adventure games really, and I really like the genre and style and stuff. All the art is original, I didnt copy any of the backgrounds, but I can see how you may think I did, cuz they are so RAD. =}.. kidding, kind of.

If any one has suggestions or things they would like to see in Episode two, let me know in reviews or email me

or if any one wants to team up maybe and make a kick ass game, cuz I suck at programming.


WOW! This is bloody excellent!

This is going at No. 1 in my faveourites RIGHT now! I mean, it's like a whole PC game amde in Flash! Cool, AND it's like your a space-age animal bounty hunter...Yippeeee!

Still voting 5

Still voting 5 till the end of my days. =D


Its a really good game but i would like to download it,
liked how you used some characters from Space Quest , too bad it ended , along with some great adventure games, you really did a great job on this, i was wondering if you could put a save feat on it or if there is where can i find it?


Been digging around on newgrounds for months now. I have to say this is probably one of the best games and definatly the most visually appealing! Definalty has a Full THrottle or Space Quest sort of feel to it. I miss games in that general style. Maybe its just me but they just seem to have killed them all off :(

On another note,...

When you first go outside, past the bug and into the mechanical room with the blue glow. I instantly recognized the loop. The begining of 'Bodies' by Project Pitchfork. But I guess thats easy coming from me, a big fan of those guys :) And its a sexxi song if you've never actually heard the full thing ;D


It's original, fun, and complete. great work, my friend.

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2003
5:23 PM EDT
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