Recon: Path of the Few

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Alright everyone, when you watch the movie keep in mind some things to change, after my current couple of projects going on right now, I am going to re-make the recon series with actual people not sticks and make it more smooth, any ideas for story or any changes PLEASE leave in a review

THanks -Arc


Well it is a stick movie...

It was alright for a stick movie I guess. But why did the priest have to die? Kinda seems hateful.

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oh would you look at that, seems you did make sequel. Huh, it's not better than first.

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whaa that looked like a good stick animation... in the begining, but the animation was choppier than a mutha fudge, seriously u need to make more frames it will look a lot better, check out Xiao Xiao, he should inspire you


Y'know, you seem to have the storyline down--that part was rather interesting, but you should really work on your graphics. If you break the stick limbs into individual symbols in seperate layers you can animate them with tweens instead of using those incredibly shakey frame-by-frame shots.


I've watched a lot of animations on here since I started going to NG way back in 1998... The animation in this movie is really choppy, though it does have merit. Also, the audio looping is off. It doesn't loop. It plays for a while, then breaks, then starts up again. Looping is supposed to run smoothly.

Keep at it! You'll get better, I'm sure. you're off to a better start than most of the people on here.

-- Kitty

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2.33 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2003
8:04 PM EDT
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