treasure capture!

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this is good but meh i was boared i think that the end part is good and i already know that i could of done better so dont say that in the review! lol enjoy! oh and one more thing i dont think that the sound fits in the right places on the net for some reason it5 works better on my computer (the sound).



I liked it. Your animation has shown how hard the task of jumping from platform to platform on games such as Mario or Donkey Kong can really be.

Nice work!

- NecroDOS

well... that was a waste of my time...

come on, that was pathetic. the whole 'sticks with power' thing has gotten to be the annoying staple of talent deficient dbz fans who think violence and slap-stick humor make up for a grievous lack of substance. the concept was crap. the animation was mediocre. and the story... what story...? this movie is a poster-child of why most stick movies are hated. you bring down the talented stick animators with this kind of drivel. i can't believe this got by the first voters.


pretty good. I liked the green stick the best.

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Well, some funny stick animation humor, the sounds affects were perfect and added some nice affects and humor. The plot of the story for the character(s) to cross the platforms was a nice idea, also the powerup and other powers was a nice idea. The violence was well done and also funny.

Overall a nice stick movie with some great sound affects,violence,and plot.

Funny to see each try to pass jumps and a gnarly ending.

Aw Crap.

What was in the chest? I saw all of the ppl dying just for some guy look happy in front of the chest? AHHHH super gay. But th deaths were funny as hell. My favorite one was the kirby thing. good movie

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3.22 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2003
6:04 AM EDT
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